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Planning a hen party that the bride will really love comes down to her, passions, personality and the type of group her friends and family make up. Whether you’re her best friend, her sister or even the bride-to-be herself, you know her best!

Hen Party Themes

Choosing a hen party theme, colour scheme or dress code is the perfect way to create a personalised and memorable night that celebrates who the bride is. And it gives your bride tribe and all the people special to the lady of the hour the chance to get in the party spirit, create some incredible memories and take some unique photos.

If you’ve been to a few hen parties, you’ll have seen it all - pink feather boas, walking cobbled miles in stilettos, penis straws and every other hen party outfit or stereotype you can think of. If you’d like to avoid all that but you’re struggling for theme ideas or inspiration, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to choosing a hen do theme that everyone will love. We’ve listed everything from your classy and understated hen party themes to something a bit more unusual. If you’re looking for hen themes that aren’t tacky and still make for a unique hen night or weekend, then choose your favs from the list below and get to planning!

  • Festival, Hen-Chella Or Boho
  • Disney Princesses
  • Disney
  • Farmer Wants A Wife
  • Tea Party
  • Latin Or Fiesta
  • 1920s, Flapper Or The Great Gatsby
  • Medieval
  • Beach Party Or Tropical
  • Bollywood
  • Cabaret Or Moulin Rouge
  • Barbie Doll
  • Nautical Or Sailor
  • The Races
  • Swinging Sixties (60s)
  • Stay At Home
  • Colour Schemes

Festival, Hen-Chella Or Boho Hen Party Theme

Hen Party Themes Festival, Hen-Chella Or Boho Hen Party Theme

Planning a hen-chella themes hen party lets your girls dress up in their most beautiful, hippy outfits AND lets your bride tribe celebrate a festival of the bride. Plan a hen night or weekend that showcases everything she loves and celebrates the next steps in her love story. If you’re looking for classy hen theme ideas, this is the jackpot.

Every girl on the hen can interpret the festival theme to show off their own identity and they can help make it the perfect weekend for the head hen.

Packing your bags for a weekend music festival is just downright fun. So make sure you draw up the perfect packing list for this hen party trip! Reach for your glitter, face paint, vintage clothing, ripped jeans, rock t-shirts or your very best white sundress and cowboy boots. Make this hen theme yours and get the party started.

For your hen-chella themed hen party accessories, you could make your own pretty festival lanyards, have a glitter station so everyone can glam up and hen do playlists full of the bride’s favourite hits (old and new) to dance to. Better yet, bring a mic along to your chosen hen destination and try some karaoke in your hen accommodation and imagine you’re singing on the hills at Woodstock, Electric Picnic or Glastonbury.

A beautiful hen party game to play would be ‘Who Am I?’. Get each girl to write their favourite memory with the bride and get her to read them out. Yes, she has to guess who each memory is with but she also gets to relive those moments and feel those warm and fuzzies with the women she loves most. If you wanted to turn this into a hen party activity, we offer Positive And Prosecco in Kilkenny which is the perfect feel good experience with extra bubbly added.

A festival themed hen party also lends itself to a girls glamping weekend. Hang some bunting, bring your battery-charged fairy lights and sleep out with your best gal pals - it’s the perfect hen do! Book a glamping hen party in Carrick-on-Shannon or Kilkenny or one of our many Irish and UK hen destinations.

Disney Princesses Hen Party Theme

Hen Party Themes Disney Princesses Hen Party Theme

A Disney Princess hen party theme is perfect if your girls grew up watching all the classics and falling in love with the Prince Charmings of this world. You could have a Mulan, Else, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Snow White and Cinderella and still have costumes left to spare. What girl doesn’t love getting all dressed up in a beautiful princess outfit and living the dream for a night? And the best part is, you don’t have to leave the party at midnight - this can go all weekend long if you like!

A fun hen party game idea to match your theme is ‘Who Am I?’, Disney Princess edition. Before your girls get dressed up in their costumes for the big hen night out, get them to stand at the front of the class and tell a story about their princess and the rest of the hen group have to guess who they’re dressing up as.

One of the best things about this hen party theme is that there won’t be any shortage of music for the hen party playlist, who needs Kygo and Rihanna when you can treat your ears to the music of Cinderella and Hannah Montana and make a wish upon a star!

