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Blog > 101+ Personalised Wedding Table Name Ideas

101+ Personalised Wedding Table Name Ideas

Choose a wedding table name theme that suits and showcases who you are as a couple.

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A wedding table with floral arrangements and place settings

Choosing a wedding table name theme is a brilliant way to show your wedding guests who you are as a couple; your joint personality. They probably know you pretty well by now but this is an opportunity to have some fun and share something deeper and maybe more touching about your relationship with those who are nearest and dearest to you both.

We’ve created a complete list of the most creative, hilarious, nerdy and/or endearing wedding table name ideas for you to choose, as the bride and groom, for your big day!

Wedding Table Name Ideas By Theme

Personalised Names

  1. The Things You Promised In Your Vows: Writing your vows is a beautiful gesture and lets you choose the emotions, gestures and promises you want to make to each other in front of your loved ones. We love the idea of using the featured promises of your wedding vows as your wedding table names. For example, you could name each table ‘Respect’, ‘Love’, ‘Happiness’ or ‘Friendship’.
  2. Your Childhood Photos: Collect photos of both of you from throughout your lives, at the same age, and pair them to create picture names for your wedding tables. One table could be your baby photos, another could be you both starting school and so on.
  3. Dates Of Your Relationship: Your wedding guests probably know a bit about your story as a couple but this wedding table name idea lets you share with them the dates and milestones that are most important to you both. You might give one table the date you first met, the date of your first date (if different), the date of your first trip together, the date you got engaged etc.
  4. Special Sites In Your Home Town: If you both have lived in the same town or city during your relationship, we bet you have some spots that have become special to you. Maybe you shared a kiss outside your favourite pub or went for a walk in a beautiful local park. Share your favourite local sites with your wedding guests by naming your wedding tables after each one.
  5. Your 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc Date Locations: Take your wedding guests on a tour of your first days, weeks and months together as a couple by using the locations of your first several dates as your wedding table names.
  6. Relationship Firsts: Name each of your wedding tables after a significant first ‘things’ in your relationship. For example,
  7. Significant Numbers In Your Relationship: We love this idea. Some examples would be ‘5’ for the number of years you’ve been together, ‘8’ for the number of countries you’ve travelled to together etc.
  8. Family History Surnames: If you’re a bit of a genealogist or you’€™d like to pay homage to your families, then maybe you could name each of your wedding tables after the last names of both of your families.
  9. Family History Places: Similar to the above, you could give each wedding table the name of a country or town where a branch of your family is from.
  10. The Names Of Your Parents, Grandparents, Great Grand Parents etc: To tie the theme of love and family together, you could name each wedding table with the first names of both sets of grandparents and great-grandparents – e.g.’Joe & Lucy’.
  11. Your Wedding Colour Scheme: Choose one colour from your wedding theme for each table name.
  12. Items On Your Bucket Lists: If you both have items left on your individual or joint bucket lists, then maybe you could feature them as your table names. It’s a lovely way to share your goals for the future with your loved ones on your wedding day.
  13. Personal Sayings: If you both are known for saying certain things all the time, why not make them your very own personalised wedding table names?
  14. Love In Different Languages: Whether you are both bilingual (or even polyglots) or maybe keen world travellers, then naming your wedding tables for ‘love’ in various languages is a really romantic way to share that international flavour.

