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How To Plan A Stylish Black And White Hen Party

How To Plan A Stylish Black And White Hen Party

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Create a classy atmosphere with minimal effort by choosing a black and white hen party for your theme. It looks great, it’s easy to set up and your ladies will look amazing on the day.

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Creating your very own black and white hen party makes sense on so many levels. Black for the groom’s suit and white for the bride’s dress. Black for the challenging times and white for the beautiful times ahead for the couple. Plus, it’s just stylish!

Planning a colour scheme for the hen party is a really simple way to work in a theme without overwhelming the bride or the group with costume choices, corny games, music and more. It lets you be creative, lends itself to easy and affordable DIY ideas and guarantees visual impact when your group arrive on the day. No brainer!

What to wear

We love the black and white hen party theme because it takes the pressure off your hen group when they’re deciding what to wear. Every girl owns something white and something black, so they won’t need to buy anything new (phew!) and looking chic is easy when you dress up in black and/or white.

Some easy items to dress up in for your black and white theme include:

  • black or white dresses
  • stylish pant suits or tuxedos
  • shoes
  • hats (fedoras / berets etc)
  • nail polish
  • jewellery

Pro tip: To really make the bride stand out, you could get her to dress in all white and ask the rest of the group to dress in all black.

Food ideas

Deciding what food and drinks to prepare for the hen party can be a lot of fun with a black and white theme. We’ve seen bridesmaids create sparkly black cocktails using edible glitter and we absolutely love a cupcake with half black and half white icing.

There are so many ways you could tie the colours into your food and drinks, like:

  • black and white table cloths (under the food)
  • black and white doughnuts
  • tuxedo icing cupcakes
  • cupcakes with bride and groom outfits as icing
  • edible black or white glitter in your cocktails/mocktails
  • black and white layered jello shots
  • a black and white hen party cake

Hen activity ideas

If the bride is the confident/fun type with a bit of flair, then a hen party dance class could be the perfect activity choice for your group. You could go all out and choose a choreographed dance to Michael Jackson’s ‘Black Or White’. But you could also just keep it simple with the bride’s favourite song but you all dress up in black and white.

Or for something a bit more creative and cheeky, you could book in a draw a nude class. You’ll be sketching on white paper with black pencils – that counts, right?? We think so…


Choosing a colour scheme like black and white for your hen do theme gives you the flexibility to create a look and feel for your hen party without the drama and corniness that comes with themes like Disney, Flapper or Farmer. You can create a really chic hen do experience for the bride, keep your stress levels down with an easy theme and still get major kudos from the girls for a job well done at the end of all this.

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If you’re in hen research mode, check out all of our hen party destinations and hen party ideas.

For help booking your hen weekend or to discuss your ideas, chat with us live during office hours, submit a quick enquiry or contact us for any other queries.


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