If you want the first evening of the hen party to be more relaxing before the hen weekend antics are in full swing, then a sleepover and movie night could be a great idea for night one of a Disney Princess themed hen party. Get some tasty snacks, a drop of bubbly and have a girlie night in with your favourite Disney flicks.

This hen party theme also caters to great party hen favours and accessories like mouse ears, sweet treats, lollipops, teddies and tiaras which all of the big kids will love. Another great idea could be mixed lucky bags where all the hens bring a small item or keepsake based on their character.

A make-up and photoshoot session would be another beautiful hen do activity idea to go with this hen party theme, particularly with inspiration from people like @queenofluna and @sarah_e_ingle (instagram). We are dying to try more adventurous makeup looks like colored contacts. A Disney Princess hen party theme is one of the best excuses to let your dreams come true! Don’t let this hen theme goooooo...

Disney Hen Party Theme

If Disney Princesses are just a bit too girly for your hen do crew but you’re still major fans of Disney, then go broader! You could dress up as Nala, Minnie Mouse, Tinker Bell, an Aristocat or even one of the evil queens. The sheer amount of costume choices will mean that your hen party group can really choose an outfit that they’ll love and that will make your hen do photos unforgettable.

Farmgirl Or Farmer Wants A Wife Hen Party Theme

Hen Party Themes Farmer Wants A Wife Hen Party Theme

If the bride is getting hitched to a farmer and is soon to be a farmer’s wife then a farmgirl-themed hen party theme will be an interesting sneak peek at married life.

Hens can dress up for the farm theme with some colourful wellies, quirky dungarees’, checkered shirts, pigtails and accessorise with some bespoke flower headbands or straw hats.

We offer flockin’ fabulous farm experiences in Carrick-on-Shannon, Lahinch and Carlingford to help get the bride trained up in activities like cow milking, cock chasing (ha!), baking and much more.

A country western themed dance class is another fun and quirky way to cement the farmer theme while country music also makes for a highly suitable soundtrack. You never know, some bachelorettes on the hen party might even find their own farmer to settle down with!

Tea Party Hen Theme

Hen Party Themes Tea Party Hen Theme

A hen party is the perfect time to get your girls together for a fancy backyard or cosy indoor tea party. The great thing about a garden party as a hen do theme is that your bride tribe and all the girls can easily find something in their wardrobe to get dressed up and feel pretty. Even better, tea parties mean bubbly and tasty treats to accessorise your costume – along with the obligatory hen party tiaras and sashes.

For your tea party hen decorations, think fairy lights, tea candles, flowers and maybe even a pimp your prosecco bar to keep things a bit classy.

For a decadent hen activity for your tea party, check out our bliss and heavenly pamper parties in our UK hen do destinations like Bristol, Cardiff, Newcastle or Leeds. Or if you’re based in Ireland or travelling to one of our Irish hen party destinations, book in a draw a nude class with a cheeky male nude model to sketch in Dublin, Galway, Carlingford or Kilkenny.

Latin Or Fiesta Hen Party Theme

We all wish that we could be jetting off to somewhere exotic for a hen party, particularly a location with the sunshine and the climate of Mexico and Cancún...

At least with this hen party theme you can bring Spain or Mexico to you.. One incredibly popular way to compliment this theme is to, of course, bring a piñata. A piñata is an exciting and customised way to celebrate this theme when you can fill it with any range of personal prizes from sweets to make-up and party favours. Riskier hens could even opt for a penis pinata to add a hilarious twist to this already hysterical hen party theme.

Hen costume-wise, sombreros and tall hats are a must, so hens who are a fan of extravagant headpieces are in luck. Another great way to solidify this hen party theme would be with a hat making class where hens can customise and decorate their sombreros exactly how they please! Long flaring skirts are also recommended to complete the look for this hen party theme while an outfit themed to the Dia Del Muerte (Day Of The Dead) festival could make for a very unique hen party costume.

Now on to one of our favourite things about this hen party theme; all the delicious food. Quesadillas, chili, nachos, poppers, enchiladas… the list goes on and we at the Foxy Hen always find it so difficult to choose when having a fiesta themed feast! With such a range of delicious dishes to try, you might even want to try a cooking class to compliment this hen party theme where hens can chance their arm at making all their favourite spicy classics.. ariba!

