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Hen Party Gdansk


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Why Book A Hen Party in Gdansk

If you’re looking for a different hens party destination which will satisfy ever chick in the coop, then Gdansk might be for you.

The port city of Gdansk knows how to extend a hearty welcome to guests and travellers, they have been doing so for centuries after all. Reeling from a tumultuous history, Gdansk has changed hands between many the empire over the years from Prussia to the Soviet Union. Gdansk’s eventful past has left its mark on the port city with a combination of chapels, monuments, gates, fortifications and vividly colored townhouses that each tell a story from a different era. With great investment and a rejuvenation of the area in recent years, Gdansk takes pride in its thriving tourism industry and entertains millions of international travelers each year. Now they are ready to welcome your Gdansk hens party.

Gdansk provides the greatest combination of hens party venues so it’s a definite winner if you’re hoping to keep every lady happy. You could start your day with go karting or kyaking, then relax into an afternoon of massage and face peels in a day spa before kicking on your heels for a big night out. There’ll be no excuse not to Gdansk the night away on this hens party... Harhar.

Gdansk’s enthusiastic beach parties are perfect for the chicks who want to work on their sun tan. Meanwhile, the inner city promises beer halls to charm you off your feet, street parties to charm you back up again and some epic liquor and nightclubs that will just make those heeled feet useless.

Before coming to the final decision on your hens party destination, you could browse our other stylish European city options like Prague, Bratislava, Cologne, Carlingford or Dingle. Orrrr.. you can book your Gdansk hens party right now, even without a deposit. Don’t believe us? Give it a go, ladies!! Tick off some tempting hens activities from our package builder above and tick book now. Once you’ve cherry picked your personalized hens party extravaganza, you register your own Foxy Hen account just for you, ­yes you! Now all that’s left to do is invite in each chick through their email, they pay their own way, they further customize their itinerary and we handle all the leg work! Easy peasy.

Test out our handy package builder and waste no time on preparing for the extravagant Gdansk hens party.

** Please Note: If we don’t have the Gdansk hen party activity you want, don’t fret, give us a call on (01) 697 8524 and we can get it sorted for you because we are here to make your dream hen party a reality.

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