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Blog > 5 Reasons To Book A Classy Glamping Hen Party

5 Reasons To Book A Classy Glamping Hen Party

A glamping hen party is a classy and understandably popular option for Irish and UK based hen groups because it gives you the freedom to design the weekend around the bride-to-be.

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A glamping hen party site in the woods with fairy lights

A glamping hen party is a classy and understandably popular option for Irish and UK based hen groups because it gives you the freedom to design the weekend around the bride-to-be. What could be more romantic and whimsical than hanging out with your closest gals and sleeping under the stars, with all the comforts of home at your side?

Here are 5 reasons why we at the Foxy Hen believe that a glamping hen party is the way to go.

1. Get Loose In The Great Outdoors

I think we can all agree that a hectic working life can sometimes get the better of us, and there’€™s nothing like winding down, (and back up again) than with a hen party. Adding a glamping theme to yours will give each of your hens the perfect opportunity to de-stress from the pressures of reality and spend a weekend soaking up all of what Mother Nature has to offer.

The great thing about a glamping hen party, however, is that you don’€™t have to get down and dirty like normal camping, you have all the luxury of home with an added touch of nature, plus the freedom to make as much noise as you want. So take a deep breath and breathe in the sweet sweet smell of nature’€™s goods…followed by the harsh scent of alcohol. Party on, glampers.

2. Everyone’s A Happy Camper

Glamping may be the best portmanteau (yes, that’€™s a thing) we’€™ve ever heard of: Glamorous + camping = glamping. Genius. But in all seriousness, this trendy new style of getting away for a hen weekend has become more popular than ever, and for obvious reasons too.

Glamping suits every member of the hen party, even those who prefer a bit of home comfort and would rather not spend 3 nights under a soggy tent in a field.

Our glamping partners use a combination of ecopods, huts, bell tents and cabins, with amenities that cater for all of your group’s needs. This means no wet socks at the end of the weekend or warm cans that have spent the whole journey there next to the towel in your bag. You and the flock can let loose but still have a warm bed and heated accommodation to pass out in. A glamping hen party is a complete win-win.

3. Glamping Is Green!

It’s becoming more important to consider the environment and our impact when planning anything these days (and so it should!). A glamping hen party is the perfect option if staying green is important to you, the bride-to-be or the whole group!

Glamping sites are famous for ecotourism, low-impact design, sustainable building materials and environmentally friendly on-site practices. Meaning a guilt-free experience for your hen do crew and significantly less waste than is normally produced by staying in conventional accommodation options like hotels and guesthouses.

You may not be doing your liver any favours for the hen party weekend, but at least you’€™ll be doing the environment some!

4. The Pub Is Never Too Far Away

This may come as a surprise to you budding hens, but there are actually a range of amenities on site when glamping, meaning you mightn’€™t have to leave the site at all over the weekend. Our package in Carrick-on-Shannon even includes a barbecue and catered breakfasts for a proper cure the morning after. There is also a rustic old pub on site which serves food and hosts live traditional music at night, meaning you don’€™t have to bring the party, it’€™s brought to you! Our cabins in Dingle include your very own self catering amenities, so you can host your very own party in or outdoors as you wish.

5. You Can Party With Privacy

Finally, glamping is a great way of getting some much needed bonding time with your fellow chicks before the big wedding day. You can party as late as you want, without the hassle of worrying about getting everyone to and from different locations during the night. Those that wish to hit the hay a tad earlier than the other party revellers can do so, while others can stay up to party ‘€˜til sunrise. You can also make as much noise as you want to, this is your jungle after all!

We offer glamping weekend packages in locations such as Carrick-on-Shannon and Dingle , meaning you and the hens can flock to the countryside without having to lug tents and deck chairs with you. Everything will be set up for you on arrival, all you’€™ve to bring is yourself and your foxy hens. So grab your bags, grab the birds and get your sing-song on!


We love a glamping hen party and we know that your group will fall in love with this unique, eco-friendly and totally classy hen weekend setup. To help make your planning job a little easier, we’ve also put together a guide to planning a glamping hen do – with the top destinations on offer in Ireland and the UK, blogs with fab ideas and more!

If you’re thinking of choosing glamping for your hen party accommodation but you need some help, reach out to our planners! You can chat with us online during business hours or email us any time ‘€“ we’d love to help get your glam hen up and running!

Image credits: cottonbro, by Pexels

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