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The Big List Of Hen Party Ideas

We’ve done ALL the research for you to produce the most comprehensive list of hen party ideas you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

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Girls thinking about a list of hen party ideas
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Trying to find the right hen party ideas to make the bride-to-be and the whole group happy can feel daunting. However, with the right pre-planning steps and an incredibly complete list of hen do ideas to choose from, we know you’ll find the perfect accommodation, activities or ideas to bring your event to life!

How To Choose The Right Hen Party Ideas

Just below, you’ll find a seriously comprehensive list of hen party ideas but, before you read it, it’s essential to take these steps first so you can make a confident decision about the most perfect hen party ideas for your group.

  1. Speak with the bride first to get her ideas, her preferences and the list of things she absolutely doesn’t want.
  2. Speak with the other bridal party members (if there are any) to make sure everyone is clear on their responsibilities. Are you planning this alone and able to make solo decisions? Or is it a planning-by-committee situation and every decision will need to go to a vote? Lay it all out early to avoid conflict later.
  3. Decide on the style or theme of the hen do. Is it going to be a luxury thing, a massive overseas trip, a relaxed event at home, a private coastal getaway, a wild night out etc? This will help you whittle down the hen party ideas that suit the type of event you’re planning.
  4. Draw up the first draft of the guest list (after speaking with the bride) and send out a quick poll on: (a) the proposed date(s) for the event, and (b) an anonymous poll on how much people are willing to spend. Once you have a rough idea of the budget, you can be more realistic about the hen do ideas you choose.

Hen Party Ideas By Category

Luxury Ideas

A bit of luxury on a hen party goes a long way to making the whole trip truly memorable for those lucky enough to attend. You can opt for fancy accommodation, a hen do abroad or posh hen activities to add those special touches that glam up the whole experience.

  1. Hire a penthouse apartment
  2. Hire a beachfront hen party house
  3. Rent a yacht/boat for a party cruise
  4. Travel to another country for a full hen weekend away
  5. Hire a mansion with your own staff

Charity & Feel Good Ideas

One of our favourite hen party trends is planning an activity that is about giving back as well as giving the bride an unforgettable experience. There’s no better feel-good feeling than getting together with your best gal pals and doing something genuinely worthwhile.

  1. Host a fundraising event (e.g. garden party or dinner) for your hen party. Ask guests to bring/make donations instead of bringing gifts for the bride.
  2. Do a fun run, charity walk or other fundraising challenges
  3. Beach clean-up
  4. Book a craft class (knitting, sewing etc) where you make items to donate to the homeless in winter (e.g. beanies, blankets, scarves)
  5. Planting trees
  6. Farm volunteering
  7. If the bride’s granny is in a care home, host an afternoon tea there with the residents. Note: Pandemic conditions may affect this idea.
  8. Create a public piece of artwork as a group (e.g. paint a mural or mosaic). Just make sure you check with your local government area to see if there are suitable locations for this.
  9. Donate blood! This is something that could be done the day before your actual hen party festivities but it’s a lovely way to mark the occasion and make a difference.
  10. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
  11. Donate clothes to The Salvation Army or other local charities.

Budget Hen Party Ideas (That Don’t Suck)

It’s a fact. Hen parties are getting more expensive. We know that setting a budget can be hard if people have different expectations about how big an event the hen do should be. Our advice is to make sure you know what the bride really wants and to have honest conversations with all group members to make sure you don’t plan a hen do that they can’t afford to attend.

If you’re worried about money and the politics around the budget, then plan a budget (but not tacky) event with these creative hen party ideas.

