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Blog > The Ultimate Hen Party Bingo Game Guide

The Ultimate Hen Party Bingo Game Guide

Who will be the first to get a full line at hen party bingo?

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Two girls playing the in it to win it hen do activity or hen party bingo game

There are many ways to entertain the bride and her bride tribe on a hen night but playing some hen party games is the ultimate way to bring some fun and bonding to your event. The best thing about choosing to play hen party bingo is that there are two very different directions you take it – depending on the style of your group. Read on to learn how to play!

What Is Hen Party Bingo?

Hen party bingo is much like normal bingo but with fewer of those mad-looking marker pens and absolutely no shouts of “two fat ladies…88!”. However, it does have a bingo sheet and the aim of the game is to complete every square. There are 2 main ways to play this game:

Version 1: Heartfelt icebreaker

Ever been to one of those hen parties with 30 other ladies in the room and you have no idea who they are? Aunts, cousins, high school friends, college buddies – who knows! Playing hen party bingo as an easy icebreaker game is the perfect choice if you’ve got a larger hen group of diverse people who haven’t met before.

It’s easy to put this game together, too! All you’ll need is a card per woman with squares filled in with people’s traits. For example, ‘owns a cat’, ‘has never been overseas’ or something cheekier. The number of squares you include will depend on the size of your group.

How to play

  1. Give each lady a bingo card with the squares filled in (make sure each card is a bit different).
  2. Give the group 10 minutes (or even less) to go around the room and find someone who matches each of the traits on the card.
  3. The first one to cross off all of their squares wins!

You’ll need

  • Hen party bingo card (homemade or bought). Check out our hen party games on Etsy.
  • Some trait ideas! For example:
    • Doesn’t drink coffee
    • Is related to the groom
    • Can ride a horse
    • Has lived in another country
    • Can speak more than 1 language
    • Has met someone famous
    • Is wearing something blue

Version 2: Cheeky challenges

It’s pretty simple, really. Each hen do participant is provided with a card containing their bingo squares. On each square is a random task or dare and a number in it. When a number is called, that’s the challenge you’re set.

Beware, though: this game can show you a whole new side to those quiet, introverted women you thought you knew inside out. Prepare to be shocked…Nan – we’re looking at you.

How to play

These are the golden rules:

  1. When the number is called, get to it!
  2. The first to score a full vertical or horizontal line wins.
  3. Cheaters will be punished with shots
  4. Witnesses must be present at each challenge

You’ll need

  • Hen party bingo card (homemade or bought)
  • The challenges! For example:
    • Selfie with a stranger
    • Starting a conga line with strangers
    • Finding a police officer and trying on their hat
    • Photobomb a stranger
    • Find someone to serenade the bride
    • Use the men’s toilets
    • Get the DJ to play ‘Single Ladies’
    • Get a guy’s boxer shorts
    • Kiss a barman
    • Find a bald guy and kiss his head
    • Get a guy’s phone number

Prizes & forfeits

The best prize is the respect that comes with being crowned Queen of All Hen Party Games by being the first to reach bingo. A fancy cocktail also works well.

For the hen who comes last, maybe they have to wear some tacky hat or awful headdress for an hour. You don’t want the shy hens to think they can sneak out of all the embarrassing stuff, so forfeits are key.

Get playing!

Whatever challenges, traits and rules you decide on, hen party bingo is always a whole lot of fun. If you have women at your hen do who aren’t known to each other, a hen party game like this can be an excellent icebreaker and a great way to create a bond with the whole group.

Image credit: Cleyton Ewerton, by Pexels

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