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Mrs & Mrs: Sten Do Ideas & Same Sex Hen Parties

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It's time to plan your sten do!

She proposed! If you and your wife-to-be are planning a joint hen party or your own separate hen weekends, then you’ve got to check out our top sten do ideas to get your creative juices flowing and start the booking process.

Sten do ideas

Which sten do destination are you thinking of?

No matter where you’re based, we have the best sten do ideas in destinations across the UK, Ireland and in Europe.

Types of hen party and sten do trips

A joint hen weekend

If both the brides-to-be share a mostly female friendship circle and their families (or chosen families) get along, then a joint hen weekend makes a lot of sense! It keeps the cost down and means everyone gets to celebrate altogether.

A joint sten do or hag

A joint sten do is a great choice if the brides would still like to share their pre-wedding celebration but they’d also like to include their male or non-binary friends in the trip! 

A solo hen party

If one or both brides have fairly distinct social circles, then it hosting your own solo hen parties might be the way to go. They can get together with their girls for a weekend away and make it a celebration of their very own (instead of sharing the limelight).

A solo sten do

Holding separate sten do trips makes sense if you have fairly separate friendship circles and you’ve have male or non-binary besties who you’d love to invite. Again, this also means you get to be the shining bride-to-be and have the weekend trip be all about celebrating you before the wedding day.

Mrs & Mrs Hen Party game ideas

We’ve put together the very best custom same sex hen party and sten do games for the Mrs and Mrs!

Same-sex & lesbian wedding ideas

It can’t all be about sten do ideas and hen party planning. Your wedding day is the culmination (we’re sure) many years of dreaming and it will be the ultimate celebration of your relationship and the life you’re building together. We’ve researched some of the most unique wedding ideas and top planning tips for your same-sex wedding.

Celebrate your wedding & sten do your way.

Weddings are a celebration of real love and the personality and shared hopes of the couple making the big leap. When that kind of love comes along, you grab it, cherish it and do everything in your power to make it last forever. This is true whether the couple includes heterosexual, gay, lesbian or transgendered partners.

At The Foxy Hen, we’re proud to help plan and book hen parties and sten do’s for gay, lesbian and same-sex couples as well as for heterosexual couples.

We work hard to put together the most exciting sten do ideas and have helped to plan all female hen parties, mixed gender sten do’s and everything in between. We work with supportive suppliers who help our groups have an amazing time.

If you have any special requests about what we help to book in for your group or about how we can help to make the couple and the whole crew feel happy and comfortable, please let us know!


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