  1. Host a kitchen tea in your home or hen party house. All you need are some morning/afternoon tea nibbles and some drinks. Each lady brings a small gift for the bride that is kitchen-themed (cupcakes, scones, utensils, recipe books, appliances etc) and everyone just relaxes, chats, eats and drinks.
  2. Make a decorative hen party pinboard. Ask the group members to bring photos they have with the bride, write down memories with the bride and write down well wishes and date ideas for the bride and groom (or bride and bride).
  3. Hold a movie and hen party games night at home
  4. Make it a classic slumber party with a pyjamas theme, sleep in the lounge, watch films, play games and stay up late.
  5. Go out to share a meal together in your local area. It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant – just find somewhere nearby that is tasty but reasonably priced and everyone pays for their own meal.
  6. Hold a cupcake decorating party. You can make your own cupcakes at home or ask each girl to bring their own and all you’ll need are fun decorating items like icing, edible glitter, chocolate chips, hundreds and thousands etc.
  7. Go on a charity shop crawl! Find hidden gems or even costume items for a hen party at home later on.
  8. Host your own lip sync battle at home!
  9. Ask each girl to bring a poem, a written piece of advice or a cherished memory of the bride to your hen party event. Get the bride to sit in a chair and have each girl read out their item. Afterwards, you can create a scrapbook, pinboard or photo-framed keepsake for her.
  10. Go bowling (best for smaller groups)
  11. Play bocce/boules/lawn bowls in your local park

Wild & Party Ideas

A wild hen party is perfect for a confident bride who wants to shout her happiness from the rooftops and create unforgettable memories with her ladies before her wedding day. You could go some something risque, plan a big party night out or have a full weekend of debauchery and fun.

  1. Book tickets for a male strip show
  2. Hire some buff butlers to come to your home and serve drinks and play games
  3. Hold a festival of the bride in your backyard or at a glamping site
  4. Go to a single-day or multi-day music festival
  5. Go to a concert and see the bride’s favourite artist
  6. Book tickets to a drag show
  7. Do a silent disco walking tour around your chosen hen party destination
  8. Go on a pub crawl around town and end with a booked reserved area and drinks in a top nightclub
  9. Take part in a local open mic night

Hen Party At Home Ideas

A hen party at home is a great option for a quieter bride, a hen group of mixed ages or if you just want to keep it relaxed and under budget. If money is an issue or you’re just going for a chill vibe, then check out these lovely local hen party ideas.

Image by Freepik
  1. Hen party sleepover
  2. Hen party games night
  3. Hold a themed hen party night at home (e.g. Vintage, Boho, Summer, Harry Potter, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) with music, food, games and fun
  4. Host a book club at home with the bride’s favourite book
  5. Bring your pets (you could also have an animal-themed party surrounding your pets). 
  6. Summer or tropical pool party
  7. If the bride and groom live together and are the green-thumb types, invite the girls over to do a garden working bee and maybe build some new garden beds.
  8. Host a movie night or movie marathon with the bride’s favourite film(s)
  9. Host a board game night
  10. Play card games or host an at-home casino night
  11. Host a dress-up party with the bride’s favourite theme

Relaxed Ideas

Hen parties are a pretty big deal these days, with more and more money and effort going into making them a big affair. However, we know there are brides out there that would just love to chill with their closest gal pals before their wedding day. We love these relaxed hen party ideas for something laid back but still fun.

  1. Host a picnic or bonfire on the beach, maybe with some beach volleyball or surfing
  2. Go on a camping weekend somewhere beautiful
  3. Book a private meditation class or hold your own session at home
  4. Book a yoga class or session at home. You could combine this with some pampering 
  5. Hold a star gazing party in your backyard
  6. Have a backyard bonfire party with cosy blankets and comfort food
  7. Hire a caravan or motorhome and go beach-hopping all weekend
  8. Hold an outdoor movie night in your backyard or a park (a permit may be required) with a projector and screen
  9. Head down to your local night spot for a table quiz or pub trivia
  10. Host a backyard BBQ in the summer
  11. Go on a road trip with spontaneous stopovers, good music and many LOLs (great for smaller hen party groups)
  12. Write a song or host a jam session. If the members of your group are musical (or can at least tap a tambourine), why not ask them to bring their instruments and best singing voices to your house and work up some music and lyrics as a thoughtful gift for the bride? You could even perform it at the wedding!

Crafty Ideas

Getting crafty and creative for the hen do is a great way to get everyone involved, trying something they haven’t done before and it usually means they’ll have something to take home and remember the hen party by!

