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15 Fab Hen Party Decoration Ideas

15 Fab Hen Party Decoration Ideas

To help take the hassle out of your hen do experience, we’ve done the research to bring you our favourite 15 hen party decoration ideas to suit your bride, your group and the whole feel you’re going for.

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A table with hen party decorations on it

You’€™re the lucky duck organising your friend’€™s / sister’€™s / own (?) hen party – congrats! We know the whole hen do planning process can be stressful but it’€™s so important to find at least one part of it that you can get super excited about – like hen party decorations (cue squeals from your inner designer).

Hen Party decoration ideas is a topic we at The Foxy Hen could talk about for hours. There are so many creative ideas out there that clever hen party planners before us have sent out into the internet, ready to be plucked down to continue the glam hen do tradition. To help take the hassle out of your hen do experience, we’€™ve done the research to bring you our favourite 15 hen party decoration ideas to suit your bride, your group and the whole feel you’€™re going for.

Read to the end for a link to our Hen Party Decoration Ideas Pinterest Board – built especially for you. We’€™ve chosen over 200 examples of our favourite ideas outlined below and pinned them to give you some inspiration for your own hen party.

Hen Party Housekeeping Decisions

Before settling on a plan for your hen do decor, consider:

  • Do you want a hen party colour theme? Maybe the bride loves a particular colour or scheme. You could go for the traditional pink theme, go natural with green/brown touches or glam it up with gold or silver decorations.
  • Is there a different theme type your bride would love? You could go with a floral theme, a sporty theme or design your hen party with sustainability in mind!
  • Where are you hosting the hen party? The way you plan your decorations will depend on your venue. Are you staying at home, in rented accommodation or will you decorate a hired room? Consider whether you’€™ll be able to stick things on the walls or not and how much time you’€™ll have to setup and pack down. No matter your plans, you can book in the perfect hen party trip and the perfect venue with The Foxy Hen!

Once you’€™ve decided on your hen do design and logistics, choosing decorations will become much easier as they’€™ll suit your venue and fit into the overall feeling you’€™d like to create for your bride, bridesmaids, family and friends.

1. Sustainable Hen Party Decoration Ideas

At The Foxy Hen, we wholeheartedly celebrate any hen do crews who keep sustainability in mind when designing a hen party experience. So we couldn’€™t help but start our list with some of our favourite eco-friendly hen do decoration ideas. There are so many ways to keep your hen party decor green and they usually have the added benefit of being cheaper! We’€™ve listed some of our favourite ways to create a sustainable hen do to help get your ideas flowing:

  • Floating lights: Collect some old glass jars, tie a ribbon around the outside, fill two thirds with water and place a tea candle in the water. Light them up for an atmospheric touch at an evening dinner or a hen party games session in the lounge.
  • Simple florals: Pick some gorgeous flowers from each of the bride tribe’€™s gardens (or your mum’€™s or grandma’€™s) and create bouquets to place in vases or glass jars for a simple floral touch to your hen party decor.
  • Floating florals: Find or borrow a cute container of some sort (think metal tub, glass bowl or barrel), fill it with water and float cut flowers and tea candles in the water.
  • Foodie heaven: Getting your bride tribe to pitch in together and cook up some tasty hen party food treats is a great way to show your love for the bride (she’€™ll be blown away) but it’€™s also a great way to add some colour and taste to your hen do decor without the packaging that inevitably comes with store-bought food. More food ideas below!
  • Ribbons and bunting: If you have any spare fabric lying around or there’€™s a discount fabric bin somewhere in your shopping vicinity, then creating a display with ribbons, fabric or sewn bunting is a great way to add colour to your hen party decor design. Tie the ribbons to a long, thin stick or a piece of string and hang it up wherever you like. You can find fabric that ties in with your colour scheme and the results will be so pretty that you or the bride might want to keep it in your home after as a hen do memory piece.
  • Floral hangings: Go to our Pinterest board (link at the end) to see some gorgeous examples of single flowers hung from strings tied to tree branches or many flowers struck to string hanging from a stick on the wall.

2. Hen Do Photo Wall Or Collage Tribute

A beautiful way to add a personal touch to your hen party decorations is to find photos of the bride as she grows up, photos of the bride and groom and photos of your bride’€™s friends, family and bridal party over the years.

There are a million ways to display the photos – so we’€™ve picked some of our favourites:

  • Peg the photos to a line of string hung up along a wall
  • Paint some old photo frames in your chosen theme colour and display the photos on the table with the treats and cake
  • Create a photo wall on a large corkboard or an old wooden pallet and hang flowers around the edges
  • Hang each photo from the end of a string dangling from a helium balloon – they look beautiful floating in place!

