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How To Plan A Fun Fiesta Or Spanish Themed Hen Party

How To Plan A Fun Fiesta Or Spanish Themed Hen Party

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Maybe the wedding is in Spain or Portugal. Maybe the bride or groom are Spanish. Maybe your group would just love to have an amazing celebration with Mojitos, tacos, music and dancing. Whatever the reason, a Spanish themed hen party is a brilliant choice.

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We all wish that we could be jetting off to somewhere exotic for a hen party, particularly a location with the sunshine and the climate of Mexico and Cancún…

If you choose to host a fiesta or Spanish themed hen party, at least you can bring Spain or Mexico to you.

Fiesta themed game ideas

One incredibly popular way to compliment this theme is to, of course, bring a piñata. A piñata is an exciting and customised way to celebrate this theme when you can fill it with any range of personal prizes from sweets to make-up and party favours. Riskier hens could even opt for a penis pinata to add a hilarious twist to this already hysterical hen party theme.

What to wear

Hen costume-wise, sombreros and tall hats are a must, so hens who are a fan of extravagant headpieces are in luck. Another great way to solidify this hen party theme would be with a hat making class where hens can customise and decorate their sombreros exactly how they please! Long flaring skirts are also recommended to complete the look for this hen party theme while an outfit themed to the Dia Del Muerte (Day Of The Dead) festival could make for a very unique hen party costume.

Spanish themed hen party food

Now on to one of our favourite things about this hen party theme; all the delicious food. Quesadillas, chili, nachos, poppers, enchiladas… the list goes on and we at the Foxy Hen always find it so difficult to choose when having a fiesta themed feast! With such a range of delicious dishes to try, you might even want to try a cooking class to compliment this hen party theme where hens can chance their arm at making all their favourite spicy classics.. ariba!

Have the lemon and salt at the ready for dessert! Margaritas are the ultimate cocktail to help compliment this hen party theme and we won’t complain. A cocktail making class could be a great opportunity to try your hand at even making your own Margaritas for this hen do theme idea.

Really brave hens can even try some of the traditional spirit neat, if they’re really adventurous and want some Dutch… or Mexican courage for an afternoon dance class or hen night out on the town.

Latin Hen Party activity ideas

With a fiesta themed hen party, there are any amount of traditional dance styles for hen parties to try – from salsa to tango, rumba or samba. From the lively rhythm of the music to the beautiful colors associated with the dresses, a fiesta themed dance class will add some extra animation to this already lively hen party theme.


Whether you host your Spanish themed hen party at home or if you jet off to Marbella to chase some real Latin sun, we know this hen theme is going to be a hit with your group!

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If you’re in hen research mode, check out all of our hen party destinations and hen party ideas.

For help booking your hen weekend or to discuss your ideas, chat with us live during office hours, submit a quick enquiry or contact us for any other queries.


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