Medieval Hen Party Themes - The Foxy Hen

Westeros may be a fictional land but if the head hen is a fan of ‘Game of Thrones’ or medieval fiction then she may really appreciate a chance to enjoy this ‘old age’ theme. Luckily your hen party will also be a lot more, erm... luxurious than Game of Thrones.

Become maids and princesses with a medieval hen party theme, you can even become Disney princesses if your hens want to. Longer velvet dresses are not only stylish but they are also incredibly comfortable for the hen party. While we also love gold as a color to compliment the hen party with favors and treats, gold is a very popular colour for this look in term of jewellery and in dresses, along with emerald and dark purple.

To polish off the medieval look, headbands are a perfect accessory and we love this boho style. Hens can even create their own headbands to further personalize the look with whatever they please like flowers, jewels or embroidery. The golden crown is reserved for the head hen of course...

Given our great history, it’s no surprise that there are any amount of hen party destinations in Ireland that are highly accommodating to a medieval hen party theme. Kilkenny, however, is one of the best locations for this theme with it’s ‘Medieval Mile’, ‘The Smithwicks’ Experience’ and highly suited activities like Archery and Archery tag. To really customize the hen party to a medieval theme, hens can even be set up with their own medieval banquet at some of our other destinations in Europe like Budapest, Warsaw and Brno.

If hens are flockin’ further afield, the ancient city of Prague is a great destination to accommodate the theme when hens can even enjoy a medieval pub crawl! It may be an old fashioned hen party theme but a medieval theme for hen parties isn’t going out of fashion any time soon...