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12 Classy Hen Party Decorations And Ideas

12 Classy Hen Party Decorations And Ideas

Elevate your hen party decor to create a truly special event for the bride.

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Confetti, party blowers and food sitting on a blue table cover

Tacky hen parties with plastic decorations (ahem…willy straws) and a ‘€˜girls gone wild’€™ feel are fast becoming a thing of the past. You’€™re probably reading this because you searched for classy hen party decorations and ideas or decorations, which means you’€™re after creating a slightly more sophisticated hen do. And we get it’€¦

A hen party isn’€™t just a chance to let off some steam and ‘€˜go wild’€™ with your girls (even though you will, a bit). It’€™s also a chance to celebrate the bride, her life, her future and what makes her who she is. So you’€™re on the right track ‘€“ plan a hen night or weekend filled with fun, memories, quality time with the bride’€™s closest ladies and a gorgeous atmosphere.

Your hen party decor can help elevate the event to something truly special and it doesn’€™t even have to be hard to make it happen.

Explore our fave ideas for classy hen party decorations that we guarantee will suit your tastes more than streamers and a penis piñata.

Our Top 12 Classy Hen Party Decoration Ideas

1. Hen Party Photo Wall

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Creating a photo wall of the bride’€™s life is the perfect way to bring her into your hen party decor theme. You could create a timeline of her life, from when she was young, to the beginning of her relationship with her husband-to-be and to the present day. Or you could simply create a collage of the most touching, silly, wild and lovely moments in her life in no particular order.

The bride will love seeing the bright moments of her life and her relationships featured in your hen party decorations.

2. Boho Picnic

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If you’€™re looking for a simple way to create a classy hen do ‘€˜look and feel’€™, then a picnic might be the ideal decor choice for your event. It’€™s a flexible option that lets you tie in any colour scheme or a hen party theme and it’€™s easy to set up!

All you’€™ll need is:

  • A long table that’€™s low to the ground (make it out of wooden pallets, a long piece of plywood or a coffee table if it’€™s only a small party)
  • Cushions (have some fun with the colour and make them comfy!)
  • Table decorations (flowers look beautiful or candles if you’€™re planning it as a hen night in)
  • Tasty hen party food (the sky is the limit here!)

You could also include some other hen party decorations like bunting, hanging flowers or fairy lights in the trees. Just make sure you pick a nice day / evening (hard, we know) to make sure you can enjoy your time outside to the fullest.

3. Balloons

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Balloons are a classy way to make your hen party decorations really ‘€˜pop’€™ (…sorry). But seriously, balloons will let you tie in your colour scheme, create a gorgeous selfie wall for memorable hen do photos or highlight a particular space in the room like the bar or cake table.

You could go for really bright colours to make an impact or choose subtly coloured balloons in pastels, silvers or golds for something a bit more sophisticated.

4. Spray Painted Flowers And Leaves

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Spray painted leaves are such an affordable hen do decor idea! And you’€™ll still end up with SUCH a classy hen party space that the girls will be talking about for years to come.

To make this beautiful decoration idea come to life:

  1. Find your favourite shaped leaves from your backyard or your friends/family’€™s
  2. If you need more leaves, go to your local florist and ask if they have any cuttings of leaves or flowers they don’€™t need
  3. Buy the coloured spray paint of your choice (we love gold or silver but anything will work)
  4. Lay down some newspapers on an outside surface (make sure you lay enough)
  5. Lay your leaves and flowers on the newspaper and spray away!
  6. Turn the leaves and flowers over and repeat on the other side
  7. Let them dry for at least a few hours
  8. Hang your leaves and flowers over your hen party dinner table, on hooks on the wall or from a long horizontal stick to make a really natural and boho look

5. Coordinated Seating

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If you’€™re planning to host a brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner for the hen party, then the table setup will play a huge role in setting the scene and getting the ‘€˜look’€™ you’€™d like. We’€™ll cover what to put on the table below but we’€™re here to remind you ‘€“ don’€™t forget the seats!

Having matching or coordinated seating at your table can make for a really visually stunning hen party decor arrangement. You could go for colour matching, like in the photo example. Or you could source chairs from your collection and from some of the other ladies that follow the same theme. Maybe they’€™re all wooden, antique, benches or retro 60s style chairs.

However, we know it can be difficult to source enough matching or coordinated chairs for a hen party of more than 6-10 ladies. But that doesn’€™t mean this decor idea isn’€™t for you. Keep it simple and within your budget by buying some matching cushions or chair covers to bring eveyrthing together without having to go out and hire 30 fancy pink seats.

6. Table Flowers

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We mentioned table decor above and here is where you get to really have some fun!

A floral table decor makes for beautiful hen party decor if you’€™re sitting down for a meal, want to highlight the food table or bar or even create a unique feel in the bride’€™s bedroom where you’€™re staying. It’€™s a natural, feminine decoration choice and you can work in any colours you’€™d like.

