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21 Classy Hen Party Ideas At Home

21 Classy Hen Party Ideas At Home

The sky’s the limit if you’re researching unique, classy and affordable hen party ideas at home.

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Hen party group with champagne

The sky’s the limit if you’re researching unique, classy and affordable hen party ideas at home.

There are many brilliant reasons for hosting a hen party in your house or accommodation: maybe the bride-to-be isn’t keen on wild nights out or you might be managing girls with wildly different budgets and you want some simple but classy ideas to suit. Whatever the reason, a hen party at home is becoming a popular option with hen groups around the world because it’s flexible, intimate and easy to add those special touches.

To help with your hen party planning, we’ve put together our top list of 21 ideas for a hen party at home. Most of the ideas below can be organised yourself, without paying to book anything in – just simple DIY ideas that will guarantee your hen do crew some serious fun, girl-time and memories.

You don’t need to spend thousands to plan an incredibly special hen party, just some creativity and any equipment or ideas listed in the sections below.

Garden Party (1)

1. Garden party

A hen do garden party is a perfectly classy way to celebrate with the bride-to-be and will give your ladies the chance to glam up and enjoy a fancy night out in the comfort of home. It’s also an ideal hen party idea if you’re looking for something sophisticated, affordable and easy to set up.

If you’ve chosen a hen party theme, you could also work it into your garden party planning. For example, everyone could dress in vintage dresses, you could theme it like a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party or hold an autumn-themed garden party.

What you’ll need & ideas

  • Dining table and chairs
  • Fairy lights or candles
  • Decorations of choice (maybe from your hen do theme?)
  • Hen party food or even a potluck dinner
Healthy Hen Party (1)
Image credit: Pxfuel

2. Healthy hen party

If the bride-to-be is a very health-conscious person or if you’d just like your group to have a healthy hen party experience before her wedding day, then why not plan a day or evening of active and fresh ideas?

Healthy activities can mean different things to everyone, so we’ve listed some possibilities below but you could take your healthy hen do in any direction that suits the bride and your group.

What you’ll need & ideas

  • Backyard yoga
  • Make healthy smoothies
  • Make some unique mocktails
  • Give each other facials
  • Get each group member to write a wish for the bride’€™s wedding day or future and read them out to her (we call these warm-n-fuzzies.
  • Help make some DIY decorations for the bride’€™s wedding day

3. Hen party sleepover

Remember those girlie sleepovers you used to have when you were in school? Who says you can’t do that as an adult??

Hosting a hen party sleepover is the ultimate at-home idea because it makes full use of that private space you’ll have as a group. You can start during the day, play some hen party games, have a tasty dinner together and then finish up with a movie night and a cosy lounge room or bedroom sleep out.

These are only some of the ways you can enjoy your night together though…it really is up to you what you include.

What you’ll need & ideas

  • Choose the bride’s favourite film or a movie that matches your hen party theme
  • Play old-school games like pass the parcel or truth or dare
  • Your fave hen party games
  • A sit-down meal or the bride’s favourite takeaway food
  • A comfy place for everyone to sleep

4. Draw A Nude class

A life drawing class is the perfect balance between cheeky and artsy and can be a perfect hen party activity choice for a creative bride who you want to make blush…

You can book a Draw A Nude class in most of our Irish and UK hen party destinations and it is usually possible for the activity to come to your home or accommodation (depending on the location).

What you’ll need & ideas

  • A sexy male (or female) model to draw
  • Your eyes
  • A steady hand
Movie night (1)

5. Movie night

We love the idea of a hen party movie night, particularly if you’re planning on choosing a hen party theme with appropriate films included. Some of the most obvious choices are Disney, wedding films and Hollywood glamour.

What you’ll need & ideas

  • A comfy lounge room
  • The perfect movie(s)
  • Dinner and/or snacks
  • Hen party games to play in between films
Cocktail class (1)
Image credit: Kelly Sikkema, by Unsplash

6. Home cocktail class

Cocktail making classes are one of the most popular hen party activities we offer. It’s a great opportunity for a party, it’s darn tasty and you can take your mixology skills with you into future shindigs.

