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Blog > 8 Fun Hen Party Cocktails & Name Ideas

8 Fun Hen Party Cocktails & Name Ideas

Planning a ‘do’ for the bride and looking for some fun and creative hen party cocktails to sample? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 8 delicious and easy-to-make cocktails that are perfect for a hen party. So get your shakers ready and let’s get mixing!

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Hen party cocktails on a table from a cocktail making class


If you’re planning a hen do and looking for some creative and delicious hen party cocktails to serve, look no further! We’ve put together a list of 8 easy-to-make cocktails that are perfect for any hen shindig. And bonus – we’ve also written up some funny, cheeky and classy hen cocktail names you could use!

Whether you’re a seasoned bartender or just starting out, these hen party cocktails are easy to follow and sure to impress your guests. So raise a glass and cheers to the bride-to-be!

Popular hen party cocktails

1. Bounty Martini

Martinis just ooze style and class, even if the original doesn’t always taste that pleasant to those of us who don’t usually drink our spirits without any kind of mixer. Bounty martinis, however, don’t pose that particular problem. Bounty martinis are next level. All ya need is a little sweetened condensed milk, coconut flakes, white chocolate, Malibu and, of course, a few bounty bars for garnishing your glass.

It’s a little bit of Caribbean heaven and they’re so pretty they’re practically begging to be snapped and uploaded to your Insta feed. If nothing else, it’ll give you a record of what happened the night before the morning after.  Alternatively, if you’re not on Team Bounty, you can switch that up for a Mars Bar or your favourite chocolate bar and amend the ingredients. 

2. Margarita

Classic margaritas are officially the most popular cocktail in the world and it’s not hard to see why. They’re sweet and tart and they’ve got tequila in ‘em. What’s not to love? Margaritas are so simple to make and they’re the ultimate fun and classy hen party cocktails. Grab yourself the best tequila you can afford, along with some orange liqueur and either fresh or bottled lime juice. Take 1.5 ounces of your tequila, mix in an ounce of orange, and top up with lime juice. It’s literally as easy as 1,2,3. 

If you like them frozen, freeze up a whole bunch of ice and then make a large batch with your kitchen mixer. Salt the rim of your glasses and serve with a wedge of lime. Perfecto!

3. Peach Bellini

It goes without saying that fun and classy hen party cocktails should contain a little bit of fizz to mark the occasion. The peach bellini is the epitome of the prosecco-based cocktail and I swear we get classier just by holding those fancy champagne flutes. Needed for this cocktail is a good quality (and quantity of) Prosecco, white peach puree, and a *teeny* bit of raspberry juice to give it it’s iconic colour.

Bellinis are best served with more bellinis, as far as we’re concerned.

4. Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

Daiquiris are another classic cocktail, consumed in various guises across the globe. Although we love the basic recipe, there’s something extra about having a frozen daiquiri, no? All you need is access to a mixer, a whole pile of fresh strawberries, a bottle of rum, and some fresh lime juice. Mix 100ml of rum with a tablespoon or two of simple sugar syrup (sugar dissolved in water), the juice of half a lime, and a ton of ice and strawberries and mix until you can’t bear to wait any longer until it’s in your face.

This is already one of the most fun and classy hen party cocktails, but it looks even better in a proper daiquiri glass with a wedge of pineapple or cherry to garnish. 

5. Negroni

A negroni is a proper grown-up drink, so it’s the ultimate in fun and classy hen party cocktails for high classes ladies like us. The cocktail gets its name from its instantly recognisable colour and is a combination of sweet, red Vermouth, gin, and Campari over a big chunk of ice. The Negroni can be an acquired taste and it’s not to everyone’s liking.

However, if you feel the classic is a touch too bitter for you, you can always switch up the Campari for Aperol, which is a bit sweeter and won’t draw your cheeks together quite so much when you first dive in. Negronis are easy to make as all three elements are used in equal measure. Finish off the drink with a slice of orange. 

6. Pornstar Martini

If you like your cocktails, it’s highly likely you’ve already tried the hugely popular pornstar martini. It’s another fun and classy hen party cocktail and is a sure-fire Instagram likes-magnet.

It looks as delicious as it tastes and, believe it or not, it’s really not that hard to recreate at home. You’ll need some Vanilla flavoured vodka, some De Kuyper passion fruit liqueur, lime juice, passion fruit puree, and some prosecco or sparkling wine to top up. If you can’t find vanilla vodka at your local store, you can use regular and buy some vanilla syrup. The passionfruit puree may also be a bit harder to find in person, but it’s easy to source online.

Combine 60ml vodka with 30ml of your liqueur and add a tablespoon of lime juice to a cocktail shaker. Pop the seeds from 2 ripe your passion fruits in and the give the whole thing a good shake. Strain the mixture over a glass and top up with prosecco before wondering if your skills are wasted at your current job and if you shouldn’t think about giving it all up and investing in a new cocktail bar. 

7. Cosmopolitan

Dust off your Louboutin’s and channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw with a batch of legendary Cosmopolitans. This red delight is one of the most recognisable and drinkable of all the fun and classy hen party cocktails and, not only does it look good, but it also tastes amazing.

You’ll need vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice and orange liqueur to whip up a couple of Cosmos and it honestly couldn’t be easier.  Equal parts cranberry juice and orange liqueur are required (60ml), along with double the vodka (120ml) and the juice of one lime. Strain into chilled martini glasses and garnish with some lemon peel if you’re feeling extra. 

8. Some regions may vary

The fun thing about hen party cocktails is that they can be made with any combination of anything alcoholic you’ve got on hand. It can also be great to give a nod to your local suppliers or specialities by including some of your hometown products in the mix. For example, one of our local bars serves an Irn-Brun and Buckfast cocktail, which looks heinous and is undoubtedly aimed at very adventurous Scots and deranged tourists. Although we’re too scared to try it, we do love the fact that it’s so…well, unique.

We’ve got no doubt that every area has a similar combination just begging to be combined in a newly trademarked cocktail. Why not come up with your own? You never know, you just might concoct the perfect fun and classy hen party cocktails just by using the odd combination of stuff you’ve had hanging around at the back of that cupboard for years. 

Hen party cocktail name ideas

  1. Use the name of the bride – e.g. Jess On The Beach, Emmargarita, Bloody Susan or Amanda-mosa
  2. Hen Do Hanky Panky
  3. The Bride’s Last Word
  4. The White Lady
  5. Panties Unleashed
  6. Sex On The Horizon
  7. The Dirty Banana
  8. Pink Flamingo
  9. Flocktails
  10. The HoneyMoon
  11. The Royal Wedding
  12. ‘I Do’

Signage puns for your hen party cocktails

  • Twinkle, twinkle, little star, point us to the nearest bar
  • But first, cocktails…
  • Hen party happy hour
  • Cocktails and the other Vitamin C
  • Sip, sip, hooray!
  • Pre-wedding liquid therapy
  • She had a cocktail in her hand and confetti in her hair.
  • Strong women need strong drinks

More cocktail ideas


Having a bonding session with your besties with a range of fun and classy hen party cocktails is a great way to celebrate your impending nuptials. Cocktail night need not be expensive, if you decide on cocktails beforehand and everyone gets a list of what they need to bring. Let’s face it, we don’t usually get time to spend producing amazing drinks, so make the most of it for this spectacular hen do!

Don’t forget to check out all of our hen party ideas for a truly unique ‘do’.

Need help with your Hen Party?

If you’re in hen research mode, check out all of our hen party destinations and hen party ideas.

For help booking your hen weekend or to discuss your ideas, chat with us live during office hours, submit a quick enquiry or contact us for any other queries.


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