We promise she’€™ll be in tears and giggles if you can choose the most beautiful, silly and important moments in her life to highlight at the hen do. It’€™s a great way to share the love and memories in the lead up to her big day!

3. Temporary Tattoos

Who says your hen do decorations have to be on the walls? Put some skin in the game and get your girls some matching hen party (temporary) tattoos to show off your bride tribe pride!

Not only can they be super cute but they’€™re a great way to take some unique photos and a memory your group can take away after the hen party…at least for a few days.

4. Memory Frame

You were invited to be part of the bridal party because of the love and memories you share with the bride. What better way to capture those warm and fuzzy feelings than with a memory frame?

Buy or upcycle a medium sized photo frame and place a coloured piece of paper inside. On the day of the hen party, get your girls to sit in a circle and share (out loud) their favourite memory of the bride or the reason they love her the most and then write it down on the paper.

At the end, not only will your bride be blown away by the love in the room and potentially in fits of giggles because of the stories shared, but she’€™ll also have a unique memento of the hen party to cherish.

Pro Tip: Cut a hole in the paper big enough to include a photo of your hen party members to slide into the frame after the big day.

Pro Pro Tip: Use a coloured piece of paper and a gold or silver metallic pen to write the notes. The design will really pop and have that extra special touch.

5. Pinata

You can have as much fun with a hen party pinata as your cheeky mind can conjure. You could simple here and get a pinata in the shape of a diamond ring or a pink horse.

OR you could go all out and get a pinata in the shape of a pink penis – that way she can take out all her worries about having the same penis forever before the big night.

The fillings are also getting more creative…go for the traditional sweets-filled pinata or see if you can find one of the brilliant inventions filled with little gin bottles and little hen do themed toys.

6. Candlelight Dinner

Not all brides want the penis-shaped straws and lots of fuss for their hen do. They’€™d much prefer a simple meal with their bride tribe, best gal pals and family for a more intimate hen party experience.

A hen party dinner is a beautiful thing to design decorations for because, in the world of table decor and centrepieces, the options are endless. Weighted balloons, floral arrangements, tea candles and gorgeous crockery can all feature in your pretty table design – the trick is to choose the theme that most suits your bride.

A shared meal is also a brilliant way to celebrate if your bride is a foodie, or if you have some brilliant cooks in your bride tribe team. Food naturally brings people together and gives every member of your hen party a chance to get to know each other if they don’€™t already.

7. Final Flamingle

We can’€™t take credit for this one (thanks, Pinterest!) but we loved this inflatable flamingo as the centrepiece of some lucky bride’€™s hen party decoration scheme.

8. Pallet Picnic Party

If you know someone who works at a supermarket or there is a recycling centre near you, you might be able to get your hands on some free pallets that make a stunning table for a cushioned hen party picnic in the backyard.

Joosh the table up with a floral centerpiece, some candles, colourful crockery and some thick cushions to sit on and you’€™ll have a fun outdoor vibe for a unique hen do dining experience with your girls.

This is a particular suitable option if you are thinking of organising a glamping hen party. You could rent bell tents to set up in your backyard on a warm night and share a picnic meal outside in the sun. Or bring the picnic with you to your chosen hen do glamping venue so you can eat, laugh and sip bubbly under the stars and talk into the night.

…can we come??

9. The Bar

The drinks you choose for your hen party can be as decorative as anything you could hang from the ceiling. You can get really creative with some colourful cocktails, mocktails, bubbly or table decor to bring something special to your hen do bar!

We love some of these hen party drink ideas:

  • Pimp Your Prosecco: Place jars of special ingredients like sliced limes, oranges, strawberries, liqueurs, rosewater lemonade and other toppings in front of the bubbly supply so your hen party girls can glam up their prosecco to their liking.
  • Fruity cocktails and mocktails: This is a super easy hen party bar option as you can combine your bride’€™s favourite drinks, glam it up with chopped up fruits and either serve in a punch bowl or a glass drink server with a tap. Your hen do crew members who don’€™t drink will also appreciate a gorgeous and super tasty mocktail to still enjoy the experience.
  • Pink Parade: Serve up your hen do champagne or prosecco mixed with rosewater lemonade or raspberry coulis. Your girls will love the pink bar design and it’€™s super tasty!

Pro Tip: If you don’€™t have enough gorgeous wine glasses, champagne flutes and cocktail glasses, check out your local charity shop for some cheap additions. Not only is it cheaper than buying them outright but you’€™re supporting good causes and you’€™ll have the most eclectic and unique mix of glasses to make your hen party feel special and a bit boho.