Now, there is no reason why you can’t host your own cocktail (or mocktail) class in your home or accommodation for your hen party. All you’ll need is some unique recipes, the necessary alcohols, tasty mixers and some beautiful garnishes to make your hen do drinks really shine.

What you’ll need & ideas

  • Cocktail or mocktail recipes
  • Alcohols
  • Mixers
  • Unique garnishes (flowers, leaves, berries, fruits)
  • One person can play teacher or you can all try your best

7. Pizza-making party

We love a hen party idea at home where the food is the feature. So, if the bride-to-be is a bit of a foodie and likes her Italian, then why not host a pizza-making hen night? It’s an affordable option where your hen do crew can have a bit of fun making their favourite pizzas and coming up with some new combinations – all whilst celebrating the bride.

It’s worth having a think about how the event will work to make sure it goes smoothly. For example, do you have enough bench or table space? How will you cook them (you could usually do 3 at a time)? Will you share the pizzas altogether or just eat your own?

What you’ll need & ideas

  • Pre-made pizza dough (normal and gluten-free if needed)
  • Pizza toppings
  • Dessert toppings (strawberries, nutella, bananas and nuts etc)
  • A hen party playlist to get the party going
  • Maybe a film to watch during or after your meal?

8. Backyard glamping / Home hen party festival

Glamping is a hugely popular hen party accommodation option for brides and hen groups who love the outdoors, some glam comfort and quality time together. It’s also a must-have if you’re planning a hen party festival theme. Now, you could pay to stay at a glamping site but, if you’d rather host your hen party at home, then why not bring the glamping to you?

There are plenty of companies popping up all over the UK and Ireland that offer bell tents for hire (often including comfy beds and gorgeous decor).

So, if you’ve got a bit of wriggle room in your hen do budget, then this might be the perfect option for you!

What you’ll need & ideas

  • Glamping bell tents (possible to hire)
  • Camping tents if you’d prefer to rough it a bit more
  • Fairy lights and decorations for the tents and backyard
  • Festival-themed hen party outfits (if you’re planning that theme)
  • Comfy hen party pyjamas
  • hen do playlist of all the bride’s favourite tunes
  • Hen party games to play
  • Food and bubbly for a fancy glamping dinner

9. Hen party bake-off

For those of you who have a massive sweet tooth (ahem…us) or who follow the Great British Bake-Off, why not host your own baking competition? This is the perfect hen party idea for foodie brides who love a good cake or cookie.

All you have to do is give each girl in your hen party group a specific challenge to bake. For example, ask them to each bake their ideal wedding cake or the most beautiful cupcakes – whatever takes the bride’s fancy. She can then be the judge on the day when everyone brings their cakes to the event.

The best part is getting to eat all of them once the winner has been announced! It’s like a potluck dinner for desserts.

What you’ll need & ideas

  • A baking theme or challenge (wedding cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts etc)
  • Give the girls at least 2-4 weeks notice to get ready
  • The bride judges on the day
  • A display area for the cakes
  • Play some food-themed hen party games, like Name That Cake

10. The Cube game show

The Cube is a super popular hen party activity in Ireland because it gives your hen party group the chance to take on a healthy bit of competition. You’ll play in pairs to see who can complete games from the show the fastest and have plenty of giggles along the way.

What you’ll need & ideas

  • Competitive nature
  • A room or garden big enough to play small games

11. Hen party games night

Hen party games are a fun, flexible and customisable way to celebrate with your hen do ladies in a way that suits the rest of your plans for the night or weekend. You can play games that match your hen party theme, go for the cheeky/naughty games or keep things classy and clean.

For a hen party at home, some hen do games are the perfect way to keep your ladies entertained and enjoy some quality time together.

What you’ll need & ideas

  • Choose what types of hen party games you’d like
  • Print out any game sheets
  • Give the girls some notice if you need them to bring or wear anything
  • A room or garden big enough to play each game

12. Boho hen do picnic

A boho hen party picnic is one of our absolute favourite hen party ideas at home. It’s classy and it lets you celebrate and spoil the bride in a way that she’s likely never experienced before. Set up a place of honour for her and create a magical scene to make her hen party dreams come true.

