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Draw A Nude

  • 1 Hour
  • Min. Nums 14
  • Min. Age 18

What You Get

  • Nude male model
  • Pencils and paper
  • LOLs
  • Cheeky fun
  • Can take place in your accommodation
  • Hen party friendly activity

One of the quirkier and more unorthodox hen party activities to take the hen party world by storm is the Draw a nude man option for the hen party. In case the name of this activity hasn't given it away already, lets set the scene. The head hen and bride-to-be surrounded by all her best friends and her family on her last day of freedom. As they sit around in a circle, they eagerly anticipate the next activity. What could it be? Is it Karaoke, is it a cocktail class? Wait a minute, that guys not dressed like a bar man, he isn't dressed like anything at all! A somewhat mortified look is sure to grace the face of the bride-to-be, meanwhile all the in-laws and hen party attendees are sure to be howling like both laughter and the surprise of being greeted by a naked man. Hen's will want to maintain their stroke in composing the masterpiece for the bride to be on this super exciting and unique hen party activity. While the best drawings will be presents for the bride to be, this is a hen party activity that will surely have the hen party group talking for years to come.