  1. Hold a quilt-making session where everyone learns to embroider a single square with an image or message for the bride. It makes a beautiful hen party gift and memento!
  2. Book a pottery class or purchase at-home pottery kits
  3. Book a painting class or paint and prosecco session, in a venue or at home
  4. Make your own naughty nickers at home or as a booked class
  5. Book a jewellery-making class or DIY it at home!
  6. Learn how to make origami and maybe go out for ramen and do a karaoke session after
  7. Ask your hen party guests to make something crafty before the event to match the theme you’ve chosen (e.g. Harry Potter, floral, boho, Disney)
  8. Make flower crowns at home or in a class
  9. Get some clay and challenge each girl to sculpt a penis
  10. Make DIY masquerade masks and wear them for the rest of the hen party
  11. Hold a knitting or sewing session at home

Pampering Ideas

Planning a wedding is hard work! So, we believe that in the lead-up to the big day, the bride deserves to be spoiled and pampered. Work some of these self-care ideas into your hen party plans.

  1. Self-care night with the girls
  2. Go to a spa for a body or facial massage
  3. Hold your own spa-themed day party at home. Dress up in robes and head wraps, do your own manicures and pedicures, drink prosecco or mocktails and get your pampering on the cheap!
  4. Book a class where you make your own skincare and pampering products to take home with you
  5. Book a class where you sample luxury skincare products and learn about the right products to use for your skin type
  6. Rent a whole salon to get your manicures and pedicures done
  7. Visit hot springs (in your area or abroad)
  8. Book an at-home makeover where you get your hair and make-up done. This is perfect if you’re planning a big night out and want to look the part!

Icebreaker Hen Party Ideas

If your hen do guest list includes lots of ladies who don’t know each other, then planning some icebreaker ideas will help the group bond and make the rest of the event run much more smoothly.

  1. Play hen party bingo to help people get to know each other
  2. Book The Cube hen activity to test your game-show skills
  3. Take on an escape room challenge (you’ll have to work together)
  4. Book a Treasure Hunt activity where you’ll work in teams to find all the clues and complete challenges
  5. Start your hen night out with a stand-up comedy club. Getting the girls to laugh and relax sets a great tone for the rest of the evening.
  6. Host or book a murder mystery dinner in a restaurant or at home. Getting everyone into character is a great way to get creative and get people to come out of their shells.

Foodie Ideas

Does the bride-to-be love her food? Then make sure she’s satisfied with one of these tasty foodie hen party ideas.

  1. Book a cooking class
  2. Host a potluck dinner at home! It’s cheap, tasty and means your hen party will focus on good food and connecting as a group.
  3. Take part in a foraging walk or class
  4. Hire a private chef to come to your hen party house and make a meal for everyone
  5. Hold a cheese and wine night at home
  6. Book a prosecco brunch in a fancy cafe
  7. Book a food tour in your chosen destination
  8. Reserve a table in a degustation restaurant
  9. Book a pizza or pasta-making class
  10. Get the group to make their own fancy tapas and hold a Spanish-themed cocktail party afterwards
  11. Guests bring a colour-themed food (eg. matching the theme of the party or rainbow colours)

Boozey Ideas

Whether the bride-to-be is a serious connoisseur or just loves a good cocktail, these drink-inspired hen party ideas will be right up their alley.

  1. Book a cocktail class – simple but tasty (classes are available in almost all destinations)
  2. DIY your own cocktail class at home (all you need are some recipes and tasty ingredients)
  3. Visit a gin or whiskey distillery
  4. Book a gin tasting in a venue or at home
  5. Visit the Guinness Factory! It’s a Mecca for fans of the black stuff.
  6. Plan a party at home or in your hen do house and play these top hen party drinking games

Nerdy Ideas

Geek brides are some of our favourite people in the world because they’re loud and proud about their passions. Depending on which fandoms they subscribe to, they might enjoy some of these nerdy hen party ideas.

  1. Play retro video games together at home
  2. Or go to a Barcade (a bar that has retro games and board games)
  3. Host a Lord Of The Rings movie marathon
  4. Get everyone to dress up in Jane Austen-era clothing and watch your fave Austen film adaptation
  5. Dress up and go to a comic book or sci-fi convention
  6. Cosplay karaoke (dress up and do karaoke at home or in a bar but you must do it in character)
  7. Book an archery session and dress up like your fave hunger games characters (we know you’ll end up with 20+ Katniss Everdeens but you’ll look incredible!)
  8. Jedi lessons and lightsabre-making craft class

Virtual & Online Ideas

Can’t get the group altogether in one place? Why not host an online hen party? It’s cheaper, it’s flexible and they can be surprisingly fun!

