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Balloon Pop Hen Party Game

Play it straight or go big and put glitter or bucks fizz in your hen party balloons for a classic game of balloon pop.

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A pink balloon tied to a chair for a hen party balloon pop game

Balloon pop is the perfect hen party game for your ladies. You can either play it straight or be as wild and inventive as you dare. The only limit is your imagination and the boldness of your bride squad.

What You’ll Need To Play Balloon Pop

To pull together a basic balloon pop table game for your hen do, all you need is a couple of packs of balloons and some paper to write your dares on. It’s really that simple – hen party game sorted!

If you want to take your game to the next level, you might want to include more than just fresh air in your balloons. It is a hen night, after all, and where’s the fun in plain old hen party games??

If you need some inspiration, here are some things you might want to include in your pop the balloon game:

  • Water
  • Glitter
  • Whipped Cream (best if you’re self-catering on a hen weekend and your hen can get changed. Also – probably do this outside if you can)
  • Slime
  • Buck’s Fizz or beer (something cheap you don’t mind wasting)
  • Home-made vouchers (for small bottles of wine, bags of sweets, bars of chocolate, etc)
  • Small prizes (similar to the type you find in Christmas crackers)
  • Whatever else you can think of!

How To Play

Your step-by-step hen party balloon pop game instructions:

Step 1

Write out small slips of paper, each containing a separate dare or challenge to be carried out during the balloon pop game. See below for our list of favourite dares!

Step 2

Put one dare inside each balloon and blow them up, throwing some additional fun stuff in a few while you’re there.

You may want to make the balloons that are clearly filled with more than air a more enticing choice for your hen night ladies by ensuring the dares in these are a little less embarrassing. Otherwise, there’s no incentive to choose them.

These can also include extra slips of paper with vouchers or prizes in them. If your hen gals think there’s the prospect of winning a bottle of wine or bag of sweets for spending the evening covered in pink glitter, they might be more tempted. You know them best, so tailor your hen do game to the women who’ll be present.

Step 3

Once you’re done, fill up bin bags with balloons for everyone to choose from.

If you think the girls will steer away from the heavy ones with liquid in them, put a balloon around each chair at your table and give them a number. Ask each hen to choose a number before they enter the room. This ensures no one can be picky.

Dare Ideas

As well as filling your balloons, you need to devise your list of fun challenges for the balloon pop game. You can come up with your own, or take inspiration from some of the following ideas:

  • Wear a stupid hat all night
  • Sing ‘It’s Raining Men’ or similar at karaoke
  • Run around the block, shouting ‘I’m a hen, I’m a hen!’
  • Speak in a different accent all night
  • Use a specific word as many times as you can for the rest of the night
  • Tell your friends a bit of gossip they don’t know

For a list of dares if you’re at a pub or club, check out our hen party bingo game guide.

Get Playing!

Now all you need is to pour the drinks, gather the girls around the table and get the balloon pop game started!

Image credit: Florian Klauer, by Unsplash

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