Names From Nature

  1. Flowers: If gardening, walking or just being out in nature is important to you as a couple, then maybe choose your favourite flowers as the names for your wedding tables. It would make a great theme for a Spring wedding and could tie in with the flowers in your bouquet or flowers that grow in your local area.
  2. Mountains: This is a great wedding table name ideas if you are both keen hikers or mountain climbers. You could name each table after a mountain you’ve scaled together. It shows your shared passion and is a lovely way to represent how you can overcome challenges together.
  3. Birds: Whether you’re both keen ornithologists or just love birds, you could choose the most beautiful varieties as your wedding table names. We love peacocks, cockatoos, herons and robins.
  4. Types Of Trees: Cedar, pine, rosewood or elm. Trees are a lovely way to bring a bit of nature into your wedding day and they make for beautiful table names.
  5. Breeds Of Dogs: Do you have 1 or 10 dogs at home? Then maybe naming your wedding tables after your favourite dog breeds would be a really personal way to show how much you love them. Or, better yet, maybe name each table after the pets you’ve owned?
  6. Breeds Of Cats: If you’re more of a cat couple than a dog couple, then choose your favourite cat breeds as your wedding table names. Moggie or Tabby?
  7. Types Of Clouds: Cumulus, cirrus and altostratus. Whether you’re both science nerds, do your fair share of cloud watching or just want to include a natural theme in your wedding, the names of clouds might be a nice way to name your wedding tables.
  8. Sea Animals: Take a shell from Sebastien’s book and name your wedding tables after your favourite sea animals.
  9. Gemstones: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and, by the time you get to the reception, you’ll have a gorgeous ring on your finger. So you could keep that theme going and give your wedding tables the names of gemstones.
  10. Types Of Butterflies: If butterflies have made it into your wedding decor, then maybe naming your wedding tables after your favourite types of butterflies would suit you. We love Pieridae, Gossamer-Winged and Orange Tipped butterflies.
  11. Seasons: This only works if you have 4 or less wedding tables but naming them after each of the seasons is a really nice way to create a particular ‘feel’ at each table. You could alter the table decorations to suit each season.
  12. Names Of Planets: You’re getting married on the 3rd rock from the sun, so you could choose the names of your other favourite planets as your tables names.
  13. Names Of Constellations: Similar to above, if you like a bit of stargazing, then you could name your wedding tables after your favourite constellations.

Film, TV & Music Names

  1. Concerts You Went To Together: Maybe you were serenaded together by Paul McCartney at Glastonbury or you belted out some Beyonce stadium concert tunes. You must have some big (and maybe local) gigs that mean a lot to you together, so why not name your wedding tables after the top few?
  2. Famous Love Songs: And Iiiiiiiii-e-iiii will always lo-oove youuuuuuu. Ok, so that might not be your favourite. Try to find the love songs that speak to you as a couple and name each table after them. You could even make little records and place the song names on each one.
  3. Famous Film & TV Couples: Choose the most romantic or funny couples from your favourite shows or films. For example, Carrie and Mr. Big or Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.
  4. Your Favourite Films: Maybe it’s the film you saw on your first date or films that have changed you in some way.
  5. Black And White Films: Keep your wedding classy with a bit of black and white style. We love Casablanca, It’s A Wonderful Life, Some Like It Hot and To Kill A Mockingbird.
  6. Romantic Comedies: The groom might not love this one but, if you’€™re both into your Rom Coms, then maybe naming your wedding tables When Harry Met Sally, Notting Hill, Sleepless In Seattle, 10 Things I Hate About You or similar might be perfect for you.
  7. Hollywood Stars Of The 40s & 50s: You can’t beat a bit of old-school Hollywood charm by naming your wedding tables after stars like Frank Sintra, Katherine Hepburn, Gregory Peck, Judy Garland, Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers.
  8. The First Dance Songs You Almost Chosen: We have no doubt you did some serious research to find the perfect song for your first dance at the wedding reception. For those that made the final list but weren’€™t chosen, maybe you could still include them by naming your wedding tables after them.
  9. Broadway Musicals: We’d probably skip CATS but, if you’re both theatre lovers, then you could name your wedding tables after your favourite shows and musicals.
  10. Your Favourite Lyric Lines: Everyone has a few songs where the lyrics really mean something to them. Choosing your wedding table names is a good opportunity to showcase your favourite lyrical lines.
  11. Your Favourite Albums: Think of the albums that have meant a lot to you both or individually and feature their titles as your wedding table names.
  12. Your Favourite Operas: La Boheme, The Pearl Fishers or Carmen? If you’re big opera buffs then share your faves with your wedding guests by naming your tables after them.
  13. Festivals You’ve Been To Together: Ireland and the UK feature some of the best music festivals in the world. If you’ve been to some together and loved the experience, then maybe you could name your wedding tables after your faves. You could choose Glastonbury, Electric Picnic or Tradfest. Or even go further afield with Coachella or Tomorrowland.
  14. Festival Stage Names: If you both love a particular music festival and have amazing memories there, then maybe name your wedding tables after famous stages at that festival.
  15. Episode or character names from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.: just in case you’re both super fans.

