Flockin fab farming experience

Flockin' Fabulous Farming Experience Hen Party Ideas - The Foxy Hen

The Flockin Fabulous Farming Experience provides hens with a chance to embrace the rough and tumble of the country life as well as the chance to catch some cock? A rooster that is...

Catch the cock is one in a range of hilarious hen games that are combined to make this hen party idea flockin’ fabulous.

Hens enjoy a funny 'Irish wake' and 'milk the cow' for an authentic country activity. Hens can also look forward to some Buck’s Fizz and Irish Whiskey to wash down as they laugh the day away. This hen party idea is certainly something different for hens who are hoping to delve into Irish farming life.

Hens can avail of this hen party idea in Carrick-on-Shannon.