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Hen Party Themes

Choosing hen party themes, colour schemes or dress codes is the perfect way to create a personalised and memorable night that celebrates who the bride is. And it gives your whole group the chance to get in the party spirit, create some incredible memories and take some unique photos.
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Hen Party themes by category

If you’ve been to a few hen parties, you’ll have seen it all – pink feather boas, walking cobbled miles in stilettos, penis straws and every other hen party outfit or stereotype you can think of. If you’d like to avoid all that but you’re struggling for hen do ideas or inspiration, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to choosing hen party themes that everyone will love.

Classy themes

If you’re looking for classy hen party hen themes that avoid the tackier trends that can affect hen do’s, then these ideas are for you!

Movie & TV themes

Is the bride-to-be a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan or a wannabe Disney Princess? Then choose one of these movie and tv inspired hen party themes for her ‘do’!

Time-based themes

Vintage hen party themes are all the rage with brides who embody the spirit of a decade gone by.

Seasonal themes

The time of year you choose to hold your hen do can be a source of inspiration! Our seasonal hen party theme ideas will help you to make your event special, no matter if you’re partying in summer or even winter.

Cultural themes

Whether you go for an international influence or you want to highlight something about the bride or groom that is unique, these cultural hen party themes are perfect!

Unusual themes

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, these hen party themes are for those brides who want an alternative and unique hen do experience.

Colour scheme themes

Sometimes we think hen party themes can overwhelm the whole event but a colour scheme is a lovely, subtle way to add a coordinated touch to the hen that makes it feel classy and considered.

Do you need a Hen Party theme?

Of course not! Some hen groups are more than happy just to hang out together and have an incredible time – whatever that looks like to them.

Choosing a theme for your hen night is only relevant if you genuinely think it will add to the bride-to-be’s experience for her final fling. Check out our list of questions to ask yourself below to find out if a hen party theme is a good idea for your event.


Questions to ask before choosing a theme

If you find this list of hen party themes above a bit dizzying, then we recommend you ask yourself these questions to help make your perfect hen party theme choice a bit clearer:

  1. Is the bride passionate about a particular topic, theme, location etc?
    You know her best, so examine what you know about her. Does she love dressing up or is she fairly casual? Does she love to be made a fuss of or would she prefer something more subtle?
  2. What kind of budget are your group and each individual working with?
    Make sure your theme, decoration and game plans fit in with how much money you’re all willing to spend. You might choose to make your own DIY themed decorations or go full-blown, depending on the spend. Also, just remember that not every girl in the group will have enough to go all out on an outfit, so try and give people flexible options.
  3. What time of the year are you planning your hen party for?
    Your hen party date can be a great inspiration or practical consideration for your chosen hen do theme. You could plan for a Winter Wonderland if the bride-to-be loves that time of year. But you’ll also need to consider if holding your hen party in winter means a beach or tropical themed hen party might be a bit hard.
  4. Where are you hosting the hen party?
    If you’re staying in glamping accommodation, then a festival theme will work beautifully but you might want to avoid the nautical theme, which doesn’t really fit. Similarly, does the bride want to stay in with her girls or is she keen on a huge night out? Just make sure your theme choice is appropriate to your location and what your day / evening plans are.

Top tips for implementing your Hen Party theme ideas

  • If the whole bridal party is planning together, make sure you’ve discussed and agreed on the theme so that it’s a group choice.
  • If you have any hesitations about your theme choice, maybe run it past the bride to make sure she won’t hate it.
  • Decide whether you’re going to go full-on with your theme and plan for decorations, accessories, games and even costumes. Or will you keep it simple (and cheaper) with only some simple decorations or asking for a simple dress code?
  • Give your group at least 2-4 weeks notice (preferably more) to make sure they have enough time to prepare their hen party outfit, makeup and any other ideas they have.


We hope you’ve found the perfect idea for your bride-to-be and your whole group from our list of unique hen party themes. Please do let us know if you’re thinking of a theme not included here – we’d love to hear about it!

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For more hen party ideas and inspiration, check out our hen party games, hen party activity ideas and more hen do planning tips on our blog.


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