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The Big 2022 Hen Party Comeback

The Big 2022 Hen Party Comeback

Here are some of the top trends for the 2022 hen party and wedding planning.

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It is safe to say that post-pandemic everyone is looking forward to the influx of weddings, hen parties, and celebrations that this year will bring. Trends have shifted, and new hen ideas are on the horizon. Here is a breakdown of the hip 2022 hen party and wedding ideas to incorporate into your next bash!

Since pre-pandemic life may feel like a distant memory at this point, you may be questioning how to throw the best hen party taking into consideration our new normal. Read below for the new trending ideas.

‘€œSten Do’€

A new term that is being coined is the sten do gathering. Traditionally, men and women have celebrated separately with classic hen and stag parties. However, this may be outdated as the top Google searches are suggesting the bride and groom may be celebrating jointly now. 

Some sten do party ideas include tipple tasting, karaoke, bowling, a cinema outing, a day at the races, or even a boat trip. There are many activities that can be enjoyed by a collective group of 20+ that allows everyone to get to know each other better before the big wedding day.

The sten do also caters to same-sex couples who could feel the traditional separation of hen and stag parties is outdated. This new trend is inclusive, saves money, and calls for double the fun! 

At Home Parties

Another smart way hens are saving money but still having all the fun is by throwing parties in the comfort of their own homes. At-home events are great ways to catch up with friends with less planning and traveling stress.

Hens have been enjoying backyard teas, brunches with finger food, and even cocktail parties from home. All of these events offer an intimate environment to catch up and share some laughs. A good addition to these backyard kickbacks includes a variety of home games. Murder mystery kits, would you rather cards, and hen bingo are sure to get the party started. 

Best of all, you can have entertainment come to you! No need to go to the venue, instead make it personal and more cost-effective from home. For an additional twist, incorporate a theme for the home event. A boho brunch, flapper cocktails, or even a potluck fiesta are sure to spice up the event. 

Post Wedding Hen Celebrations

For those who were married during the pandemic but unable to celebrate until now, what is stopping you?  It is time for your 2022 hen party! The Foxy Hen offers countless activities to help you and your friends to catch up and more importantly have some fun. 

Post-wedding hen do’s can include any of the activities or venues as the traditional hen celebrations offer. Some hens have been enjoying a well-deserved spa weekend. Others may opt for a boat trip or a wine-tasting tour. The options are endless and remember it is never too late to celebrate.

Micro Do

In 2019 the average hen party group size was 14. It is now being reported that the 2022 hen party number has dropped to around 10. Smaller and more intimate parties are on the rise. Limiting the number of invites allows the hen to prioritise closer friends and family. 

Not to worry, these small parties can still be a grand celebration. Smaller groups can enjoy all the fun of a big group with activities including prosecco bike tours, pole dancing classes, a river cruise, or brunch. So make a list of those closest to you and let the festivities begin. 

Cheers to 2022

Whether it’s a sten do, home party, micro do, post-wedding celebration, or a combination of all the above, it is officially time to plan your overdue 2022 hen party! 

So what are you thinking? Will you be hosting a backyard tea or firing off an invitation to all of you and your partner’s friends for a sten do gathering? The options are endless and customisable, so let The Foxy Hen help you get planning your 2022 hen party today!

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