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The Ultimate Hangover Guide

L. Jordan
Tue 29 Jan 19 16:27

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The Cure

You’ve had an extremely memorable hen and thankfully your face is free of permanent marker! But with so much still to organise for your big day ahead, you can’t afford to sit and wallow in your hangover haze. Follow our top tips to ease a sore head the morning after the night before!

Hangover Survival Kit

If your bridal party have spent a night away, consider preparing an inventive and memorable hangover kit for your party. This can include a bottle of water, a pain killer, an energy drink, breath freshener or mints, and some tasty treats to tide everyone over until brunch! Printing a personalised message on everyone’s kit will create a take-home gift to remember your weekend celebrations by and help ease their pain! This also makes a fantastic and useful wedding day favour for all your guests!

Hair of the dog

Although not the healthiest of solutions, and unsuitable for drivers, science suggests that enjoying a tipple the morning after can relieve some hangover symptoms and lessen its impact. Prepare your pantry with all the ingredients for a Bloody Mary which might just be the tonic to your sore head. A Bloody Mary contains vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco, with a pinch of salt and pepper.

A Natural Cure

Although an oily fry and a long black may seem like the best way to kick those morning after blues, putting Vitamins back into your body makes more remedy sense and will boost your energy levels far longer than a cup of caffeine. Stock up on a multi-vitamin before you go out and take a Berocca as soon as you wake up. Choose your breakfast menu wisely, with a large glass of orange juice or a fruit smoothie, and a pint of water every hour of the day to help remain hydrated.

Combat Nausea

If you’ve a big day or a big drive ahead, and your duvet and Deliveroo just isn’t an option, try these hangover godsends to sustain your energy level for longer: ginger tea or milk thistle tea, and boiled water with honey and lemon are said to boost your blood sugar and vitamins. Furthermore, slow-release carbohydrates like a whole-grain breakfast cereal or a poached egg on wholemeal toast will beat the short-term relief you’ll receive from fatty, salty or spicy foods.

Author: L. Jordan


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