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The Ultimate Mr And Mrs Quiz

Hen party activity

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What is The Ultimate Mr And Mrs Quiz?

Has the bride ever farted under the covers? Who is the better driver? Who said “I love you” first?

If you’ve ever been to a hen party, you’ve probably heard of a Mr and Mrs Quiz. For those quiz virgins out there, you’d normally ask the groom to pre-answer some questions about the bride and their relationship. Then the bride answers the same questions live during the hen party and hilarity inevitably follows.

In this brand new activity, the classic Mr & Mrs Quiz has had a fab makeover. You’ll still put the bride and groom’s knowledge about each other to the test (with an optional video from the groom) but you’ll also play wedding-themed games and play a special “how well do you know the bride” round.

The whole experience will be run by a professional MC who will make sure it all runs smoothly and keep the giggles going.

This activity can come to you in your home or hen party house or you can request that the supplier try to source a venue (subject to availability). It’s an ideal hen do activity to give you the flexibility to slot it into your itinerary where and when suits you best.

So, before their big day, make sure you put the bride and groom to the test and see how well they really know each other. With plenty of laughs and lots of chances to celebrate and reminisce with the bride along the way, this is the perfect activity for a mix of cheekiness and heartfelt connection.

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United Kingdom

LGBTQIA+ activity versions

This activity can be booked as a Mrs And Mrs Quiz, Mr and Mr Quiz, an Mx and Mx Quiz or any combination.

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