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Triple Threat Combo

  • 90 Mins
  • Min. Nums 10
  • Min. Age 18

What You Get

  • 5 Laps in a Hovercraft
  • 10 Laps in a Rage Buggy
  • 100 Paintballs
  • Hen friendly activity
  • 17 Stone weight limit for Hovercrafts
  • 40 minute spin from Carrick
  • **Price based on a minimum party of 13. Smaller parties considered. Full payment required 6 weeks in advance**
  • **Please note that Hovercrafting is weather dependent
  • should it not take place each member of your hen party will be given 200 extra paintballs**

Hovercraft, Rage Buggies and Paintball, this is a hen party activity thought up by Hen-rietta the Great, the Viking Goddess of hen parties! With 5 laps of Hovercrafting, 10 Rage Buggy laps and 100 Paintballs it has everything a hen party activity should have, something borrowed (everything) something blue (the hen after paintball) something old (paintballing) and something new (Hovercrafts).

Each member of your hen party will have 5 laps to hover around the only place in Ireland to offer both land and water sections of the course, if that wasn't enough these Hovercrafts are no slouches getting up to speeds even Lewis Hamilton would be proud of! You will each pump out some adrenaline as you rip and turn in the awesome hen party activity that is rage buggies. Hopefully it is nice and wet as it makes things a lot more interesting.... like something else that I can't quite put my finger on :) Finally your hen party will have 100 paintballs each to play around with, try to go easy the hen as she is in for enough pain and torture after his big day. **40km from the centre of Carrick on Shannon**