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Day 1

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Per Person

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  • 90 Mins
  • Min. Nums 10
  • Min. Age 18

What You Get

  • Equipment supplied
  • Various tactical games
  • Pre-mission briefings
  • Unlimited bullets

Airsoft may sound like a range of cuddly toddler toys, but for kids it most certainly is not! Become Jason Bourne for a day in this real-life combat zone. You carry out sniper missions and work in team units to take out the enemies (your mates) in military-like scenarios with a supply of unlimited bullets. With a combination of a 20,000 sq ft warehouse and 5,000 sq ft of abandoned offices this hen activity provides plenty of challenges for the crew.

Once you enter the urban warfare style hot zone you will be challenged with a number of tasks - testing your wit, guile and your aim! So live your fantasy of being both cool and lethal, then go back to your miserable grey office and tell all your miserable grey work colleagues about how much fun it was. **2.2km from the centre of Cork **