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6 Creative Boho Hen Party Decoration Ideas

6 Creative Boho Hen Party Decoration Ideas

Looking for boho hen party decoration inspiration? Check out these 6 top ideas for creating the chic, classy vibe you’re girls will love.

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Boho hen party decoration ideas can be intimidating to research because there are some truly over-the-top examples pasted all over Instagram. But planning your own boho hen do doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

The point of the boho style is that it is relaxed, creative and effortless. And you can bring this into your hen party planning more easily than you think!

We’ve put together our fave boho hen party decoration ideas to give you inspiration for your own plans. From photo opportunities to drinks, room decor and even what you wear, there are SO many ways you can boho the sh*t out of your hen party.

Boho hen party decoration ideas

Buying decorations for a hen party can get expensive. So, why not organise some boho-inspired decorations and create a beautiful hen party on a budget. Whether you DIY or rent/buy your decor, there is a way to bring your boho hen party dreams to life and create an unforgettable experience for the girls.

Boho themed flowers

You can’t plan a boho hen party without including flowers somewhere. And they are key to this list of the top boho hen party decoration ideas. When choosing how to include flowers in your decor plans, consider the following:

  • Would you like a single colour of flowers (e.g. all white or blush colours)?
  • Will you source them from your own garden/nature or will you buy them?
  • Will you organise a special bouquet for the bride-to-be to help her feel special and create totally unique photos?
  • Will you include a flower crown workshop in your hen party package? (Note: you can book this in most destinations in Ireland and the UK).
Boho hen party decoration floral table design
Photo by @hamptonsaristocrat on Instagram

Boho photo background

Creating a boho photo wall backdrop is the perfect way to bring some instagrammable chicness to your hen party plans. We love this boho hen party decoration idea because it creates unique photo memories for the bride-to-be and the whole hen do group to take home with them as keepsakes.

To create your own boho photo background, consider using:

  • a single rod wardrobe hanger, fence or low-hanging branch as the top bar
  • a piece of fabric or some macrame to hang (try to make it reach the ground)
  • flowers and pampas grass hanging or in vases at the base of the background
  • ribbons or bunting
  • balloons (with hen party wording on them or in the colour theme you’ve chosen)
  • fairy lights (bonus points for using a solar-powered set)
  • a boho wicker chair or seat for the bride-to-be

This simple yet elegant photo background is a must at your boho themed hen party.

Boho hen party decoration photo wall with macrame
Photo by @lil_hopes_handmade on Instagram

Boho table decorations 

When you think of a boho hen party, there has to be a beautiful boho table somewhere. Maybe you’re planning a hen party picnic in the park or your backyard. Or a classy boho hen do dinner party. Or it could just be the drinks bar!

Wherever you’re including a table in your boho hen party plans, we’d recommend thinking about adding:

  • eco-friendly confetti (bonus points for matching your colour theme)
  • a cloth table runner (relaxed materials like cotton or linen work well)
  • flowers (e.g. wildflower bouquets, boutonnieres on the plates, daisy chains hung over the table)
  • boho styled crockery or mismatched crockery
  • boho style cushions (as seats for a ground picnic outside or on the chairs)

There are so many ways you can personalise your hen party table with gorgeous boho hen party decoration ideas – let us know if you think of anything else!

Boho outfits & flower crowns

You should never underestimate the power of each of your hen party members to bring their own boho vibe to your event. Take some of the pressure off yourself (as the organiser) and ask the girls to glam up in their fave festival clothes!

We’ve seen girls set a particular boho dress code (if you’d like your photos to be hugely instagrammable), with options like all white, anything with lace, something with sequins, all florals etc.

You could even take it a step further a book a flower crown workshop in one of our UK or Irish destinations, so you have authentic boho flower crowns to class up your hen do.

For extra super special bonus points, you could set up a glitter and makeup bar in your hen party space so the girls can bling and glam themselves to the nines.

Whether you include your outfits in your boho hen party decoration ideas or not, we’re pretty sure the girls are going to show up looking stunning anyway.

Photo by @lesnenettes.iledere on Instagram

Boho themed cocktails

We know all hen parties want to have a little fun and your hen do drinks are one way to bring it. Create fruity fun boho themed cocktails to go perfectly with your decor and to keep the girls topped up for the whole day or night.

Start out easy by making boho themed garnishes or drink stirrers. Some of these could include:

  • making simple edible flower ice cubes to create that delicate look in your drink while keeping it cold
  • glueing flowers to the end of a small wooden stick to create a drink stirrer
  • buying some edible glitter to make your cocktails really bling
  • buying some fairy floss and adding little bits to the top of each glass
  • or just simply top off your cocktails with a garnish like rosemary, mint, or lavender for that extra fancy but boho relaxed look to your drinks.

Take this boho hen party decoration idea to the next level with a proper, self-serve cocktail bar complete with:

  • pre-mixed cocktails in decanters
  • spirit faves like gin, vodka and liqueurs
  • copious amounts of prosecco
  • cordials like elderflower or lemon
  • freshly squeezed juices like orange or grapefruit juice
  • and top it all off with some boho table decorations like flowers, macrame or floral tablecloths.
Photo by @chloeleephoto on Instagram


When you look at Instagram, boho hen party decoration ideas might look a bit out of your reach. You might not have a wicker chair for the bride or fields of pampas grass to use as statement backdrops. But the beauty of planning a boho themed hen party is that it is supposed to relaxed chic (emphasis on the relaxed bit). The point is, you can make this event suit your budget, your style and your hen do group.

Don’t get us wrong, if you can go all out then do! But, if you’d just like to choose 1 or 2 small boho touches to add some class to your hen party, then that’s enough! It will still look so beautiful and add a creative touch that the girls will love.

What beautiful boho party decorations will be at your hen party? 

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