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Hen Party Games

Finding the perfect hen party games to suit your group's size, humour, tastes and ages is not an impossible task! From classy games to the downright dirty, we have the best ideas to use on your big day.
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Hen Party games by type

Picking the perfect hen party games can help bring your hen do alive with laughter, cringes and heart-warming memories. And, we promise you, there is a game to suit every bride-to-be and every hen do crew.

Most popular games


Hen party games are also the ideal icebreaker for mixed groups who don’t all know each other, as it brings out everyone’s fun side. They’re also perfect to fill in the times between your hen activities, after a meal or before bed.


Dirty / naughty games

Classy & heartfelt games

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Hen Party drinking games

Why are hen party games so important?

We know that you could plan a whole hen weekend filled with activities and meals and good times without ever considering adding hen party games to your event. However, we think that adding a game or two to your pre-wedding celebrations takes your event to that next level.

  • They’re an icebreaker: Most hen do groups will be made up of at least some members who don’t know each other. Planning some hen party games that help people get introduced to each other and share some laughs will help everyone relax into the whole experience.
  • They add a personalised and special touch: Hen do games are a great way to add some special touches that reflect the Bride’s personality, her life story so far and the journey she’s about to take on.
  • They’re great for those in between moments: On every hen weekend, there are moments in between the activities, the meals and the nights out that it can be hard to know what to do with. Planning a hen game or two helps to fill those moments with laughter and good times.
  • You’ll have memories and mementos to take away: All hen party games will help create beautiful memories for the Bride to take home but some games will also produce little mementos that she can keep forever to remember this experience – for example, My Best Memory With The Bride or Wedding MadLibs.

How to choose the right hen party games

If you find the list of hen party games above a bit dizzying, then we recommend you ask yourself these questions to make sure you choose a game that best suits the bride-to-be and the whole hen group! That’ll help you make your choice more easily.

  • What kind of person is the bride? Would she enjoy something naughty or is she the classy type?
  • Do you want to include anything embarrassing? We generally recommend to avoid this but you know the bride best.
  • How old are the members of your hen do group? If Nana is attending, then maybe avoid the naughty games and penis sculpting (depending how cheeky she is 😂).
  • How many ladies are there in your group? Make sure your game choice is practical for the size.
  • Do all the girls in your hen group know each other? If not, you could consider some icebreaker games to help people feel more comfortable.
  • Where will you play the game? Are you hosting a hen party at home, planning a virtual hen party or will you need a room in your accommodation?
  • Do you want to play a hen party game that matches your chosen hen do theme?
  • Will you DIY your hen game materials (e.g. activity sheets) or buy some?

DIY or purchased hen do games?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether you should create your own hen party game materials or if you should buy them. It really comes down to:

  • your budget
  • how much time you can dedicate
  • whether you have other people to help
  • whether you’re going for the homemade feel or a more polished look

If you’re keen on the DIY option, you can use free online tools like Canva to build beautiful looking documents and materials and download them for free. So, making things yourself doesn’t have to be expensive!

If you do decide to buy some games, consider whether you’d like to purchase digital documents that you can print yourself at home or for a virtual hen party. Or, if you’d like a physical game delivered to your front door.

How to make game mementos

We love a hen party game idea that produces physical mementos for the Bride to take home with her, not just the lovely memories we know she will cherish. Some of our hen do groups have gotten each group member to write a funny piece of advice or a date night idea and place it into a keepsake box for the Bride to take into her marriage. Others have created a photo board with photos of the Bride with the special people in her life and each group member writes a favourite memory or thing about the Bride on a piece of paper and adds it to the board. Whichever idea you go with, choosing a hen do game that gives the Bride something to take home with her will take your hen party to that next level – we promise, she’ll be so surprised and touched by the thought put into it.


Whichever hen party games you choose, just make sure they match the kind of weekend you’re aiming for. Whether you get things properly down and dirty, match your hen party theme or you keep it clean and classy, we know the bride-to-be will love what you plan.

For more hen party ideas and inspiration, check out our hen party themes, hen party ideas and The Foxy Hen blog.


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