You can also customise the look and feel of your picnic to match the bride’s tastes or your chosen hen party theme.

What you’ll need & ideas

  • A long, low picnic table (wooden palettes work wonders)
  • A special chair for the bride (wicker works well)
  • Cushions for the group to sit on
  • Blankets (to keep warm)
  • Table and garden decorations
  • Hen party food (you could consider a potluck meal to keep costs down)

13. Potluck dinner

We’ve mentioned a potluck dinner a few times in this post, as it is a great way to share a meal and keep your hen party budget low. If you are planning on hosting your hen party at home and the bride-to-be is a fairly relaxed, homey kind of person, then we’d recommend this as a really intimate and unique hen party idea.

It’s a simple idea, really. All you have to do is ask each member of your hen party group to bring a dish for the meal and we recommend asking some for a starter, some for a main and some for dessert. That way you’ll end up with a complete meal. Also consider whether you’re going to need dishes for vegans, vegetarians, or for those with intolerances or allergies.

You could also plan your hen party meal around a particular theme like food from the 60s, Disney-themed food, winter foods, spicy foods or anything that will bring your hen party ideas to life for the bride.

What you’ll need & ideas

  • Give everyone a dish or course to prepare
  • Give everyone at least 2-4 weeks notice
  • Consider whether you’d like a theme for the meal
  • A dining table or buffet area big enough for your hen do group

14. Gin tasting

If the bride-to-be is a bit of a gin connoisseur, then a tasty hen party gin tasting at home might be the perfect activity choice for your group. All you’ll need is some quality gins for everyone to taste and some delicious mixers so you can create gin and tonics and gin cocktails.

What you’ll need & ideas

  • 3-5 gins to taste (with a description to read of each to understand what has gone into it)
  • Mixers (tonic, soda water, juices, lemonades etc)
  • Garnishes (flowers, herbs, fruits, edible glitter)
  • A non-alcoholic gin for the non-drinkers to still be able to take part

15. Home hen party scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are a popular hen party activity because you can make them as naughty, classy or as heartfelt as you like. Normally, a hen party treasure hunt would take place on a wild night out on the town and each girl would have to complete cheeky dares in bars and clubs. However, the game can easily be adapted to be played during your hen do at home.

You’ll need to create a list of objects to find or challenges to complete, all of which can be done in your house and garden. This could include objects you’ve hidden (e.g. hen party accessories or fake engagement rings) for everyone to find or dares like playing a small prank on another person, persuading someone to do something or saying something out loud.

The girl who can complete the most items on the list wins!

What you’ll need & ideas

  • Scavenger hunt list
  • Items to hide for the girls to find
  • Prizes for the winners

16. DIY pamper party

Quality time for the bride with her closest girls has to be one of the most important aspects of a hen party. And, if you’re planning to host your hen party in your home, then a pamper party has to be the best way for her to relax and enjoy the company of her loved ones.

With all of the wedding planning and keeping her normal life going, we’ll bet that the bride-to-be would love some downtime and a proper pamper session to help her relax. You could get some facial masks, give each other manicures and pedicures or try a yoga session – whatever relaxation looks like to you.

What you’ll need & ideas

  • A relaxing space where everyone can sit
  • Tools for the treatments (face masks, nail kits, nail polish, yoga mats)
  • A relaxing hen party playlist
  • Tasty hen do food and treats
  • Maybe finish off with a movie night and/or a sleepover

17. Murder mystery dinner

If the bride-to-be and your hen party group are the creative types, with a bit of flair, then maybe they’ll enjoy a classic murder mystery dinner at home? You could book this hen party activity through The Foxy Hen in most Irish destinations, or you could also organise the event yourself, depending on your budget.

You probably know how a murder mystery dinner works. Basically, every girl is given a character to play (one of them the murderess) and you discuss events and clues in the scenario over dinner until someone discovers “whodunnit”.

