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9 Cheap Hen Do Ideas to Fit Your Budget

9 Cheap Hen Do Ideas to Fit Your Budget

How to plan a lively cheap hen do celebration with your budget in mind.

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There are plenty of options for a cheap hen do to stay within your desired budget. With options to keep it simple or even DIY some parts, you are guaranteed to create a magical experience for the bride-to-be.  

Here are the 9 best cheap hen do ideas that keep in mind your budget! 

A Cheap Trip Away

While a trip away may sound expensive, there are affordable ways to minimize the expenses of a traditional hen weekend. 

Stay in a Hostel for 1-night

One idea to save money is to stay in a hostel for 1-night at your desired location instead of a whole weekend. 

Budget: A 1-night stay can range anywhere from ‘‚¬20-70 depending on where you go and the group size.

Pros: There are hostel locations everywhere and with the right group of friends, you are sure to have a blast! You could also choose a hostel within driving distance to cut back on travel expenses such as flying. 

Cons: The idea of a hostel stay may not be the way every bride tribe wants to spend their budget. Not to worry, there are plenty of other options!

Single Activity

No need to pack a bunch into one weekend, a single activity can bring just as much fun.

Budget: Activities can range from ‘‚¬29-37 per person. You can browse all of The Foxy Hen activity options via our website. 

Pros: There are tons of activities to choose from! It is best to first decide the budget among your hens then based on that number you can pick which activity fits your group’s needs the best. If you add this in addition to the hostel, a one-night hen celebration with accommodation and activity can be budgeted for less than ‘‚¬100. 

Cons: Attending a single activity may still be a big ask for some hens who are really looking to budget and worried about any additional travel costs. There are other options that can be done yourself at home if you want to have even more control over the hen weekend spending. 

Cheap Ideas Closer to Home

A cheap hen do to cut costs, even more, is to stay home and let the activity come to you! These are the recommended Foxy Hen at home activities.  

Draw a Nude

Draw a Nude class is one of Foxy Hens most popular activities and highly recommended by previous groups. 

Budget: Drawing a Nude starts at ‘‚¬37 per person.

Pros: An easy activity to plan from home. You must pick a house location and time, invite your hens, and get laughing with this hilarious and interactive session!

Cons: This activity may not entice every bride tribe, which is understandable. Good thing there are other activities that may be more of interest!

Murder Mystery Dinner

Exactly how it sounds! A delicious meal accompanied by a game of thrill.  

Budget: Murder Mystery Dinners start at ‘‚¬37 per person.

Pros: A cheap hen do that is filled with suspense for an unforgettable night. You can stick with just the murder mystery dinner piece which is good craic or opt for the additional cocktail twist.

Cons: This could be a jumpy one for some. If you prefer happy and lighter thoughts, maybe opt for another activity.

Treasure hunt 

An activity you may have done when you were younger that accounts for just as much fun as an adult! 

Budget: Flexible depending on how much treasure hunting you plan. We recommend you budget for anywhere between ‘‚¬10-20 a person.

Pros: A hometown activity that can be put on many different ways depending on the hen’s preferences. A treasure hunt can be a fun night out or a daytime activity. A great way to get your steps in and explore the area you choose! 

Cons: Treasure Hunts take a bit more planning. If you do not have an eager planner in the hen group it may be better to opt for another activity that involves less planning. 

DIY Cheap Hen Do Ideas

Another option is to DIY your own hen party. A fun choice for the creative hens out there.

Backyard Garden Party

One of the best ways to celebrate during the beautiful and warm summer months. 

Budget: Depending on the budget you set, expect to pay anywhere from ‘‚¬15-25 per person.

Pros: A Backyard Garden Party is a classic at-home celebration with many ways of arranging the festivities. Check out the Chic Summer Garden Hen Party blog for advice on how to set up the perfect Garden Party. 

Cons: Not everyone has a backyard to host this event or good weather that will permit it. Keep in mind you can be flexible about the location, hosting at a local park or garden. If it is the middle of winter, however, you may want to opt for another option.

Game Night 

Invite all your hens over with a pyjamas dress code for a night of competition

Budget: This is one of the cheapest hen do ideas. Many games can be found online for free so all you have to account for are the price of snacks and drinks which could cost ‘‚¬5-10 per person.

Pros: With so many options and games to play, a game night is sure to be a hit with any crowd. Some fun game ideas include Would You Rather, Never Have I Ever, My Best Memory with the Bride, or Disney Guess The Quote. There is a game out there that is perfect for any bride tribe, or maybe even a mix of multiple!

Cons: Game nights are not a huge party night on the town vibe. If you have more of an outgoing and wild bride tribe it may be better to opt for another activity that gets you out and about.

Kitchen Tea

A Kitchen Tea is an old Irish tradition that has recently gained popularity again.

Budget: The Kitchen Tea can be customized to individual budgets, costing anywhere from ‘‚¬5-20 per person.

Pros: This is an intimate pre-wedding celebration that involves afternoon tea in one’s kitchen. The guests bring gifts for the bride to use in her kitchen which can include baked goods to kitchenware. A kitchen tea is a great option that can save money while still spoiling the bride.

Cons: Finding someone who is willing to host all your guests may be a big request. Make sure you have someone who is willing to open their doors for everyone, otherwise it could make hosting a kitchen tea a bit tricky. 

Brunch at Local Cafe

Just how it sounds, relaxing yet a grand celebration for the bride-to-be. 

Budget: Depending on the venue chosen, this can cost about ‘‚¬10-25 per person.

Pros: You get to pick your bride’s favorite local cafe or brunch spot and reserve a table for your hen squad. This could include a bubbly brunch or morning tea. This option is customizable and flexible, making for a cheap and simple hen do option.

Cons: Coordinating and planning will require an organized party participant, which should not be the bride. Make sure you have someone who wants to step up and put together this event before choosing it.

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Time to Celebrate

Putting on a cheap hen do saves money and can be just as much fun as a weekend-long bash. Choosing one activity, hosting an at home event, or putting together your own DIY combo are all great options.

How will you choose to put on your cheap hen do?

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