Artistic Names

  1. Famous Paintings: Let your guests try to work out what Mona Lisa was smiling about by featuring her and your other fave paintings as your table names.
  2. Your Favourite Artists: If you’d prefer to focus on the artists behind the painting or sculpture, then maybe include their name, photo and a short bio as your table signs.
  3. Fashion Designers: A brilliant option for the fashion-forward bride if you love particular designers.
  4. Styles Of Painting: If you love fine art and studied painting or art history, then you could name your tables after styles of painting. You could even design the table signs to look like that style – we’€™d love to see an impressionist design!
  5. Styles Of Architecture: Same as above but share with your guests your favourite architectural styles like Baroque, Gothic, Art Deco or Neoclassical.

Literary Names

  1. Your Favourite Fairytales: Create a big of magic at your wedding with tables named after fairytales. Design each table to represent stories like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk or Hansel and Gretel.
  2. Childhood Books: If you were both avid readers as children, then celebrate the series you loved most with your wedding table names. Were you a Goosebumps fan too?
  3. Lines From Your Favourite Poem(s): We love the idea of taking lines from one poem and making each one your table name. We love the lines by William Blake – ‘To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wildflower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.’
  4. Literary Heroines: We can think of some brilliant female characters that would make for inspiring wedding table names. Jane Eyre, Lisbeth Salander, Matilda or even Katniss Everdeen.
  5. Alice In Wonderland Characters: If you’ve chosen Alice In Wonderland as your wedding theme, then you could have some real fun creating each wedding table as one of the characters. A Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat all come to mind.
  6. Famous Literary Couples: Combine the best of both worlds with your love for reading and the celebration of love that is your wedding. Showcase your favourite literary couples on each table, like Ron and Hermione, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy or Peeta and Katniss.
  7. Your Favourite Authors: Celebrate your favourite authors and maybe include a bio for each one on your wedding tables? Some of ours are Virginia Woolf, Mark Twain, James Joyce and Agatha Christie.
  8. Winnie The Pooh Characters: The gorgeous characters of A. A. Milne would make for an adorable table theme at your wedding. So invite Winnie The Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger and Rabbit to your big day.
  9. Jane Austen Novels: Ok, this would probably be my choice. I think it would be so romantic to name your wedding tables Pride And Prejudice, Persuasion, Sense And Sensibility, Emma and Northanger Abbey.
  10. Jane Austen Couples: Similar to the above, naming your tables after Jane Austen’s couples is super romantic. We love Elinor and Edward, Lizzy and Mr Darcy, Emma and Mr Knightley, Marianne and Colonel Brandon, and Jane and Mr Bingley.
  11. Shakespeare’s Plays: Incorporate the greatest playwright of all time into your wedding by naming your tables after his plays.
  12. Traditional Irish Blessings: We know these can be slightly long but naming each of your wedding tables for an Irish wedding blessing is a beautiful way to incorporate Irish culture and traditions into your wedding. This is a sweet idea because it blesses the members of each table as well as you as a couple. Some examples would be: ‘May the wind be always at your back’ or ‘May love and laughter light your days’.

