Disney Hen Party Themes - The Foxy Hen

Keeping with the trend of princes and princesses, this hen party theme allows your hens to dress up as their favourite childhood characters. With this theme however, hens won’t just be limited to dressing as princesses, there are any range of cartoons and movies that may be your favourite. You might be more of a pocahontas character, a Mulan, an Elsa from Frozen... or you could be more of a Nala, a Lilo or a Mini Mouse. There will be no shortage of characters for your hens to imitate with this hen party theme, well, unless it’s the most gigantic hen party in history.

A quirky way to kick off this hen party theme could be to make a lucky dip and let the hens pick their character out of the hat! A game of ‘who am I’ would also be a great laugh at the start of the hen party before each hen gets kitted out in their themed hen party outfits.

One of the best things about this hen party theme is that there won’t be any shortage of music for the hen party playlist, who needs Kygo and Rihanna when you can treat your ears to the music of Cinderella and Hannah Montana. Give us the ‘Hoedown Thrown Down’ any day.

If you want the first evening of the hen party to be more relaxing before the hen weekend antics are in full swing, then a sleepover and movie night could be a great idea for night one of a Disney themed hen party. You won’t have to wait until Christmas to binge watch your favorite Disney classics.

This hen party theme caters to great party favours and accessories like mouse ears, sweet treats, lollipops, teddies and tiaras which all of the big kids will love. Another great idea could be mixed lucky bags where all the hens bring a small item or keepsake based on their character.

A make-up session would be another quirky and exciting idea to go with this hen party theme, particularly with inspiration from people like @queenofluna and @sarah_e_ingle (instagram). We are dying to try more adventurous makeup looks like colored contacts. A Disney hen party theme is one of the best excuses to do so.

This theme is ideal for the big kids and for the hens who can’t decide on one theme, this is a catch all hen party theme that allows the hens to sample tonnes of themes in a really sentimental way...

Consider this hen party theme for the big kids and for the head hen who is a Disney fanatic, Don’t let this hen party theme gooooo.