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Hen Night Dilemmas

L. Jordan
Thu 13 Jun 19 18:55

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A recent controversy saw a Bride demanding her bridesmaid attend her hen party – instead of seeing a dying relative. There was an understandable outcry from woman all over the world, mainly in support of the bridesmaid and many were critical of the brides lack of empathy and understanding for the situation.

So the question we have at The Foxy Hen is, when is it ok NOT to go to the bride’s hen??

Under all circumstances common sense and kindness should prevail. If your bridesmaid is not feeling up to attending, whether this is due to an illness in her family or if she herself is unwell, has just lost her job or her husband has just walked out on her…

Well sit back, take stock and start to prioritise what is important to your friend! These are all circumstances that should let her “off the hook”. She clearly won’t be ‘on form’ and the last thing she will want to do is go partying and boozing when she has so much more pressing and upsetting things on her mind or is feeling unwell or depressed.

Don’t forget… ‘The show will go on’ without her (though sadly) and the bride and the rest of the party should stick to their plans and go out and enjoy the night or weekend. But at least spare her a thought, she is probably not only feeling down over her circumstances, but hugely guilty for missing out on the bride’s hen.

Maybe when things improve for her and she is feeling up to it, she can take the bride out to lunch and the two of them can do something together, without the ‘madding crowd’! There are lots of ways to help each girl feel included and to make sure the bride is shown lots of love and pampering during the lead up to her big day.

We at The Foxy Hen love to help make your hen party dreams come true, for every girl joining in on the fun. But we also know how stressful organising a hen party can be and that, sometimes, it's just not the right timing for loved ones who would do anything to be there normally. So try and be kind, enjoy the special time with your family and friends and work out a plan B for hanging out with anyone who can't make it to the hen party this time around.

Author: L. Jordan


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