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Blog > 9 Achievable Last Minute Hen Party Ideas

9 Achievable Last Minute Hen Party Ideas

Quick engagement? Or an unexpected wedding? Take advantage of these last minute hen party ideas that are fun, achievable and memorable. From options close to home to spontaneous jet-setting ideas.

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We don’t all get the chance to spend time a plannin’ and organisin’ our hen nights. Some of us get last-minute proposals, which lead to last-minute wedding dates, thus leaving us scrambling around for last minute hen party ideas. Should you be in this camp, you’ve come to the right place. Just because you don’t have much time to think about it, doesn’t mean your hen do can’t be amazing.

Our fave last minute hen party ideas

1. Be a VIP in your local

If you and the girls have a local hangout, why not see if you can reserve tables or a room as a last-minute hen party idea? This way, you can still enjoy everything about your favourite wine or gin bar, but with the added bonus of having an area that’s especially for you.

Hitting up a trendy local hotspot can be fun but not if your party is split between tables and must shout across strangers to be heard. Also, as every woman knows, there are few things worse than wearing those gorgeous, shiny new stilettos and not being able to take ‘em off when your feet start to ache.

Having your own area puts an extra special spin on the night and gives you a base from which to take to the dancefloor so you don’t actually have to dance around your handbag. Unless that’s your thing, of course. We’re not here to judge. 

2. Girl’s Games Night In

When we were younger, the thought of board games made us roll our eyes. However, when you can add your own rules and include a bottle of wine and some shots, suddenly games night looks *quite* different. Personally, we love playing Tequila Shot Monopoly, where anyone who gets sent to jail must do a shot; Cluedo, where incorrectly guessing earns you a dare, or just good old-fashioned Twister, which doesn’t really require anything more to make it silly than just playing it after a few glasses of prosecco.

You can alter any of your favourite games, though – and the more technical or time based they are, the funnier they become in the heat of battle. As a last-minute hen party idea, this can be a stress-free option. It allows all ages to come together and not everyone has to take part in the games if they’d rather watch on (and take photos for future blackmailing purposes, obvs…). A games night can then turn into a PJ party, with movies and quality time with your besties. 

3. Book a single activity close to home

We know that a hen weekend away is the tradition but, if time is short and you need some last minute hen party ideas that are doable, then why not book an activity or two closer to home?

Most of us live within reach of a bar for a cocktail class, a paintball or karting centre or even some surfing or coasteering if you live close to the coast. If you’d prefer to not get sweaty or wet, then we work with suppliers that offer fun icebreaker hen party activities like CSI Save The Groom, Treasure Hunt, Murder Mystery Dinner or The Cube.

These options can take place close to home, won’t break the bank and still let you have an amazing day (or night) out with the bride-to-be before her big day!

4. Flight plans

This usually works best as a last-minute hen party idea if you have a small group. There are a couple of fun options for this one, which will depend on budget and a carefree attitude. We’ve all heard the tales of people who’ve literally shown up at the airport, clutching nothing but carry-on bags and a sense of adventure, before checking out the departure boards and making a snap decision on where to go.

This gets slightly more dangerous when you’ve packed your bikini and sarong only to find out there’s only enough space on the next flight to Iceland or packing your winter undies and ending up sweltering in Marrakesh for the weekend.

We’ve all booked last-minute flights at some point in our lives, so why shouldn’t you do it for your hen party? If you like the idea of this but worry about the reality, you can cheat a little. The hen can be tasked with making the decision the night before you travel and that at least gives everyone five minutes to pack appropriately. 

5. Luxury lodge living

If you can travel, why not check out an overnight or weekend stay in an Airbnb or luxury lodge? This is a great little last minute hen party idea and needn’t be stressful to organise. Simply pick a region or specific area and see what’s on offer for the time you plan to travel.

Although holiday rentals can book up quite quickly, holiday homeowners regularly have last-minute cancellations to sell on. This often means you can grab something at a discounted price, which just means you have more money to spend on wine. And that can never be a bad thing, right?  

6. Garden party grandeur 

Channel your inner royalty with a fun twist on a garden party as a last-minute hen party idea. Either organise in your own backyard or force the honour upon the friend with the biggest garden and commandeer her space (*cue evil laugh*) This can be done in the open air, weather permitting, or under the security of a gazebo, should rain be forecast on your special night.

Everyone at the hen party can be tasked with bringing a bottle (or two) and food. Cucumber sandwiches need not apply. Simply decorate the garden with colourful bunting, grab some tables and chairs from home, friends, and family, and, voila! Instant garden party. BOOM! If the shindig is carrying on into the wee small hours of the morning, cute fairy lights are essential.

Get your girls to dress up in their finest party attire and give yourselves appropriate titles for the night. We don’t know about you, but we’ve always fancied being the Duchess of Dundee or the Countess of County Cork. Don’t fancy our chances of repeating the last one after a few sherries, mind you. 

7. Foodie heaven

If you like your food or have a passion for gin, cheese, wine, or anything else, it’s likely you’ll be able to find a food and drink-related event as a focus for your last minute hen party ideas. Booking a tour of a distillery, brewery, winery, or artisan cheese maker shouldn’t be that difficult with the number of excellent large and small producers across the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland.

As well as being able to fill your face full of great food and drink, you’ll also get the chance to support local businesses and find a new favourite brand. The phrase: ‘oooh…you know, I don’t really want to visit a winery’ is a statement no self-respecting woman has ever uttered. 

8. Wilderness women

Getting out into the country doesn’t require the survival skills of Bear Grylls, and us girls have a long history of fending for ourselves. If you’re short on time for arranging your ‘do, a great last minute hen party idea is getting everyone together and heading out into the wilderness.

If you live in a nation with wild camping, such as Scotland, you don’t have to book a campsite or glamping pod (unless, of course, you want to). You can merely gather your girls, a tent, a stove, and some plastic wine glasses (because obviously) and hit up wherever your heart desires. A camping weekend is a fantastic way to see the scenery, get some fresh air, and connect with your besties. 

9. Check your local events 

If you’re really stuck for last minute hen party ideas, why not simply check your local listings for what’s on near you on the night or weekend of your choice? Cities will always have events on throughout the year, and it’s a case of having a scroll through and a chat with your mates to find the perfect last minute hen party ideas for your specific group.

We love doing something we’ve never attempted before, such as Axe Hurling in Glasgow, or Escape Rooms in Castlebar. Obviously, we do them *before* we’ve popped open the bubbly…  There’s usually a raft of things to do in most cities and large towns, so it’s not difficult to find something that suits most of the group, even at the last minute. 


Organising a wedding can be a stressful time and, when you’re up to your neck in menus, bands, dresses, and everything else that goes along with it, it can be difficult to find the time to pull together a girly celebration. If arranging your wedding means you’ve little time for anything else, we hope you find inspiration with our last-minute hen party ideas.

Don’t forget the lads, either, and recommend they check out our brother site The Stag’s Balls for their own last minute plans.

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