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The Bridesmaid Guide

This is your one-stop-shop for all things bridesmaid. Duties, ideas, special touches, speech tips and more!

Top Bridesmaid Advice & Ideas

Congratulations! How exciting it is to be chosen as a Bridesmaid for your friend or family member’s special day? Now you may be asking yourself, what does being a Bridesmaid mean? What Bridesmaid duties should I expect? The Foxy Hen is here to help you be the world’s best Bridesmaid! To make it easy, we have broken down everything down into 7 categories

Bridesmaid Duties

Top Bridesmaid Characteristics

  • Be emotionally supportive and always lend an ear to listen
  • Have an easy-going and open-minded attitude
  • Stay organised
  • Be reliable and a woman of your word
  • Keep a smile on your face and maintain a positive mindset throughout

Note: It’s becoming much more common for brides and grooms to have mixed genders in their wedding party. We celebrate all supporters of the married-couple-to-be, whether you’re a Best Woman, Man Of Honour, Bridesman, or Groomswoman!

Pitfalls Of Being A Bridesmaid (& How To Avoid)

  • Giving into drama: There may be tense situations that arise as emotions run high among the group. As a Bridesmaid, be honest and open with your communication. Don’t talk badly about any of the Bridesmaids or family. If you have an issue, address it in a constructive way. Once it has been addressed, move on and don’t rehash it.
  • Being too picky or difficult: Remember, this isn’t your wedding day. While you may have strong opinions, it is your bride's special day, and it is important to keep strong or unpopular opinions on the low to avoid taking away from the bride.
  • Giving advice on the right wedding dress: Speak with the bride if you’re going to be there when she’s trying on dresses, to check with her if she wants brutally honest opinions or if she’d like you to keep your mouth closed and say “Oooooo, pretty!”.
  • Panicking: Things may not go as planned, so always have a backup in case things go sideways! The best thing to do in stressful situations is to stay calm, even if things go wrong.
  • Money: Be sure you are clear on the financial obligations that come with being a Bridesmaid. It can cost each bridesmaid up to €1000+, so it is important to be clear on what you are expected to pay. Make sure you are in a position to afford the financial commitment of being a bridesmaid to avoid potential issues down the road. 

Common Bridesmaid FAQs

The maid of honor should make sure everyone is introduced. Both a group chat and email chain may be the best way to make sure everyone knows what is happening

The bride will typically give some direction for what you should do in terms of hair and makeup

If not, it is better to go neutral. You are not trying to show up the bride so a simple yet elegant look won’t fail you!

Typically the bride will have these laid out for you as well, but if shoes aren’t chosen it is again best to go neutral and simplistic so you don’t stand out from the rest of the Bridesmaids.

Check with the other Bridesmaids as well to see if you all already own similar shoes or accessories again for coherence! 

This varies depending on the wedding, but a Bridesmaid dress can be anywhere from 100-800+ and the individual Bridesmaids typically pay for their own dresses. If you’re not sure, it’s best to speak with the bride early to make sure it’s clear who is paying.


Generally, the Maid Of Honour is the only one who does a speech but traditions are changing and it’s best to speak with the Bride about what she’s planning.

It may be a good idea to have a few lines prepared in case you are asked to say a few words on the special day.

If you live further away, it is understandable if you can’t make every lunch, dress fitting, and planning session but speak with the Bride to make sure you’re clear on her expectations. It is important to try to attend the bridal shower, hen party, rehearsal dinner,  and wedding day, of course.

If for whatever reason you have a conflict with one of these planned events, make sure to let everyone know in advance to avoid any problems.

Still Have Questions? Get In Touch!

If you’re a bridesmaid and you have the awesome job of planning the hen party, then we know you probably still have a million questions about how to do it right and how to make it a special experience for the bride-to-be. We’re here to help!

Check out our hen party destinations or get in touch if you’d like to speak with one of our expert Hen Party Planners.


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