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23 Fun Hen Do Fancy Dress & Costume Ideas

23 Fun Hen Do Fancy Dress & Costume Ideas

We have all of your hen do fancy dress and costume needs covered!

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Are you in the process of planning a hen party but unsure which hen do fancy dress and costume idea to go with? There are many directions to take your costume inspiration including fancy, classy, simple, adventurous, or goofy. 

Here are the top 23 hen do fancy dress and costume ideas so you can pick the best one for your hen squad! 

Classy Hen Do Fancy Dress Ideas

1. Little black dress

You simply cannot go wrong with this dress idea. Almost everyone has a classic black dress waiting for this exact moment in their closet, or friends they can borrow. A sleek look that involves minimal planning for any bride tribe. 

2. All White

To contrast, an all-white hen do fancy dress up will provide an elegant and feminine flare. Again, you are likely to have a white dress yourself or one you can snag from your fellow hens’ closet. 

3. Boho

A hen dress idea for the more laid-back bride tribe. This look involves flowy dresses, DIY flower crowns, big sunglasses, and any additional bohemian accessories you may have. A great opportunity to thrift and modify what you currently own to achieve the desired boho vibe, particularly if you’re planning a boho or festival hen party theme

4. Tuxedo

Nothing is more powerful than a woman in heels and a slick blazer. This fancy dress idea is sure to take your hen party to the next level. While this may not be the most affordable option, as work wear can cost anywhere from €/£100-300+, it is sure to be memorable and create timeless photos. 

Vintage Ideas

5. Masquerade

This is a classic idea that ensures fabulous photos. All you will need for this theme is the mask, which can be purchased at a department store or online for about €/£10-25, and a dress!

6. Marilyn Monroe

A very alluring and flirtatious costume for you and your hens! All you will need is a white dress, heels, and the classic Marilyn curls! You could add an optional pearl necklace and some dazzling earrings for extra flare. This costume could cost you nothing with pieces from your closet or you could thrift the costume for €/£10-25.

7. Great Gatsby

Another extraordinary costume to dazzle the night away. You are going to need your best glittered or embroidered dress and classic flapper accessories. There are accessories kits for purchase online ranging from €/£10-20.

Simple Ideas

8. Pyjama party

This is a guaranteed hen do fancy dress-up hit, as it is both comfortable and cosy. You could encourage all your hens to bring their best set of pyjamas or customise and order matching sets online for €/£50-75.

9. Mini Mouse

A Disney hen do costume will never fail to bring a bit of joy to your party, especially some Mini Mouse ears! All you need to buy are the ears, which come in all colours and styles depending on your preferences, costing €/£15-25 online. 

10. Color scheme 

Picking a colour scheme can be an easy way to match while keeping costs low. Some interesting hen do fancy dress colour schemes include pastels and neon, or you could go monochrome with your bride’s favourite colour! Another good idea would be to create customised coloured t-shirts which can cost €/£15-20 each online. 

Adventurous Ideas

11. Superwoman

Let’s be honest, every woman is a superwoman, so it should not be hard to get into character with this one. For the costume, you could choose Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, Harley Quinn, or any powerful female character you favour! This option may be more pricy, with costumes anywhere from €/£40-75, or you could DIY your own superwoman costume for less. 

12. Safari

A great idea for the outdoorsy hens. Grab your best pair of beige trousers and top, binoculars, and a big hat! Everyone will have their own safari spin depending on what is in their closet. You could even have some hens dress up like safari animals for a good laugh! The options are endless with this one and can cost anywhere from €/£5-25 per costume. 

13. Army

A great costume idea for a day of paintballing or go-karting. Get into the spirit with some army green. Feel free to go through your significant other’s closet if you can’t find anything to fit the theme in yours!

14. Unicorns

You are never too old to dress up like a unicorn, so let loose your childhood spirit with this hen do costume. This is a fun one to DIY with your hens. Head to the craft store to grab some colourful t-shirts, glitter, felt, a hot glue gun, and tinsel then let your creativity run wild. You can expect to pay €/£10-20 per DIY depending on how much sparkle you want to put into it. 

15. Festival

Let your hens run wild with this one and surprise each other with their best festival outfits. Perfect for a night of celebrating on the town. If you are stuck, go to a thrift shop and pick out the craziest colours and patterns you can find, then throw them all together! From a thrift store, you can expect to pay €/£15-25 per costume. 

16. Cheerleaders 

Since the hen party is all about cheering on the bride, what better way to do that than in a cheerleader costume? You can opt for the DIY route with stuff you already own or purchase a cheerleader costume online for €/£25-30.

17. Disney Princesses

Which Disney Princess are you and your hens most like? Let everyone pick their spirit Disney Princess and give their best shot at acting the part! There is truly a princess for everyone, whether you are Arial, Jasmine, Cinderella, Snow White, Pocahontas, or Mulan these costumes cost anywhere from €/£10-50 depending on how much you accessorise.

For even more Disney fun, play The Foxy Hen’s Free Disney Guess the Quote Game!

Goofy Ideas

18. Grannies

Which one of your hens will be the best-looking granny? No better way to find out! Head to the thrift store and purchase your best granny outfit and enjoy a night of good laughs with your hen. From a thrift store, you can expect to pay €/£10-20 per costume. 

19. Dress up as your other half

Guaranteed laughs. Head into your significant other’s closet and show them and your fellow hens what you have to put up with on a daily basis. Best of all, it’s a free costume!

20. Hawaiian

Bring the beach to you! Another great costume that can be thrown together with some leis, puka shells, a classic Hawaiian shirt, and lots of piña coladas. This costume can cost anywhere from €/£5-10 a person.

21. St Patrick’s Day

No doubt you have the perfect St. Patrick’s outfit awaiting that special day each year. Why not pull it out for the hen do costume too? Your bride tribe will look vibrant in all green and may confuse some lads at the bar, but that’s all part of the fun. Plus, if you use stuff you already have, no money is spent here!

22. Where’s Wally?

A fun throwback that everyone knows. All you need is a red and white striped shirt, blue jeans, classic black glasses, and the Where’s Wally cap. A hen do costume for the silly bride tribe who wants to match, but with a unique spin. This costume will cost around €/£15-20 per person. 

23. Hippies

A groovy costume for a hip hen group. Flared pants, hippie glasses, headbands, flower accessories, frilly boots, and any other gems you may have in your closet. Your hen tribe will radiate love and good vibes everywhere you go. This costume can be from your closet or borrowed, so get to asking around to collect the best outfit. 

Time To Get Dressed!

There are endless options for your hen do fancy dress and costume ideas depending on what type of friend group you and your hens have. Whether it is goofy, classy, adventurous, or fancy, any of these outfits are sure to get the party started. 

Which hen do fancy dress or costume will you be choosing?

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