Some ideas for placing flowers on your hen party table could be:

  • Simply use vases
  • Press flowers stems into polystyrene to hold them in place
  • Weave bendy thin wood to create a base and place the flowers in the gaps
  • Place water in a glass or metal dish and float flowers and candles in it
  • Get flower crowns made for the group and place them in each lady’€™s table setting to claim
  • Hang flowers above the table using string or a straight wooden stick

7. Hen Party Food

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Ok, so we know you’€™re going to eat all the food but there’€™s no reason you couldn’€™t consider the yummy treats you’€™re planning for the hen do as part of your decorations. This is particularly true if you’€™re thinking of creating a display with:

  • Hen party cakes
  • Bride and wedding-themed cookies (see image example)
  • Doughnuts or doughnut cakes
  • Cupcakes

You could incorporate some of the other hen party decoration ideas from this blog to make the display look incredible.

8. Hen Garden Party

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We completely love the idea of a hen party brunch or dinner out in a beautiful garden, surrounded by flowers and fairy lights and candles. It’€™s a magical setup for the bride’€™s special day and can be super affordable for how classy it’€™ll end up looking.

To make the magic happen in the garden for your hen do, you could consider:

  • Weaving flowers into an archway or tied with string from tree branches
  • Flower centrepieces for the table (see section 6 above)
  • Fairy lights in the trees or woven into your table centrepieces
  • Candles and tea lights along the tables
  • Lanterns in the trees
  • Cushions or decorations for the chairs (see section 5)
  • Bunting hung in the trees or on the fence
  • An outdoor bar and food table
  • A special chair for the bride with a standout table setting for her

9. Pimp Your Prosecco Hen Party Bar

Hen parties and prosecco go hand-in-hand. It’€™s just a fact. But you can take it a step further and elevate your hen do bar to famous heights with some fancy extras.

Whether you actually have a sign saying ‘€˜Pimp Your Prosecco’€™ or just create a juiced up bar, you could have some fun with the following ideas:

  • As much bubbly as you can get your hands on (of course)
  • Liqueurs
  • Fresh chopped fruit
  • Herbs like mint or rosemary
  • Flowers like rose petals, pansies or lavender
  • Fruit puree or juice
  • Drink glitter
  • Crushed or cubed ice
  • Rosewater essence or lemonade
  • Prosecco popsicles
  • Cordials or syrups

For the ladies that don’€™t drink (all the time or temporarily), you can still make your hen party bar a fun spot for them. Find some fun mocktail recipes or they can pimp their lemonade with the fruit, cordials or drink decorations you include in your setup.

10. Glamping Decor

Glamping has become one of the most popular hen party accommodation options in recent years for good reason! The bride gets a hen weekend away with her closest gal pals and family, usually in beautiful surrounds and with a comfortable bed to fall into in her tent or cabin. Your group can focus on quality time together, bubbly under the stars and the most unique setting for your hen party games.

Glamping is a brilliant opportunity to incorporate your hen party decorations ideas. Decorate your bell tent, cabin, yurt or campfire area with:

  • Hanging flowers
  • Bunting
  • Fairy lights
  • Matching duvet covers
  • Cushions and blankets
  • Place a flower crown on each bed

Or you could do all out and create a hen party makeup station with colourful makeup, glitter, face paint and flowers for the girls’€™ hair. This is particularly fun if you’€™re planning a festival themed hen party or Henchella.

11. Nail Art

We like any hen do decoration ideas that the whole group can share. Planning some nail art designs as part of your decor theme is a little less work for you as the organiser and something all the ladies can feel they’€™re involved in.

There are two ways you can get the claws out for your hen party:

  1. Ask the girls to apply the colour or design(s) you’€™re thinking of before the big day and arrive already looking glam
  2. Or you could book in an at-home hen do pamper session to come and give your ladies’€™ nails a more professional look.

12. Let The Scenery Do The Talking

If you’€™ve chosen to take your hen party overseas, then we’€™ll bet the stunning scenery will be the only hen party decor you need! Whether it’€™s a beach in Spain or a snowy Prague, you’€™ll be spending most of your hen weekend away out on the town (or sand).

Sure, you could pin up some streamers and maybe make some hen party cookies but keep it simple and let your hen do destination speak for itself.


Choosing the right class hen party decorations is a chance to create a special atmosphere for the bride and maybe highlight aspects of her personality or life that you’€™d like to celebrate.

We hope our hen do decor ideas have given you some food for thought for the party you’€™re planning. Let us know if you’€™ve already mastered the art of hen decorations and send us your pictures on The Foxy Hen Facebook or Instagram!

And, as always, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your hen party ideas and we’€™ll help make your perfect experience come to life.

Image credit: socialcut, by Unsplash

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