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Blog > Top 12 Hen Party Drinking Games

Top 12 Hen Party Drinking Games

Choosing the right hen party drinking games to suit your group can make or break your hen night out (or in). Choose from our top picks!

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Whether you’re drinking in a bar or sitting in your hotel room, a hen night isn’t complete without playing some fun hen party drinking games. We’ve compiled a list of some favourite alcoholic activities to keep you and the girls entertained, giggling and downing their favourite tipples.

Our Fave 12 Hen Party Drinking Games

1. Most Likely

First up is Most Likely. Everyone sits in a circle and asks a ‘most likely’ question, such as ‘who’s the most likely to use someone else’s toothbrush?’, ‘who’s most likely to date someone who all her friends hate?’ or anything else you can imagine.

Everyone points to who they think it would be and you have to take a drink for everyone who points at you. So if seven people think you’d use their toothbrush you have to take seven drinks.

2. Banned Words

Next is Banned Words. This game goes on throughout the night. Select a group of words that’ll be said often, like ‘hen’, ‘bride’, ‘wedding’ and so on.  Whenever someone slips up and utters the forbidden word it’s a drink for them.

3. Clink And Drink

Clink And Drink is similar to ‘never have I ever’ and a great game for getting people acquainted at a hen party. Everyone gathers in a circle with a full glass of champagne in their hands. Everyone takes turns putting people into groups. For example, you’d say ‘Clink and drink if you went to school with the bride’. Everyone who did, steps into the circle, clinks their glasses and drinks.

4. Truth Or Lie

In Truth Or Lie, everyone takes turns to say one truth and one lie about themselves. The others must guess which statement was the truth and which was the lie. If they get it right the person who said the facts has to drink. If they get it wrong she gets to choose someone else to drink.

5. Kiss the Groom

Hang a large poster of the groom (or a celebrity crush) on the wall and blindfold each player in turn. Spin them around a few times, hand them a lipstick, and have them attempt to ‘kiss’ the groom on his lips. Whoever is furthest from the target drinks.

6. Guess the Memory

Each hen party member writes down a memory or a story involving the bride. The memories are mixed up in a bowl. Take turns drawing and reading them aloud, and everyone has to guess who wrote it. Incorrect guesses result in a sip of your drink.

7. Who Said It

Bride or Groom? – Before the party, ask the bride and groom to answer various questions about their preferences and quirks. During the party, read each statement and have players guess if it was the bride or the groom who said it. Wrong answers get a sip!

8. Cold Feet

This hen party game is a playful nod to getting cold feet before the wedding. Fill a large bucket with water and add ice cubes. Scatter small plastic rings or wedding-themed items in it. Players have to roll up their sleeves or pants and retrieve items with their toes. Each item picked is a prompt for someone else to drink, but if you give up, you have to take a shot yourself.

9. Flip, Sip, or Strip (Stripper Edition)

In this game, a coin is flipped, and the stripper calls it in the air. A wrong call means taking a sip of a drink or removing an item of clothing. The catch is, they can only choose to strip once in three consecutive turns, so choose wisely!

You can book a stripper or a buff butler in most of our Irish, UK and European destinations.

10. Pass the Parcel Dare

Wrap a bottle in several layers of wrapping paper. Between each layer, place a dare that must be completed by whoever unwraps that layer. The final layer results in having to take a shot from the bottle. Play some music and pass the parcel around until the music stops, then the holder unwraps a layer.

11. Prosecco Pong

A classy twist on the classic beer pong, this game uses glasses of prosecco instead of beer. Set up in the traditional beer pong format with glasses on a table and get the hens aiming to land ping pong balls in the opposing team’s glasses.

12. Mr And Mrs Quiz

Challenge the bride by testing her knowledge of her other half with that hen party game favourite, the Mr and Mrs Quiz (find out how to play)! Get everyone involved by giving each hen a question to ask and they can choose the forfeit if the bride gives a wrong answer – making her drink a shot or putting on an item of fancy dress are great ideas.

You can also take on the Mr and Mrs Quiz as part of the CSI Save The Groom activity, which we offer in all of our Irish destinations.

To add to the night, don’t forget The Foxy Hen can provide a mini bar crawl with a guided hostess in some locations; a stripper and butler combo and a free bar option for your guests.

More Game Ideas

Don’t forget to check out our hen party games HQ for more fun games to play with your bride tribe.


We’re always on the lookout for more fun hen party drinking games, so we’ll update the list as we find the top ideas for your hen do group.

Check out CarlingfordGalwayLiverpoolBrightonAmsterdam or Marbella for destinations that offer the best nightlife to follow on from your hen party drinking games.

So, what are you waiting for?

Image credits: Master1305, by Freepik

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