Bollywood Hen Party Themes - The Foxy Hen

The saris, colours, the gold, the glimmer, the climate (we wish)... we are in love with all that the Bollywood theme has to offer. The girls can dress up for this theme with all of the exotic coloured saris that they wish. We are also in love with the popping coloured eye makeup and liner looks that accompany this theme.

Why not bond with the girls over some henna tattoos, the best part is you can really have the laugh with what you draw and it won’t be permanent, not after a few weeks at least. Matching HENna tattoos for the hen night anyone? Dance classes are also the perfect way to really immerse yourself in this quirky, exotic and musical theme. Many of our dance classes can be tailored to suit your theme so just check with us about having your own lively Bollywood style dance class.. Jai ho!

Another bonus to the lively activities and the beautiful style of a Bollywood hen party theme is, of course, the delicious, fragrant cuisine (one of our favourites at The Foxy Hen).

Enjoy a quirky dance class and whether your hens want a creamy masala or something with a little spice, an Indian meal is a fantastic way to round off a day of Bollywood themed activities. Hens can avail of this option at Carrick-on-Shannon