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Top Bridesmaid Tips For Organising A Hen Party

D. Fennessy
Wed 11 Jan 17 18:21

Hen Party Ideas Bridesmaid Organising The Foxy Hen 2

Who’s Invited?

First thing’s first is getting a crew together for your friends’ amazing Hen Party. A lot of Hen party planning is about surprising the bride to be, but unwanted guests can be a recipe for disaster. This is something you’ll want to plan with the bride and make sure you don’t accidentally invite her annoying aunt, or worse yet leave someone out (think Monica in Friends, not a situation you want to find yourself in).

Hen Party Ideas Inviting Guests The Foxy Hen

If you and the bride are worried about guests getting along it’s increasingly popular to split the hen party into different activities. Pampering and spa treatments can be for the mother and those laying off the drink in time for the wedding, and the party animals going out on the tear at night. Or you can organise 2 separate hen parties. A laid back day or 2 in a retreat and a weekend chasing scared boys with an inflatable Ryan Gosling doll.


Once you’ve got your guest list sorted start drawing up potential dates for the hen party. A useful tip is draw up dates on an excel spread sheet or Google Doc and email it to everyone. People can tick the dates that suit them and you can narrow it down from there. Make sure you run it by the bride. There will be people she will really want to go. If a sister or best friend can’t make it, it could be a major downer for her weekend.

Consider whether you’re going abroad and if you’re going for 1 or 2 nights. Travel costs can go up during busy seasons so bear that in mind when organising the hen party.

Also don’t organise it the night before the hen party. The days of hen parties the night before the wedding are well over. Remember the more time you leave to planning, the more people who can come and the happier the bride will be.


It’s very easy to get caught up in thinking about the bride but remember she’s not the only one going. It’s important to take into consideration other peoples finances as it can always cause upset when one person is left out because they can’t afford flights to Las Vegas. You may want to sit down with the bride and set a budget that suits everyone.

A useful feature on our website is it allows anyone to opt out of any activities or dates they don’t want to take part in and just pay for what they want.

Where Will Your Hen Party Take You

Hen Party Ideas Destinations The Foxy Hen

Finally the big question; where will you go? This will usually determine what type of hen party it is and what activities you will take part in. Do you want home or abroad? Active or relaxing? Beach or city? Fortunately it’s never been easier to hop on a cheap flight and head to Europe so you’ll be spoiled for choice on your hen party.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing your destination:

  • Is it expensive to get there? Consider whether it’s going to be swamped with tourists that time of year, pushing up travel and accommodation costs. Plus hen parties and family holidays don’t really mix. You don’t need anyone cramping the bride’s style on her last night of freedom.
  • Is it a place that will be accepting of your hen party? Most major towns and cities across Ireland, the UK and Europe are reasonably understanding but not everywhere. If you’re concerned about your choice of destination feel free to run it by us.
  • Does everyone have the time to travel abroad? Foreign hen parties tend to be a minimum of 2 nights so some people might struggle to get the time off work. Make sure you check beforehand.
  • Will there be a language barrier? In several of the hen party hotspots English is not the native language so it’s a huge advantage to have a local guide on hand to take you to the best haunts and make sure nobody gets stuck in a tricky situation with the locals. We offer loads of great guides across most of our EU destinations, they make the package marginally more expensive but are well worth it!


Does she want to be treated like a princess or would she love nothing more than going to a shooting range with a double barrel shotgun? No!? Well no worries we have plenty of activities to suit all tastes from spa treatments with a glass of bubbly, fun games like CSI save the groom and escape rooms or adrenaline fuelled driving and shooting activities.

Have a chat with the bride and see what kind of hen party she wants. A lot of this will also depend on your choice of location and time of year. A few activities that remain consistently popular are CSI save the groom, cocktail making classes and dance/pole dancing classes followed by pub tours and clubbing. If you need some inspiration feel free to check out our destination pages and browse the activities we offer.

Pay for the Hen

It’s increasingly common for the other hen party guests to pay for the Hen’s costs. This usually amounts to about €10-€15 per person and is a great gesture for the bride on her hen party. Keep in mind other people’s finances though, there’s always someone saving their Spondulix for extra bottles of bubbly down the pub!

The Full Monty

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of male nudity on your hen party and here at The Foxy Hen HQ we’re big advocates of getting a last sneaky peak at another man before the big day.

Hen Party Ideas Stripper The Foxy Hen

Just consider whether the bride’s mother in law is coming. She might not approve of her baby boy’s lady being so promiscuous with another man. On the other hand she might be right up their with a wad of cash pulling his G-string off faster than the bride can say I do!

Theme for the Hen Party

It’s always a bit of fun to introduce a theme to the hen party. Some of our favourites include the Great Gatsby 1920s look, the nautical babe look, great for seaside hen parties, and the 1950s housewife theme, perfect if the bride is a fan of polka dot dresses.

Hen Party Ideas Themes The Foxy Hen

If you do opt for a theme and plan on going clubbing be sure to run it by the venue first. Most clubs are forgiving to hen parties but you don’t want to end up stuck in the rain. If you are stuck for nightlife options we have great partnerships with various clubs across many cities and can usually get drinks and reserved areas thrown in as well.

Keep it Simple

Don’t make things needlessly complicated for everyone. It just risks getting everyone separated and upset on the hen party. If you’re organising pub crawls you’re far better off having a guide otherwise you’re likely to all be split up with some having a great night and others stuck in a pub by their lonesome. Keep it nice and easy and try getting hold of everyone’s numbers before going.

Finally Have an Amazing Time

Most importantly enjoy the day. You deserve it! We know how tough it can be organising a hen party so pour yourself a glass and relax.

Author: D. Fennessy


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