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How To Make A Unity Dirt Jar For Your Wedding

How To Make A Unity Dirt Jar For Your Wedding

Show your love for each other, your history and lay the foundations for your future with a unity dirt jar on your wedding day.

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A woman pouring soil into a unity dirt jar

A unity dirt jar is a lovely, down to earth idea for your wedding day and provides something different to the usual unity candles you see at a lot of weddings these days.

What is a unity dirt jar?

A glass jar with layers of earth from places of significance in both of your lives. It represents common ground, your foundations, your history and your future together.

Why choose a unity dirt jar?

By combining soil and earth from your childhood homes or hometowns, plus earth from the places you live together as a couple, you create a rich story of your past and your future together.

A unity candle is something you buy and it’s a lovely way to represent your joint love and commitment. However, a unity jar filled with earth from places significant to you both is something you have to make and build on as the years pass.

Your unity dirt jar will show your history from before you were married and continue to add to the pathways of your future. The foundation of your new life together as a family.

How to create your unity dirt jar

  1. Buy a simple mason jar or any other decorative glass container that you prefer.
  2. In the days/weeks before your wedding, ask your parents to provide a small soil sample from their homes to add layers to the jar. That way, there is a piece of both of your childhood histories.
  3. Also, add a small layer of soil at the bottom of the jar from the home you share (if you do).
  4. On your wedding day, place the unity dirt jar somewhere prominent as a symbol of you being joined together as a couple.
  5. In the years following your wedding, add a new layer of soil to the jar whenever you move homes to represent your journey as a couple and the common ground you share.

Ideas for unity jar layers

  • Soil from your childhood homes
  • Soil from your hometown
  • Soil from the homes you shared together before you were married
  • Soil from your wedding venue (if you ask nicely)
  • Soil from places you’ve travelled together (be careful of customs restrictions)
  • Soil from each home you share after your wedding

When to start your jar

  • When you first move in together: If you and your partner live together before you’re married, then it’s a lovely idea to start your soil unity jar a bit early and include a layer of earth from the places you’ve lived together before your marriage.
  • Or on your wedding day: The more traditional way to start your earth unity jar is to add a layer of soil from the home you share when you get married and to continue adding layers in the years following when you move.

Where to get a unity jar

  • Re-use an old jar from your own home (kudos for the eco choice!)
  • Ask for a special jar from one of your parents (if they have something appropriate)
  • Buy a specially made jar on Etsy
  • Buy a decorative jar from your local homewares store


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