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Per Person

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  • 180 Mins
  • Min. Nums 10
  • Min. Age 18

What You Get

  • Hen party friendly activity
  • Minimum of 90 splatballs
  • No bruises
  • LOL's

There are any amount of enjoyable adventure hen party activities in Westport and this one competes for the top of the list. If you have ever taken part in paintball before then you will probably be familiar with how entertaining and lively it is as everyone in your group.. or hen party challenges each other to the race of a life time around the obstacle course.

Every body is at the peril of being hit by those pesky paint capsules! You may also be familiar, however, with the fact that they can tend to hurt like hell. You sure didnt want to be hit by them.

Well hens, splatball provides all of the great thrills of paintball with an identical combat zone, however you are safe from the accompanied pain as the splatball guns tend to be a little less powerful so you will be getting splattered rather than pelted. This makes splatball a great Westport activity for hen parties and also a great idea for hen parties that will have any chicks tagging along for the daytime activities.

Try and have the Prosecco on hand for after this hen party activity as you will definitely have the thirst afterwards.