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No hen party is complete without some customised accessories and props to make your ladies stand out from the crowd on your hen party adventures. Who knows, the right tiara might help a hen to find their prince charming.

We offer all the most beloved party props and stylish items to put the cherry on top of your perfectly designed hen party. Choose from items like customised t-shirts, costumes, tiaras for the princesses, horns for the cheeky devils, badges, sashes, boas and special deals for hen parties who are looking for the full package.

We also offer some less conventional items for hens looking to go the full monty (*ahem*...penis straws).

Make your bride-to-be and all the girls in your group feel like miss congeniality as they make their way through your hen party destination of choice in Ireland, the UK or Europe.


Every stylish girl on your hen party can have their very own customised t-shirt, with a name/nickname and number on the back. You can also pick tag-lines to help er.. break the ice.

You’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd as you dominate the streets of your desired destination.

So whether you’re looking to suit up your ‘bride tribe’ or single out the bride for special attention as she saunters down the main drag in a specially designed hen party tshirt, we have something for you and your girls.

Look for hen party t-shirts in the Extras section of your chosen destination. We’ll contact you to organise design, sizes and delivery options.

Tiaras and Horns

A hen party staple that is typically reserved for the bride to be, of course. We have a variety of tiaras with different captions and styles so everybody can join in and become royalty if that is your wish.

If the crown is reserved for the queen, why not kit out her devilish hen party companions in a range of horns from fluffy and pink or traditional, to veiled and mysterious.

Look for hen party tiaras and horns in the Extras section of your chosen destination.


A longtime go-to item for hen parties, heads are sure to turn as you embark on your destination kitted out not only in neon-pink attire but hair as well. With our top quality wigs you can ditch the dye and avoid any disapproving looks at work on Monday morning.

Look for hen party wigs in the Extras section of your chosen destination.


We have boas in a number of different colors. As another go to item for any hen party, they automatically glam up and add the finishing touches to the hen party dress code. You’ll definitely have a swing to your step as you relive the flapper era in your feather boa, whether you’re dancing the Charlton or doing the Macarena.

Look for hen party boas in the Extras section of your chosen destination.

Shot Glass Wedding Rings

Who says you need champagne flutes to celebrate a hen party in style when you can measure your own tipple with these convenient shot rings! They are also perfect for a game of dares.

Look for hen party shot glass rings in the Extras section of your chosen destination.

Simon The Sex Doll

The rule of no men allowed on hen parties may apply for your trip but there is one lovely laddie that might be an exception. Simon is a fun gag to bring along with you as an unconventional companion on your hen party extravaganza.

Look for hen party sex dolls in the Extras section of your chosen destination.

Penis Props

This item is certainly for the more risque hen parties. Our penis props include straws, piñatas, garters, whistles and other edible treats. They’ll insure you have a willie good time.

Look for hen party penis props in the Extras section of your chosen destination.

Lucky Bags

Lucky bags are the perfect gear for a hen party with some a bit of chance thrown in.

You can order mystery lucky bags to share around and open up just as the night’s events are about to take off. You can also pick and choose the contents of your lucky bags beforehand so every hen party member receives her own personalised lucky-dip.

Look for hen party lucky dip bags in the Extras section of your chosen destination.

Tutus and Leg Warmers

You’ll be a funky lady, getting your thrills in this 90-esque costume which is another big hit with hen parties looking for some retro silliness to keep the mood fun. It might not be showcased on fashion week any time soon but this quirky costume really compliments our customised hen t shirts.

Look for hen party tutus and leg warmers in the Extras section of your chosen destination.


Not just for the special night after the ‘big day’, garters are greatly symbolic and can be a fun, quirky way to spice up your hen party style. Novelty garters include a variety of styles and colors and can include slogans or even a special section where you can strap an emergency shot glass.

Look for hen party garters in the Extras section of your chosen destination.

Badges and Sashes

Sashes and badges are a very convenient way to brand your hen party. You could opt for the traditional learner sign or the ever popular ‘bridesmaids’ and ‘bride-to-be’. The options are endless.

Look for hen party badges and sashes in the Extras section of your chosen destination.

DIY Hen Party Ideas

If you’d like to keep your hen party decor a bit cheaper or if you’re looking for sustainable hen party decoration and costume ideas, check out our blog post covering the best DIY / do it yourself hen party decorations and costumes.