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The Maid Of Honour Bible

Duties, tips & special ideas for the bride

5 Steps to being the best Maid Of Honour

If you’ve been asked to be a Maid Of Honour, Matron of Honour, Best Woman or Gentleman Of Honour to the bride-to-be (or groom) in your life, then all you need to do is follow these steps to make sure you have all your bases covered:

  1. Find out what your duties are
  2. Learn how to write your speech
  3. Plan the hen party
  4. Get advice & ideas from the experts
  5. Add some special touches

Your Maid Of Honour (MOH) duties

Top 10 quick list

  1. Anything the bride-to-be needs
  2. Wedding dress shopping
  3. The hen party (speak with us!)
  4. Coordinate the bridesmaids
  5. Helping with wedding planning
  6. Helping with DIY decor
  7. Help the bride get dressed
  8. Plan & carry the wedding day survival kit
  9. Running point on the wedding day
  10. Getting the bride some food during the reception

The full duties list

The speech

Maid Of Honour wedding speeches are becoming much more common for weddings in the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe these days. It’s a big moment and you definitely don’t want to *wing* it. With some quick planning, you can give a memorable and entertaining speech that won’t have the audience zzz-ing…

6 Step Maid Of Honour speech guide

  1. Keep it short – maximum 5 minutes
  2. Make any thank you’s needed – other bridesmaids, important guests etc
  3. Start with the bride – how do you know her, what do you admire in her and why does she deserve happiness?
  4. Include a funny story – but nothing inappropriate
  5. Include a heartfelt wish for their future – make it personal to them
  6. End with the couple – A final thought about their relationship and end with a toast


  1. No mention of exes
  2. Nothing embarrassing
  3. Remember this isn’t about you.

Full MOH speech guide

If you’d like a bit more detail about each speech writing step (plus a few more bonus sections), check out our full guide on writing the perfect Maid Of Honour speech for the big day.

More speech resources

MOH speech videos

How to plan the hen party

As the Maid Of Honour, there is so much to the role but the hen weekend is the one area where you have real creative control and the most ability to spoil the bride.

The first planning steps

These are your first 4 steps when planning the hen party:

  1. Get a list of dos and don’ts from the bride
  2. Create the invite list
  3. Survey the group for the best weekend dates
  4. Research ideas that the bride might love

Next steps for a DIY hen do

If you’re planning a small hen do or if you’d just like to be in control of every aspect of the event, then the next steps would be:

  1. Find and contact suppliers for activities, accommodation and meals
  2. Book everything with each separate supplier
  3. Collect money from the girls (we hate this bit)
  4. Handle all the questions from the girls
  5. Pay the suppliers (be careful if your group numbers change, as the prices might go up)
  6. Double check everything with the suppliers in the lead up to the event 
  7. Create your own itinerary for the hen weekend to remember where and what time everything is
  8. Show up on the day and deal with any last minute dramas

Next steps if you book your hen party with us!

If planning the hen party all by yourself and collecting money from the group sounds like a headache, then we recommend getting the experts to do all the hard work for you. All you’d need to do is:

  1. Search for your dates and destination
  2. Choose your items and submit your booking (for free!)
  3. Once availability is confirmed, pay for your spot on the trip as the deposit
  4. Invite the girls into the booking to pay for themselves (no collecting money!) and they can ask us any questions
  5. Receive an itinerary with all of your hen weekend details
  6. Show up on the day and have an incredible time!

Free hen do resources

Special touches & ideas

Being a Maid Of Honour can be a tough gig but it can also be a really special opportunity to show your love and loyalty to the bride with some unique hen party, pre-wedding and wedding day surprises for her!


You’ll probably only be asked to be a Maid Of Honour once in your life and you’d only be chosen if you were a truly special person in the bride-to-be’s life. 

There’s a lot involved in the role but that doesn’t have to mean it should stress you out. Take it step-by-step, keep a pulse on the bride’s thoughts, get some good advice and make sure to make it your own! Your version of the role shouldn’t be the same as everybody else’s because your relationship with the bride-to-be is like nobody else’s…

Good luck, spoil her rotten and have fun!


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