10. Doughnut Wall

We’€™re sure you’€™ve come across this before but it has to get a mention for a seriously tasty hen party decoration slash catering idea for your crew.

Nobody wants to build a big wooden thing with knobs on it (ha), so our recommendation is to see if you can borrow a corkboard from a friend and simply place push pins into it that are big enough to hold a doughnut. Then simply find your bride’€™s favourite doughy outlet, sample everything to make sure it’€™s up to scratch (compulsory) and buy as many as you can to fill up your hen party doughnut wall.

Extra special bride tribe brownie points if you make the doughnuts yourself! We will bow down to you as the hen party queen and demand your recipe…

Pro tip: If you do buy them, ask the doughnut shop if they offer a discount for buying in bulk (seeing as you have to fill a whole board).

11. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a super easy way to create a magical atmosphere for your hen party. You can go simple with a row of whitish-yellow bulbs or tie in your hen do colour theme into it with coloured fairy lanterns or stars.

Pro Tip: A beautiful way to bring some light to your hen party table centrepiece is to place battery-powered fairy lights inside a glass bottle or jar.

12. Lippy List

Buy or upcycle a medium to large photo frame and place a white piece of paper inside it.

Ask each member of the group to bring their favourite coloured lipstick with them to the hen do. Then all you have to do is get each girl to apply some lippy, kiss the paper in the frame to leave a colourful impression and sign their name below. Your lip-tastic masterpiece will be a special gift to the head hen and a singular way to show off the love and friendship in your hen party group.

13. Fabulous Foodie Hen Do Decorations

The best thing about using your hen party food as decorations is that you don’€™t have to pack it away and take it home! Colourful food choices can pack a serious colour punch for your hen do decor and the prep can be easier than you think. We had to feature the doughnut wall because…doughnuts! But we absolutely recommend you try some of these hen party catering ideas we’€™re already drooling over:

Chocolate-covered strawberries: Melt your favourite chocolate (milk, dark, white or even flavoured) in a saucepan and dip cold strawberries into the heavenly liquid. Lay the dipped strawberries on a baking paper-lined tray and refrigerate until ready. Sophisticated hen do finger food and super easy!

Cupcakes: A hen party food staple, cupcakes are a brilliant way to bring some humour and cheekiness or your chosen theme into the picture with your hen do decor. Not only can they tie in with you colour scheme but you can make or buy some super creative hen do themed cupcakes that your girls won’€™t soon forget.

We’€™ve included some of our favourites below:

Jelly shots: Every girl loves a shot but you can make your hen party shots stand out by making jelly shots in your colour theme! And if your bride likes a certain alcohol, you can spike the jelly before it sets and really make her day. Some of our favourite flavour combinations are gin and elderflower, raspberry and vodka or rose lemonade and champagne.

Hen party cookies: Whether you get some hen do biscuits made or you try to make them yourself (respect), they can be a really fun way to add some colour and taste to your hen party food selection. We’€™ve seen penis-shaped cookies, colourful iced cookies and cookies the shape of a diamond ring. We’€™d love to see what you create!

14. Decorative Hangings

A super flexible hen party decoration idea that can have a fabulous visual impact is to hang long, thin, colourful items like ribbons, flowers, streamers, feather boas or metallic fringe hangings. This is a great way to incorporate your chosen colour scheme (if you have one).

We’€™ve included some of our favourite examples of hen do hanging decor options below:

15. Balloons

There are SO many ways you can incorporate balloons into your hen party decoration scheme. These coloured beauties can make a real pop (sorry, had to).

We’€™d love it if you could check out your nearest eco-friendly, biodegradable balloon supplier to try and keep the sustainable feel going. Whichever way you go, you can have so much fun creating a unique hen do balloon design that your bride will absolutely love!

We could blow on about balloons but it’€™s better to just show you some of the best hen party balloon ideas that we love:

Get More Hen Party Decoration Inspiration

We’€™ve created a Foxy Hen Pinterest Board showcasing some of the best examples of the Hen Party Decoration Ideas we’€™ve outlined in this article.

If you have any hen do decor ideas you’€™re planning to try out or have already created, we’€™d love to see or hear about them! Send your photos or ideas to or share your photos with us on Instagram or Facebook using @thefoxyhen / #thefoxyhen.

We’€™ll choose the most unique and beautiful examples or ideas and share them on our social media!

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Contact us if you’€™d like to chat about your hen party ideas or if you have any questions about the process. We’d love to help you plan the perfect hen do!

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