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Hen Party Or Wedding Photobooth Prop Ideas

Suzanne T.
Mon 23 Mar 20 11:10

A woman smiles at the camera wearing a flower crown

One of the best ways to create memories of your hen do, bridal shower, or wedding is to hire or create your own photo booth and invite guests to take some images. In order to liven things up a little, grabbing a stash of photo booth props always some truly memorable and unique snapshots of your hen party or wedding.

1. Real Glasses and Fake Moustaches

If we’re being honest, all hen party girls want to see ourselves in a fake moustache. Add a pair of mad sunglasses to the ensemble and we can instantly see what we’d look like as a 70s villain on the run from police in a bad TV drama. Hen do accessories? Check.

2. Snapchat Filters

Snapchat filters are now available as photo booth props for hen weekends and they’re the greatest. Now we can actually BE that dog or have that pretty flower halo. The photo booth props can’t make your skin look all dewy like the app does, but you can’t have it all.

3. Instagram/YouTube/Regular Frames

One of our favourite hen night photo booth props is the oversized frame. Popular choices for photo booths are frames that look like Instagram or YouTube screens. This way, you can add locations and dates and really help personalise hen parties, bridal showers, or whatever the occasion.

4. Phantom Masks

You can’t beat a selection of funky Phantom of the Opera masks as a hen party idea. Not only is it fun, but often you’ll have absolutely no idea who’s behind the mask. This makes for an interesting game of ‘OMG, is that a MAN? Seriously, was there a dude at my hen do last night?’ the following morning.

Just to be clear, we’re not saying men are good hen party accessories but, you know, sometimes the odd one slips through the net.

5. Chalkboard Messages

Photobooth chalk board

Grabbing boards and coloured chalk is a great hen do idea as your guests can personalise messages. These will start off mushy and loving before taking a sharp left into unchartered territory after a few drinks. If you’re in the market for budget hen accessories that are a good laugh, these will do the trick.

6. Themed Props

If you have a favourite movie or TV show, why not DIY your own themed photo booth props? We love a bit of CSI, so ours would be crime scene tape, chalk outlines, and mug shot cards. Your DIY hen party accessories may be less concerning to your friends and family, such as props from The Crown, Breaking Bad or Stranger Things. Who hasn’t wanted to dress up as a Demogorgon at some stage, or wear a Sherriff’s hat and pretend they’re Hopper? PS – take the hat off once you’re done with the photos. It’s an offence to impersonate a Police Officer, even if it’s a fake from Hawkins, Indiana. This message is even more important if you’re actually in Indiana at the time.

These days, photo booth props are a common sight at hen parties, weddings and other occasions. And for good reason. They’re a great way to make memories of your special day, imprint your personality on the event and everyone can have a little keepsake of their involvement.

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Author: Suzanne T.


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