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Wedding Vows Mad Libs

For a classy hen party game with a sense of humour, test your hen group’s writing skills with the Wedding Vows Mad Libs game.

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Hen Party game stamp representing wedding vows mad libs

For a classy hen party game with a sense of humour, test your hen group’s writing skills with the Wedding Vows Mad Libs game. All your ladies will need to do is fill in the blank spaces you’ve strategically left in the proposed wedding vows for the bride-to-be’s big day.

For example: I ….., take you ….. to be my ….. husband. In sickness and in ….., for ….. or …..

How would you fill in the blanks?

This hen party game is brilliantly flexible as each group member can choose whether to fill in the blank with heartfelt wishes for the bride and groom or they can be a bit cheeky and poke some fun.

Suited To

Brides with a good sense of humour.

What You’ll Need

  • A printout for each girl with a paragraph of wedding vows, with blanks in certain sections to fill in.

Check out the Wedding Vows Mad Libs printable games we’ve created, which can be purchased and downloaded instantly online to use for your hen party.

How To Play Wedding Vows Mad Libs

  1. Purchase the game or create your own wedding vows printable (with blanks to fill in spread throughout the words).
  2. Give a printout of the game sheet to each member of your hen party and give everyone 5 or 10 minutes to fill in the blanks as they like.
  3. Ask the bride or each individual girl to stand up and read out their proposed wedding vows.
  4. The bride gets to choose the winner, based on her favourite vows!


Is Wedding Vows Mad Libs the winning hen party game for your plans? Let us know how you go by sharing on our socials or get in touch!

Image credit: Andy Holmes, by Unsplash

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