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Planning A Sten Hag Or LGBTIQ Party

Planning A Sten Hag Or LGBTIQ Party

Let us help you plan a sten, hag or a LGBTIQ party! We know over at The Foxy Hen that people are looking for more than just tips for a standard hen party or stag do.

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LGBTIQ party

Let us help you plan a sten, hag or a LGBTIQ party!

We know over at The Foxy Hen that people are looking for more than just tips for a standard hen party or stag do. There are any amount of such articles out there, giving tips for the maid of honour and groomsmen, about how to throw a decent party for their gal pals and mates before the wedding.

It’s common these days for both partners to have the same circle of friends, not wanting to be lumped into ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ categories for a party and I think it’s safe to say that most people have plenty of friends in all genders and not just one!

Yes, these traditional-style hen and stag parties are perfect for some people. However, it can seem somewhat dated and inappropriate for others who want something more diverse. We are here to give you some party planning tips if you have decided to go for a sten/hag or LGBTIQ party!

1. Size Of The Group

I think it is ok to assume that if you are joining two parties together, the numbers will go up. Simple math, right? When planning a sten, hag or LGBTIQ party, it is important to select activities and venues that can accommodate your numbers. It kinda goes without saying, that all bookings should be made as far in advance as possible.

With The Foxy Hen, you can invite as many people as you like into your sten or hag party booking and they can each pay for themselves online. No collecting money! We’ll hold spots for the number of people you estimate and then confirm the final numbers after everyone has paid.

It’s absolutely fine if your sten or hag party numbers go up or down a bit. It won’t affect the overall price per person if you meet the minimum numbers. Just give us a buzz to let us know and we’ll update the suppliers.

2. Mix Them Up!

Likely, some of your group will not have met before. Perhaps, at the very least, not know each other well. Groups can get very cliquey if allowed to. It’s just how people are! If arranging some daytime activities, why not put people into groups before the party? This way you can get people who don’t know each other, to talk and work together. You could even have a prize ready for the team that wins the most activities. This is sure to get people bonding!

The same goes for the evening dinner or drinks. You could have pre-arranged place settings for each guest. Even better, play an epic game of musical chairs at dinner – have everyone move around every ten minutes! Don’t be too controlling about it, but know that it could have a fantastic effect on the overall morale and vibe of the day.

3. Daytime Sten / Hag Activities That Are Inclusive

If you are throwing a sten/hag or LGBTIQ party, it is important to think of activities that allow everyone to take part. You will more than likely have a very diverse group of people who may not be interested or able to participate in some activities. Stay away from the typical stag party activities such as an obstacle course or other outings that require a good level of fitness and stamina.

Listen, I am not saying completely rule it out. If it is something that has been agreed with the group before and everyone is comfortable with it, go for it. We are just advising that it is important to keep it in mind! Why not send out a questionnaire to the whole group in advance to find out what everyone wants to do? This way, it leaves no one out.

We would suggest:

  • Boat cruise
  • Crazy golf
  • Brewery and distillery tours/wine tasting
  • The Cube, GoQuest or other challenge rooms
  • Peddle bus pub crawl

4. Nighttime Stan / Hag Activities That Are Inclusive

After you and your group have had a great day out doing activities that everyone enjoyed, it’s time to let loose and go out for the evening. Just like the daytime activities, a lot of pre-thought and planning should go into the nighttime festivities. Are everyone’s needs and specifications being catered for?

We know what you are thinking; surely all that really matters is that the two people preparing for their wedding are happy, right? Well, not really. If no one is having a good time or people are feeling like they aren’t being considered, it could ruin the night. Again, it would be beneficial to send out a questionnaire or have a group WhatsApp chat. Perhaps a good question would be ‘Is there anywhere that anyone will not / don’t want to go to?’

We would recommend researching bars that promote inclusivity beforehand to ensure they will cater for everyone. Also, don’t pick a club or bar that is known for one specific type of music i.e. a rocker bar. Maybe try a bar crawl so you can dance to some diverse tunes, sip on cocktails and then a beer and have a proper wild night out to celebrate the couple’s upcoming nuptials.

5. Other Tips

  • Don’t pick somewhere that has a dress code
  • Don’t pick a bar that is having a ‘Ladies’ or ‘Lads’ night
  • Have some additional options for bars and restaurants in case it doesn’t please the whole group
  • Ask guests to RSVP so you can confirm numbers early on, if possible.

Final pro tip: Book your hag or sten with The Foxy Hen! There’s no upfront deposit, your numbers can go up and down without affecting the price and people can tick or untick items they want to take part in. We’ve made it super easy to make your party flexible and friendly for everyone in your group.


No matter what your gender, sexuality, style, preference, likes or dislikes are, everyone deserves to feel included and thought of when planning such an epic LGBTIQ party. At the end of the day, the one thing that your group WILL all have in common is their love for the two about to get hitched.

These tips will hopefully be helpful for whoever has been given the honour of planning the party. An amazing job will surely be done with the couple to wed in mind!

If you’d like to explore the accommodation, activities and meal options we offer for your LGBTIQ party, check out our IrishUK or European destinations and get to planning!

If you have any questions, check out our FAQscontact us.

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Note: We try to use inclusive language in all of our articles and so we have chosen to use the term LGBTIQ+ but we know that some prefer LGBT and LGBTQ. We welcome everyone into our hen, stag, sten, hag and mixed groups of any kind and just want to make sure everyone has an amazing time!

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