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Blog > Mr And Mrs Quiz Guide With 100+ Unique Questions

Mr And Mrs Quiz Guide With 100+ Unique Questions

See if it’s the bride or groom who knows each other better with a Mr and Mrs Quiz game.

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A couple at their wedding holding up signs for their mr and mrs quiz questions

A Mr & Mrs Quiz is an absolutely classic hen party game and for very good reason. The tone of the game completely depends on the questions you choose – you could make it heartfelt and warm by asking some of our classy questions or truly try to embarrass the bride and groom and ask much ruder questions. It’s up to you!

How To Play

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Choose your Mr and Mrs Quiz questions ‘€“ at least 20 to make it fun. Chat to the groom first and ask him to answer your chosen list of quiz questions. Ask the bride to answer each question and compare her answers with the groom!

Same-Sex Weddings / Sten Party / Hag Party Game Version

If you’€™re planning a hen do, sten party or hag do for a same-sex wedding, then check out our Mrs & Mrs Quiz Hen Party game guide.

Mr And Mrs Quiz Questions

Sweet & Classy Questions

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We like to start or finish the Mr and Mrs Quiz with these questions so everyone can say ‘Awww’ and the bride can start or end this popular hen party game with lovely warm feelings.

  1. What is the sweetest thing he’€™s ever done for you?
  2. Who made the first move?
  3. What is the groom most proud of you for?
  4. What is his favourite quality about you?
  5. What is her favourite quality about him?
  6. What was his first impression of you?
  7. What was your first impression of him?
  8. Where was your first kiss?
  9. What 5 words would he use to describe you?
  10. What 5 words would she use to describe him?
  11. Who said ‘€œI love you’€ first?

Questions He Should Get Right

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  1. What colour are her eyes?
  2. What is her shoe size?
  3. When is the anniversary of your first date?
  4. What year did you get together?
  5. Does she prefer heels or flats?
  6. How does she take her tea/coffee?
  7. What is her least favourite food?
  8. What is her favourite film?
  9. What TV show would she absolutely refuse to watch?
  10. What is her bra size?
  11. What part of her body would she say is her best feature?
  12. Where would she love to go on holidays?
  13. What is her ideal date night?
  14. What is her alcohol of choice?
  15. What is her biggest phobia?

Questions She Should Get Right

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  1. What is his favourite meal?
  2. What is his favourite movie?
  3. When is the anniversary of your first date?
  4. What is his biggest fear?
  5. How does he take his tea/coffee?
  6. What is his shoe size?
  7. What is his favourite sport?
  8. What colour are his eyes?
  9. What is his alcoholic drink of choice?
  10. What food does he hate most?
  11. What is his biggest phobia?
  12. What is his favourite pizza topping?

Competitive Questions

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  1. Who is the better cook?
  2. Who gets the last word?
  3. Who steals the duvet?
  4. Who is more vain?
  5. Who makes the best cup of tea/coffee?
  6. Who is the better singer?
  7. Who gets rid of spiders in the house?
  8. Who can’€™t handle their drink?
  9. Who is better at saving money?
  10. Who fancied who first?
  11. Who usually says sorry first?
  12. Who is more likely to forget an anniversary?
  13. Who has better fashion sense?

Cheeky & Rude Questions

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  1. What would he most like you to wear in the bedroom?
  2. Who is the horniest?
  3. Is he a boob or bum man?
  4. Who is the best kisser?
  5. If she had to choose a name for his ‘€˜member’€™, what would it be?
  6. If he had to lick food off you, what food would he choose?
  7. Where is the most unique place you’€™ve had sex?
  8. What is his favourite part of your body?
  9. What is her guilty pleasure?
  10. Who is noisier in bed?
  11. How would the bride describe his kissing technique?
  12. What is his favourite position?
  13. Would he ever want a threesome?
  14. Does he think he is well endowed?
  15. How many children does he want?
  16. What is his pet name for her?
  17. Who makes the weirdest orgasm face?

Questions About The Wedding

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  1. Who will get the most drunk at the wedding?
  2. Who is most likely to forget their vows at the wedding?
  3. Who will cry first?
  4. Would you trust him to pick your wedding dress?
  5. Which bridesmaid and groomsman would he set up?
  6. Does she like his best man?
  7. Who planned most of the wedding?
  8. How did he help plan the wedding?
  9. What is he most excited for on your wedding day?
  10. What is he most looking forward to after you’re married?

Questions That Might Get Him In Trouble

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  1. Is she low maintenance?
  2. Who hogs the blankets?
  3. Who spends the most money?
  4. Who is his celebrity crush?
  5. Who is more competitive?
  6. Who smells the best?
  7. Who is more stubborn?
  8. Who has the most exes?
  9. Who does most of the cleaning around the house?
  10. Who farts in bed more?
  11. Who has the worst temper?
  12. Who takes longer to get ready?
  13. Who is his least favourite member of your family?
  14. Who is the worst driver?
  15. Who gets their way the most?
  16. Who snores the loudest?
  17. Which of you is the bad influence?
  18. Whose mum will be the worst mother-in-law? (be careful with this one)

Funny Questions

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  1. Who would play him in a movie?
  2. If he could choose any superpower, what would it be?
  3. What is his biggest claim to fame?
  4. What item of his clothing do you hate the most?
  5. What is his most annoying habit?
  6. What is his most embarrassing hobby or skill?
  7. What object in the house would he throw away if he could?
  8. What object in the house would she throw away if she could?
  9. What would he most likely end up in jail for?
  10. What would he say you would end up in jail for?
  11. Which Disney character does he think you’re most like?
  12. What celebrity does he look the most like?

Game Variations

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For a Mr & Mrs Quiz with a twist, try one of our hen do game variations to keep things interesting:

  • If the bride gets a question wrong, she has to take a sip of her bubbly or cocktail.
  • For every question the bride gets wrong, she has to put on a piece of a silly or sexy fancy dress costume. Take a quick pic at the end to send to her husband-to-be!


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If you’ve hosted your own Mr And Mrs Quiz and you have some hilarious questions, then let us know! We’d love to hear your ideas so we can add them to the guide for future hen do groups.

Image credit: v.ivash, by Freepik

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