Have the lemon and salt at the ready for dessert! Margaritas are the ultimate cocktail to help compliment this hen party theme and we won’t complain. A cocktail making class could be a great opportunity to try your hand at even making your own Margaritas for this hen do theme idea.

Really brave hens can even try some of the traditional spirit neat, if they’re really adventurous and want some Dutch... or Mexican courage for an afternoon dance class or hen night out on the town.

With a fiesta themed hen party, there are any amount of traditional dance styles for hen parties to try – from salsa to tango, rumba or samba. From the lively rhythm of the music to the beautiful colors associated with the dresses, a fiesta themed dance class will add some extra animation to this already lively hen party theme.

If you are thinking of jetting off for the hen party, however, we do run to a great range of hen destinations abroad like Prague, Marbella or Riga.

Flapper Or 1920s Hen Party Theme

Hen Party Themes Flapper Or 1920s Hen Party Theme

1920s or Flapper is potentially one of the most popular hen party themes and it’s very easy to see why. When else are your hens going to get a chance to get decked head to toe in furs, feathers and sequins? We just love the glamour of it all.

With the release of the movie blockbuster and adaptation to the novel starring Leo DiCaprio, The Great Gatsby and roaring twenties themes have unsurprisingly had a massive revival, with stars like the Kardashians getting in on the trend for Kris Jenner’s birthday bash.

Some hen costume ideas for this glamorous hen party theme include flapper headbands, beautiful sequins, strappy stilettos, fedoras, or cigarette extensions (you can fill them with confectionary cigarettes if you don’t smoke).

Great hen do activities that will help cement your twenties theme include the dance classes, a murder mystery dinner, a cocktail class or even a poker tournament.

You can commemorate your look with our makeup and photoshoot session that will see you styled for a full Gatsby-themed shoot. Book in your fav hen activity in our of our top hen party destinations like London, Bath, Carrick-on-Shannon, Galway, Cork, Berlin or Amsterdam.

Also make sure to download the Great Gatsby soundtrack to lay the backing track for your vintage Gatsby hen do.

Medieval Hen Party Theme

Westeros may be a fictional land but if the bride is a fan of ‘Game of Thrones’ or medieval fiction, then she may really appreciate a chance to enjoy this ‘age old’ theme. Luckily your hen party will also be a lot more, erm... luxurious than Game of Thrones.

Become maids and princesses with a medieval hen party theme. Long velvet dresses are not only stylish but they are also incredibly comfortable for the hen party and will make your girls feel so glam. We also love gold as a color to compliment the hen party with favours and treats, gold is a very popular colour for this look in terms of jewellery and in dresses, along with emerald and dark purple.

To polish off the medieval look, headbands or veils are a perfect hen accessory and we love this historical-chic style. Hens can even create their own headbands to further personalize the look with whatever they please like flowers, jewels or embroidery. The golden crown is reserved for the head hen of course...

There are any amount of perfect hen party destinations in the UK and Ireland that are highly accommodating to a medieval hen party theme. Base your hen do in the oldest parts of London, Nottingham or Manchester in the UK. Walk the medieval mile in Kilkenny or book in a medieval banquet in Budapest, Warsaw or Brno.

If your hens are planning to flock further afield, the ancient city of Prague is a great destination to accommodate the theme when hens can even enjoy a medieval pub crawl! It may be an old fashioned hen party theme but a medieval theme for hen parties isn’t going out of fashion any time soon...

Beach Party Hen Theme

Just because we don’t have an exotic climate, that doesn’t mean that your hens can’t embrace a beach themed hen weekend. Get your favorite bikinis and swimsuits ready when we run to a great range of hen destinations.

Newquay, Brighton, Dingle and Castlegregory come to mind for a beach themed hen party weekend away in the UK or Ireland. Or jet your hen party off to Marbella for a proper weekend of sun, sand and cocktails. If the bride is a water child or just loves the kiss of the sun, then you could book in perfect hen activities like surfing, boat tours, stand up paddle boarding, cave kayaking, beach clubs or beach sports.

Great hen do accessories to help your girls dress up for this theme include typical hawaiian attire like hula skirts, lei’s and the ever popular flower headband. Or go full surfer chick and embrace the bikini, wetsuit and beach hair look. Hens can alternatively opt for lifeguard costumes for a Baywatch-esque style hen party.

