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The Farmer's Bride

  • 2 Hours
  • Min. Nums 14
  • Min. Age 18
  • Guide Included
  • Some Disabled Access
  • Professional actor to lead the activity
  • Find clues
  • Complete challenges
  • Personalised groom video
  • Hilarious farm-themed hen party activity
  • A customised event experience
  • Bonus points if your dress up in farm themed outfits
  • Great way to explore the town
  • Can take place in your home / accommodation or a venue you organise
  • Note: This activity does not take place on a farm

To help raise money for your upcoming wedding, the groom-to-be has invested your savings in a local agricultural scheme cooked up by farming magnate and tax scammer, Martin The Cock Mahoney, and now he might lose the farm and all the money for the wedding!

To save your wedding, your hen party group need to go on a mission to chase down The Cock and convince him to let the groom out of the deal and return the money.

Youll be greeted by a top dog from the Department Of Agriculture (but really, a professional actor) who will show a custom video made by the groom asking for your groups help. Your hen do crew will work in teams to search for clues and complete challenges around town to get all the information you need to convince 'The Cock' to give up the dough.

Your group are encouraged to dress up in farm-themed clothes or costumes, which might earn you extra points for your team.

This farm-themed role play activity is the perfect choice for a bride-to-be who grew up on a farm or who is marrying into one. This activity can come to you or take place in the centre of any town or city.

Farm-themed hen parties will have a barrel of laughs with this one lots of agri, not too much culture!

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