Swinging sixties

Swinging Sixties Hen Party Themes - The Foxy Hen

There is one major thing that comes to mind when thinking of a Swinging Sixties hen party theme and that is Fashion! At The Foxy Hen HQ, we just love the Sixties style, it’s very easy to see why trends like the beehive updo and Sixties liner are constantly coming back into fashion. Whether your hens fancy themselves as a Bridget Bardot or a Jane Fonda, they’ll certainly love getting dressed to the Sixties theme.

For the dress up, your hens can wear box shaped dresses, headbands, PVC and/or platform boots, rockabilly glasses and colored tights.

The playlist for this hen party theme pretty much complies itself, while your hens can really embrace the Sixties theme if they are taking one of our flockin’ fabulous trips to Liverpool. They can opt to visit ‘The Beatles Story’ or take ‘The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour’ and document their looks on the famed Abbey Road.

Step forward in time to the Seventies for even more funky style on the hen party. This time hens can keep the boots and the swing dresses but they must make sure to get kitted out with lots of flowers and neon colours to complete the look. They can also add many more tunes to the hen party playlist and pick up the pace with hits from the Bee Gees, Abba and maybe even a bit of Marvin Gaye.

For decor and hen party favors, make sure to use lots of flowers, tonnes of colour and have the peace signs and disco balls at the ready! Opt for a Swinging Sixties or a Flower Power hen party theme for a Groooovvyy hen weekend.