Get your chilled summer anthems ready for this beachy hen party theme and make sure to drink your cocktails from coconuts to really get into the spirit. ‘Aloha ‘Oe’!

Bollywood Hen Party Theme

Hen Party Themes Bollywood Hen Party Theme

The saris, colours, the gold, the glimmer, the climate (we wish)... we are in love with all that the Bollywood hen theme has to offer. The girls can dress up for this theme with all of the exotic coloured saris that they wish. We are also in love with the popping coloured eye makeup and liner looks that accompany this theme.

Why not bond with the girls over some henna tattoos, the best part is you can really have the laugh with what you draw and it won’t be permanent, not after a few weeks at least. Matching HENna tattoos for the hen night anyone? Dance classes are also the perfect way to really immerse yourself in this quirky, exotic and musical theme. Many of our dance classes can be tailored to suit your theme so just check with us about having your own lively Bollywood style dance class.. Jai ho!

Another bonus to the lively activities and the beautiful style of a Bollywood hen do theme is, of course, the delicious, fragrant cuisine (one of our favourites at The Foxy Hen). Whether your hens want a creamy masala or something with a little spice, an Indian meal is a fantastic way to round off a day of Bollywood themed activities.

Cabaret Or Moulin Rouge Hen Party Theme

Cabaret or Moulin Rouge makes for one of our more risque hen party themes, transporting your hen party to Paris and channelling the ever-gorgeous Liza Minelli.

There are so many hen party games that compliment this glam hen theme like ‘Bra Pong’ and ‘Guess the Underwear’.

Feather boas and headbands are great hen party accessories when dressing to this theme along with some cheeky feather fans. The braver hens may also want to invest in some corsets and stockings to complete this adventurous look.

We also couldn’t think of a better playlist than the Moulin Rouge soundtrack (2001 film) to grace your ears as you savour a few glasses of vino. Hey sister, soul sister.. ah you know the rest!

Barbie Girl Hen Party Theme

A barbie girl hen party theme really gives hens an excuse to go all out for their costumes with blonde/pink wigs in tow, some pink clothing accessories and makeup as colorful as they like and lashes as long as they like. Your bride tribe will turn heads wherever you go with this hen party theme.

Another great thing about a barbie hen do theme is the accompanying party favours and sweet treats. Just make sure to keep it pink... think pink polish, pink cupcakes, cotton candy.

We love the hilarious barbie cakes that have risen to popularity lately – why not bake your own for the bride? Or make a giant barbie box and put her in it for a Q&A session just as the hen night is getting started. It will also certainly make for some memorable photos.

Making a playlist for your barbie hen party is simple, just put together all of your favourite girly tracks, from Girls Aloud to the Spice Girls to Britney Spears. Make sure you don’t forget Aqua – ‘Come on hens, let’s go party’!!

Nautical, Sailor Or Cruise Hen Party Theme

Hen Party Themes Nautical, Sailor Or Cruise Hen Party Theme

All aboard for this exciting sea bound hen party theme that goes down great with one of our most popular hen party activities – the booze cruise. To really give your hen party’s voyage an authentic feel, the sailor theme is a must and with so many of our hen destinations located by rivers or the sea, you won’t be out of place.

Our favorite thing about this hen party theme is the cute costumes. You can go all out and really dress as a fully fledged sailor or go a little more casual and still fit the theme.

For this theme, hens can wear navy, white and red, stripes, silk scarves and wrap arounds and, of course, sailor hats! A 50’s make-up look goes divine with this hen party theme with those gorgeous fuller red lips and classic curly updos. Just think Christina Aguilera in Candyman. In fact, that song is a must for the hen party playlist if you go with this seaworthy hen party theme.

A 50’s hen party dance class is another great activity to compliment this theme once your hens are kitted out to the nines in their nautical inspired attire.

In terms of party favours, decorations and sweet treats, make sure that they are ‘decked out’ with some bespoke symbols like ring buoys, anchors and starfish.

This hen party theme is a must if the bride is engaged to a fisherman and, if not, it’s still highly recommended because it’s so classic, quaint and entertaining.

Hens opting for this theme should consider our Booze Cruise activities in Newcastle, Carrick-on-Shannon, Galway and Athlone. We also offer other great watersport activities like white water rafting and kayaking in a large range of hen do destinations like Newquay, Brighton, Bournemouth, Kilkenny, Westport, Sligo and Dingle.

