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Three Star Hotel (Low Season)

  • Min. Nums 6
  • Min. Age 18

What You Get

  • Great base for a hen party
  • Includes breakfast
  • Only 5 minutes from Amsterdam Central station
  • WiFi available
  • Residents' bar
  • Games room
  • Guest kitchens available
  • Ideally located hen friendly accommodation
  • Close to bus/train station and taxis

Why not consider spending a tiny bit of extra dosh to set your hen party girls up in comfort in this 3 star hotel only 5 minutes from the train station in Amsterdam? You'll share comfy enquite rooms, have access to Wi-Fi and breakfast is included. So you'll be sorted for a place to sleep in comfort after a long night out and a tasty breakfast in the morning to help you feel fresh and ready to do it all again. Please note that this item can only be booked during the low season, from the 1st November through to the 17th March.

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