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Pay For The Hen

What You Get

Add this handy option to your booking to get each girl to pay a small amount to contribute towards the cost of the hen’s package – the perfect way to look after her on her last hurrah as a single!

If too much is paid towards the hen’s cost, we’ll refund the extra to the organiser (which could go towards drinks, transport, kitty etc). If too little is paid, we’ll ask the organiser to pay the shortfall.

Note: There is a €1/pp admin fee for using this option.


Example: Package costs €90/pp + €10/pp to contribute to the hen, so each girl pays €100. Once 10 girls have paid and the €1/pp admin fee processed, the hen’s €90 package will be covered.


  • Chip in for the hen option
  • Great way to treat the hen
  • No need to chase everybody for money to cover the bride