About Us

We know that the wedding day is one of the most important days of your life if not the most important. We do also know, however, that a hen party can be equally momentous. What do they say? Chicks before.. flicks? or something like that. We are well equipped to make sure that your hen party is memorable, fun and a talking point with the girls for years to come.

We know that there are any amount of events companies out there that say they are experts at planning your special day. At The Foxy Hen, it’s not just big talk. We are incredibly invested in our hens and chicks and we ensure that no two hen parties are the same. We are available by telephone for any requests that you might have. We also like to get to know our hens personally so we can help to make it the most customized trip possible, from the little details like glasses or throw pillows to the main events you’re excited for. Everybody also gets a nickname of course...

How can we prove that we are so personal? Well, we haven’t even begun to explain the best part about The Foxy Hen yet. We are pioneers in the way that we organize hen parties. Yeah right? No really, we are. While some hen party packages away can be generic and impersonal, at The Foxy Hen, we promise that this is not going to happen. The first step in our hen party process is that we do not pick and choose for you. You will want to avoid a one size fits all approach and you can ensure this through our customized package builder.

With our original and easy system, whoever is tasked with tailoring both a tasteful and unique hen party can browse our locations before handpicking every item and event for the getaway. You can channel Jennifer Lopez in the wedding planner as you completely detail and plan the hen break effortlessly. Once you have custom picked the ideal trip for the hen party, you can automatically send the email invitations to any eager hens.