  1. Host an Iron Chef night online. Jump on a video call together and take on the challenge to make a meal from scratch with only the items in your pantry! Bonus points for playing games and doing side tasks along the way.
  2. Hold a virtual murder mystery session

Adrenaline Hen Party Ideas

You want this hen party to be memorable, right? Then make sure it’s completely unforgettable with one of these adrenaline hen do ideas.

  1. Go on a theme park day of roller coasters and adrenaline rides
  2. Go-karting
  3. Off-road driving or rage buggies
  4. Zip lining
  5. Hot air balloon ride
  6. Skydiving 
  7. Bungee Jumping

Outdoorsy & Adventurous Ideas

These hen party ideas are perfect for a bride that loves the great outdoors. Get some fresh air, do something physically challenging, experience nature and have fun as a group.

  1. Head for a nature hike or hill walk
  2. Go cycling on a rail trail, cycling trail or nature path
  3. Go cave, ocean or river kayaking
  4. Go surfing or book a lesson
  5. Try stand-up paddle boarding (SUP)
  6. Do the walking tour in your local area or in your chosen hen party destination
  7. Take a ferry to an island and explore it on bikes or by hiking
  8. Go on a photography walk with a guide or on your own
  9. Go skiing in the snowy mountains
  10. Hike to the perfect camping spot
  11. Get out on the water for some jet skiing 
  12. Go on a boat ride
Girls going for a hike as their hen party ideas
Image by on Freepik

Fitness & Wellness Ideas

Planning a wedding can be really stressful. We know the hen do should be a proper party but it’s also a time for the bride to spend quality time with her besties, take a deep breath before the big day and feel reinvigorated. So, if you’re looking for energising hen party ideas that focus on the bride’s well-being, then these ideas are right up your alley.

  1. Book or DIY your own yoga class
  2. Book or DIY your own pilates class
  3. Book a pole dancing class – it’s a bit cheeky and it’s an incredible workout!
  4. Cook up a healthy meal at home or in your hen party house
  5. Book an indoor or outdoor rock climbing session
  6. Book or hold your own old-school sports day (think egg-and-spoon races and three-legged races)
  7. Go for a run with the group (going to the park, the beach or a track)
  8. Make colour-themed, healthy smoothies 

Themed Ideas

If you’re planning a theme for the hen party, then you can definitely choose some activities or even decoration ideas that make the theme front and centre. These themed hen party ideas are just the tip of the iceberg but you can insert your theme into almost any of these.

  1. Go to Disneyworld (Paris or USA) for a Disney-themed hen party weekend
  2. Make your own biscuits and host a decorating party to match your theme. You can find all sorts of cookie cutters to make shapes like Disney princesses, animals, foods and any shape really!
  3. Hold a Harry Potter-themed party at home where guests get sorted into houses, you can play games, watch one or more of the films and make themed food
  4. Hold a boho picnic in your backyard
  5. If you’re planning a Christmas hen party, then visit a famous Christmas market in your area or even overseas.
  6. Do a group burlesque dress-up photoshoot
  7. Hold a Baywatch beach party
  8. Host a tropical or floral themed cocktail making class at home or in your hen party house
  9. Make your own 1920s flapper headbands with a craft class at home or booked through a company
  10. Do a German beer tasting if you’re planning an Oktoberfest hen party at home or abroad
  11. Make your own unique wings and hold a fairy-themed hen party
  12. Host a movie star dress up hen party
  13. Visit a farm or go horseriding for a day activity if you’re planning a Farmer Wants A Wife hen party
  14. Book a themed dance class (80s, 90s, spice girls, Bollywood, Irish dancing, hip hop, salsa etc)

Check out all of our hen party themes and ideas!


No matter what style of hen do you’re thinking of, there are hen party ideas in this list that are perfect for you! Choose the one that makes you excited, is ambitious enough that everyone will remember it, and is realistic enough that it fits your budget and plans.

Have any hen party ideas we don’t have on the list yet? We’d love to hear about them!

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