What you’ll need & ideas

  • Book a host to come to your home
  • Or buy a murder mystery scenario online to play out yourself
  • A dining table big enough for your hen party group
  • Give the girls 2-4 weeks notice to sort out their costumes

18. Wine & cheese night

For a mature hen party idea at home, a wine and cheese night is about as classy as you can get. It’s simple to organise the food, it celebrates the bride’s good taste and gives your hen do group plenty of time to hang out, chat and enjoy some good food and a tasty drop.

What you’ll need & ideas

  • A mix of red and white wines
  • Assortment of cheeses
  • Somewhere comfy to hang out
  • Decide if you’re going to sit indoors or outdoors
  • A hen party playlist of all of the bride’s fave tunes

19. At-home bottomless brunch

A hen party brunch held in your house or accommodation is a very sophisticated hen weekend idea to treat your girls with. It’s a great option if you already have plans for the hen night but want to get together early or to hang out and recover on the morning after.

Planning a brunch for your hen do also give you full flexibility to include food options that suit your theme. For example, you could keep it healthy with granola bowls and eggs on toast. Or you could satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with pancakes and waffles. You could also turn the event into a bottomless brunch with prosecco, champagne, cocktails or mocktails to keep it classy.

What you’ll need & ideas

  • A dining space big enough for your hen party group
  • Brunch foods of your choice
  • Bottomless drinks like prosecco, cocktails, juices or mocktails
  • Hen party decorations to set the scene in the room
  • A hen party playlist to get the girls in the party mood
  • Hen party hangover kits for each girl to help them recover if you had a wild hen night on the night before

20. Lip sync battle

Have you watched Lip Sync Battle? If not, you absolutely need to! To turn this creative idea into your hen party activity at home, all you’ll need to do is split your hen group up into pairs and give each girl a song they need to lip sync perform.

This is a particularly perfect option if the bride-to-be has some serious confidence and also if you’ve chosen a hen party theme that lends itself to a musical focus. For example, if you’re planning a Disney hen party, then you could give each girl a Disney song to perform. But it’s equally as fun if the songs are just great hits from all time.

To make sure your lip sync battles go smoothly, make sure you give your hen party group at least 2-4 weeks notice for their song. That way, they’ll have plenty of time to learn the words, plan their choreography and create the perfect costume for the performance.

If you’d prefer to take this activity up a notch, then you can book this in most of our UK hen party destinations. You’ll have a professional MC to host and manage the activity and give it some real oomph!

What you’ll need & ideas

  • A large enough space in your home for the performance
  • A playlist with all of the chosen songs to play in order
  • Give the girls at least 2-4 weeks notice
  • Real or fake microphones to use
  • A decorated space to set the mood
Cupcake decorating party for a hen do activity at home
Image by Freepik

21. Cupcake decorating party

When you think of hen party food, beautiful cupcakes immediately come to mind. But they don’t have to only be a feature of your food table. Why not turn them into the activity?

To host a cupcake decorating session for your hen party activity, you’ll need to bake some basic cupcakes ahead of time (vanilla, chocolate or strawberry etc). That way, you’ll have everything ready for your hen group when they arrive and no one will have to wait around.

The fun part of this hen party idea is obviously the decorating! You can easily get your hands on fun items like flavoured icing, hundreds and thousands, cake toppers and even edible flowers. Set these up in the centre of a large table, seat all the girls around it and give them 3-6 cupcakes each to decorate.

Of course, the bride gets to judge the winner!

What you’ll need & ideas

  • A large table or bench big enough for everyone to sit/stand around
  • Pre-baked cupcakes (3-6 per person)
  • Cake decorations (icing, hundreds and thousands, cake toppers, edible flowers etc)
  • You could decorate with a hen party theme in mind (e.g. spring, Disney or bling)
  • The bride gets to judge the winner


We hope you’ve found some classy and completely achievable ideas for your hen party at home and that you’re getting excited about the possibilities!

No matter which options you choose from our list of hen party ideas at home, we know it will give the bride such a unique and intimate experience that we’re sure she’ll remember for years to come. Getting spoiled by your best gal pals in the comfort of a private space where you can laugh, bond, play hen party games and just let loose is our idea of hen do heaven.

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For help booking your hen weekend or to discuss your ideas, chat with us live during office hours, submit a quick enquiry or contact us for any other queries.


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