Geographical Names

  1. Cities/Countries You Want To Travel To Together: We imagine you’re planning a gorgeous honeymoon in your dream destination. If you, as a couple, have the wanderlust, then choose wedding table names for the cities or countries still on your travel bucket list.
  2. Cities/Countries You Have Travelled To Together ‘€“ Or, if you’ve already done a lot of travelling together as a couple, then why not name your wedding tables after the cities or countries you most loved experiencing together?
  3. Special sites in your favourite city: If you had a romantic weekend (or month) away somewhere spectacular, then maybe you could use that city as a theme for your wedding table names? Choose special spots from your favourite city, for example, you might choose the Louvre, the D’Orangerie, the Seine, the Arc De Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  4. Your Favourite Beaches: Whether you’ve travelled to them or just dreaming of sunnier climes, then famous beaches could be a great summer theme for your wedding table names.
  5. Station Names From Your City: Whether you take the London Underground or the Dublin Dart if you love getting around your city as a couple then maybe you could name your wedding tables after your favourite or personally significant stops.
  6. Streets You’ve Lived On ‘€“ We love this personalised idea because it showcases your history individually and as a couple and represents where you’ve come from before and where you’re going to after the wedding.
  7. Postcards From Your Favourite Places: For a travel vibe, you could use vintage postcards of your favourite destinations as the sign for each table at your wedding.

Nerdy Or Fandom Names

  1. Computer Games: Whether you’re Link and Zelda or Mario and Princess Peach, if computer games are your thing as a couple, then celebrate that with appropriately named game tables.
  2. Elements On The Periodic Table: Maybe you’re both scientists or just one of you or you’re just big science nerds. Either way, if you’re lovers of chemistry, then why not choose your favourite elements from the periodic table for your wedding table names? You could choose the metals for each of the decade wedding anniversaries or choose elements that combine to make a formula you like.
  3. Your Favourite Pokemon: This one is truly on for fans but it could be a bit of fun if you spend a lot of your time as couples chasing pokemon around your hometown.
  4. Game Of Thrones Characters: Now, as long as your wedding colour theme isn’€™t red, then this one is ok. You could even name each table after one of the dragons in the story.
  5. Your Favourite Boardgames: If you regularly host couples or family game nights, then why not incorporate your favourite games into your wedding with your table names? You could create little games for each table to play through the reception as a bit of fun.
  6. Disney Princesses: We love the idea of a Belle table, a Jasmine table and a Cinderella table. You could have so much fun with colours, character cutouts or songs they sing.
  7. Disney Couples: Combine your love of Disney with the romance of your wedding day and name each table after a Disney couple! Beauty and the Beast, Ariel and Eric, and Aurora and Prince Charming all come to mind.
  8. Disney Villains: Villains at a wedding? Well, some of them are just so cool that they’ll make for a fun table theme. If you choose this one, PLEASE send us the pics!
  9. Friends Episode Names: If the bride chose F.R.I.E.N.D.S. as the hen party theme, then you continue the trend and name your wedding tables after your favourite episodes. For example, ‘The one with Phoebe’s husband’ or ‘The one with all the wedding dresses’.
  10. Superheroes: Make your wedding super with tables named after your favourite superheroes. Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel would be our top choices but Batman, Spiderman and Thor could feature as well.
  11. Famous Scientists: If you’re into your science or love the history of how modern science has developed, then share your favourite scientists with your wedding guests. You could even include a short bio or their greatest achievement on the table name sign to help people learn about them.
  12. Back To The Future: You could name each table after a character from one of the films or (if you only have 3 tables) you could even choose the main year of each film as the table number.
  13. James Bond Film Names: If you’re a Bond fan, then make sure there are martinis at the bar and name each table after your favourite Bond films.
  14. Names Of The People Who Have Played Doctor Who: For the true Whovians out there, this table name idea will appeal to any generation at your wedding.
  15. Star Wars Characters: Let the force be with you on this one but just please…don’t name any tables Jar Jar Binks.
  16. Star Wars Planets: There are some great planets to name your wedding tables, including Tatooine, Hoth, Coruscant, Naboo and Endor.
  17. Lord Of The Rings Characters: You could choose one character from each race of Middle Earth or just name each table after your favourites. As long as Gandalf is on the list, this is one wedding we’d go to!
  18. Tolkien’s Valar: For the true Tolkien nerds, the Valar could make for some truly beautiful table names. Manwe, Ulmo, Irmo, Varda and Yavanna are some of the most prominent names you could choose from.
  19. Your Favourite Comic Books: If you’re both comic book nerds, then show it off proudly with table names for each of your favourite comics or editions.
  20. Famous Comic Book Sounds: Have some fun with your table signs by naming each table after a comic book sound. For example, WAM, ZAPOW, KAPOW AND VROOM.