For a hen party abroad, consider our other great European hen destinations like Riga, Sofia, Hamburg and Marbella that also offer watersports galore.

The Races Hen Party Theme

At The Foxy Hen HQ, we love all the perks that come with booking a hen night to the dogs – betting, bubbly, potentially your own reserved seating area to have the chats with the girls and our personal favourite, the chance to be the best dressed ladies!

After a morning of entertaining and quite possibly adrenaline pumping hen party activities, your hens can take a quick break to get readjusted and pampered as they get dolled up to the nines for an unforgettable hen night out.

Your hens can dress as formal as they wish and no one will bat an eyelid other than at the show-stopping style of your hen party. Fascinators are a must for a hen night out to the dogs, so a fun, customised fascinator class could be a great activity to enjoy before your hens are out for the night.

A makeover and photoshoot is another great way to document your look before your hens head out to the races.

Hens can arrange a night out to the dogs at a range of destinations like Galway, Mullingar, Waterford and Limerick. Your hens will truly be the stars of the show with a race night hen party theme.

Swinging Sixties (60s) Hen Party Theme

There is one major thing that comes to mind when thinking of a swinging sixties hen party theme and that is fashion! At The Foxy Hen HQ, we just love the sixties style, it’s very easy to see why trends like the beehive updo and heavy eyeliner are constantly coming back into fashion. Whether your hen do girls fancy themselves a Bridget Bardot or a Jane Fonda, they’ll certainly love getting dressed up in their best flower power costumes.

For the dress up, your hens can wear box shaped dresses, headbands, PVC and/or platform boots, rockabilly glasses and colored tights. Or for a slightly more hippy theme, go for long flowing locks, flower crowns and boho hen outfits to complete the look.

The playlist for this hen party theme pretty much compiles itself! And your hen do crew really want to embrace the sixties theme, if you choose Liverpool as your hen party destination. They can opt to visit ‘The Beatles Story’ or take ‘The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour’ and document their trendy hen costumes on the famed Abbey Road.

For hen party decorations and favours, make sure to use lots of flowers, tonnes of colour and have the peace signs and disco balls at the ready! Opt for a swinging sixties or a flower power hen party theme for a Groooovvyy hen weekend.

Stay At Home Hen Party Themes

Hen Party Themes Stay At Home Hen Party Themes

Ok, so this is quite a hen party theme but hen activities that come to you can help create a unique experience for your group without the expense of travelling abroad or needing to book accommodation. It also means friends or family with bubs or children can take part without traveling too far! A stay-at-home hen do is perfect for you if your group love good food, quality time with the people you love and the privacy of your own home to just relax and celebrate together.

To book a hen party activity in one of our Irish hen destinations that can come to your home, check out draw a nude for some cheeky, sexy and creative fun. Or if the bride is a fan of The Cube game show, then book your very own game to play at home and test your balance, memory and coordination skills as you compete in pairs. Other hen do activities that can come to you include make up and photoshoot sessions or a murder mystery dinner - just cook up the bride’s favourite meal and the professional actor comes to you!

If you’re planning a hen do in the UK, then consider booking a pamper party, a lip sync battle or a cheeky draw a nude class at your place.

Colour Scheme Hen Party Themes

Hen Party Themes Colour Scheme Hen Party Themes

A colour scheme is the perfect, flexible hen party theme because it lets you combine the bride’s favourite colour(s) with matching hen decorations, food and accessories. It also means each girl can create a hen party outfit that suits the theme but still lets them express themselves and work in items they already own (hello money for cocktails).

Some of our favourite hen party colour schemes are:

  • Black and White
  • Rose Gold
  • Black And Gold
  • Black And Bling
  • Classic White
  • Pretty In Pink

Your hen party colour theme can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like. Become a pro party planner by matching colours for the hen party cocktails, decoration, cakes, outfits, flowers, lipstick and even theme songs!

No matter what you choose, a hen do colour theme will help you to coordinate the whole look and feel of your hen party. We know the bride will love the effort put in and you’ll create memories that will stay with you forever.

For more hen party ideas and inspiration, check out our hen party games, hen party activity ideas, hen do accessories and even more hen themes!