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Hen Party Activities

When we’re invited on a hen do, the first thing we ask is: “What are we doing?”. The hen party activities you choose are the highlight of the event, so it’s important to get them right.

Budget but brilliant

The hen do is all about spoiling and celebrating the bride-to-be. You’d be surprised how quickly all that spoiling adds up in cost, though. If you need to keep the hen party budget down but still want to help make the bride feel special, it’s easier than you think:

  • The free option: Organising a hen night in your home or accommodation where you share a meal, play some funny hen party games and maybe even learn to make your own cocktails is a really intimate way to celebrate with the bride and have fun with the whole group.
  • The cheaper at-home option: To keep the cost down, you could book an activity to come to your home or accommodation. Some of the most popular options would be a buff butler or two, a murder mystery dinner, the cube, draw a nude class, lip sync battle or flower crown workshop.
  • The not-too-expensive activity option: If you’re keen to get out of the house for your hen party activities, then you could just choose one of the cheaper options like escape rooms, cocktail classes, a booze cruise or maybe a dance class.

Activity FAQs

We think booking hen party activities makes the whole event more exciting and it’s an opportunity to try something you’ve never done before. However, booking an activity isn’t a necessity for a fun hen do. You could book a self-catering house, make homemade meals and play some heartfelt or hilarious hen do games at home for a really relaxed weekend.

  • Talk with the bride: Make sure you get her ideas, preferences and absolute no-nos before you go and book anything.
  • Make it appropriate to the group: If you have younger, older, pregnant or disabled group members, then make sure you choose activities that everyone can take part in.
  • Consider distance: If you’ve decided where you’re going to stay for your hen weekend, then make sure you choose activities that you can easily travel to and from. Decide if you’ll need to hire a bus, get taxis, drive your own cars, walk down the street or have them come to you.
  • Keep to your theme or style: If you’ve chosen a hen party theme or you’re trying to keep the event to a particular style (e.g. classy, outdoorsy), then make sure the activity works well with that idea.
  • Consider the venue: Some activities can come to you, other activities you go to them. Some activities have a venue provided by the supplier and other activities require you to organise a venue. Make sure to read each activity’s detailed description to make sure it suits your location and plans.
  • Remember minimum numbers: Some activities require a minimum group size to book them. Make sure you check this detail before committing to a particular option.

The number of activities you plan depends on how many days the hen do goes for.

  • 1 night hen parties: We recommend 1 day activity and 1 evening/night activity. 
  • 2 night hen parties: We recommend 1 day activity per day (2 total) and 1 night activity per evening (2 total).

You can book more than this but just make sure you spread them throughout the day so you’re not rushing around! 

You should start planning the hen party at least 3-6 months before the trip date. If you’re not sure which activities you’d like yet, you can just secure your accommodation first and then add one or more hen do activities to your booking later.

We will always do our best to try and help you book in the activities you’d like, even if it’s last-minute though!

Hen party group politics can definitely be a challenge – we’re sorry if this is happening to you.

Ultimately, this event is about the bride-to-be. So, if your group have tried to discuss which hen party activities they’d like and can’t agree, then we’d recommend going back to the source of all truth. Talk to the bride and hint at a few of the different ideas (without all the details) and ask her which ones feel right. No one can argue with that!

Chat with us

We’d love to chat about your hen do plans! Contact us and we’ll get back to you asap to help you chat about your hen party activities.

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