Tasty Food & Drink Names

  1. Your Favourite Gins: This is one idea we can absolutely get on board with. Some of the brands you might feature could be Hendricks, Four Pillars, Dingle Distillery, Tanqueray and Star of Bombay.
  2. Your Favourite Wines: You could interpret this idea as wine brands of varieties of wine, whoever takes your fancy. You could even serve that type of wine at each table to keep things with the theme.
  3. Your Favourite Beers: We know the lads will love this one but the girls might love their beer just as much. Again, you could go with the brand of beer or variety. For example, IPA, stout, pale ale or lager.
  4. Your Favourite Pubs: Keep this one nice and local and feature your favourite pub spots at each of your wedding tables. It’s a nice way to showcase where you live and celebrate the nightspots that have featured throughout your relationship.
  5. Types Of Cake: Sorry, can’t talk…eating. We’re very passionate about our cake and if you’ve paused on this idea, then it might be your top pick too. Go for red velvet, chocolate mud and a victoria sponge and maybe even serve them for dessert!
  6. Fruits: Simple, tasty and colourful. Wedding tables sorted.
  7. Special Varieties Of Tea: If you’re big into your tea, then why not feature then in your wedding table names? You could even give each wedding guest a small favour gift of a unique blend of your favourite tea.
  8. Cheese From Around The World
  9. Your Favourite Chocolate Bars
  10. Ice Cream Flavours
  11. Your Favourite Desserts
  12. Cocktail Names
  13. Old School Sweets
  14. Your Favourite Meals

Historical Names

  1. Patron Saints Names: If you’re planning a Christian wedding, then you could name your wedding tables after patron saints of things that are important to you or that represent your shared goals for the future. For example, Saint Joseph is the Patron Saint Of Families.
  2. Famous Couples From History
  3. Gods And Goddesses
  4. Kings And Queens
  5. Famous Ships
  6. Famous Dates In History

Sporting Names

  1. Cricket Terms: For serious fans of cricket, you could name your tables things like ‘Bowled’, ‘Stumped’, ‘Golden Duck’ or ‘LBW’.
  2. Tennis Terms: Same as above but try your hand at ‘Set’, ‘Love’, ‘Deuce’ or similar.
  3. Famous Sporting Venues: Lords, Croke Park, Wembley, Fenway Park, Anfield, Aviva Stadium. There are so many world-famous sporting venues you could name your wedding tables if you’re both big sports fans.
  4. Players From Your Team: If you’re a Liverpool F.C. person, you love the Irish Rugby team or cheer on for your local GAA club, then you could pay tribute to the players from your favourite team by naming your wedding tables after them.
  5. Formula 1 Teams Or Drivers: If Formula 1 racing is your thing, then you could name each of your wedding tables after a famous racing team, a racecourse or your favourite drivers.

Simple Wedding Table Names

Sometimes you might just want to keep things simple and let your guests focus on your gorgeous decor instead of naming your tables something unique. If this is you, then we’ve included these classic wedding table name options as an honourable mention.

  1. No Table Plan
  2. Numbered Tables
  3. Lettered Tables


If you discovered any really unique wedding table name ideas when planning your own big day, we’d absolutely love to hear about them! We’re always adding to this list.

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