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12 Classy Hen Party Ideas For 2022

12 Classy Hen Party Ideas For 2022

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Treat the bride-to-be and all the girls with one of these classy hen party ideas to relax and celebrate her big day in 2022!

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Now that the New Year is underway and we’re all trying to get back to normal, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to do for pre-wedding knees up and how to create great memories with your favourite ladies!

Here are our top classy hen party ideas for 2022.

1. Prosecco afternoon tea

We love a bottle of Prosecco, we do. Nothing shouts ‘let’s celebrate!’ like a lovely bottle of fizzy Italian wine and some tiny sandwiches and cakes. So, why not get your glad rags on, round up your friends, and book yourself a lovely country location, or a chic city hotel?

Tons of places offer afternoon tea and, as a classy hen party idea, it’s certainly hard to go wrong with this. It’s an activity everyone can get involved in, including older relatives who might not be so keen on a wild night out. 

With a prosecco afternoon tea, everyone can be together for gift giving and a relaxing afternoon with this classy hen party idea.

2. Backyard movie night

We love the idea of backyard movies nights as a classy hen party idea. All you need is a projector, fairy lights, comfy chairs (with good cushions), drinks, snacks and, in our opinion, onesies. Nothing bad has ever happened when someone’s been wearing a onesie.

Backyard movie night is clearly more of a good weather hen activity. No one wants to freeze their butt off in the garden in autumn to watch Dirty Dancing for the 62nd time. It’s far better to be able to lie out on a blanket on the deck glass in hand, beneath the setting sun, cosily watching Tom Cruise pouring cocktails. Or flying jets. Or dancing in his pants. 

We recommend this as a summer hen party option or if you book a hen do abroad in a sunny locale.

3. Spa day

Working 9 to 5, looking after houses, cars, gardens, kids, dogs, and everything else we do on a daily basis can take its toll.  Behind every great woman is a group of other great women who appreciate the relaxing properties of a spa day. If we’re talking classy hen party ideas, this has all the elements required.

Check out your local listings or go for something ultra-swish and whisk the ladies away for a weekend of winding down and glamming up. No woman in history has ever turned down the suggestion of a day spent being massaged and having expensive cream rubbed on their faces.  

4. Garden party

Garden parties have had a decent amount of news coverage recently. At least the Downing Street ones have. Luckily for you, now that lockdown is over, you can host wine time Friday without having to then deny its existence at a later date, or say you went along for 25 minutes but mistakenly thought it was a work event.  Although Number 10 garden parties sound lame to us, there’s no reason yours has to be.

Whether you host, or a friend does, this classy hen party idea is a great way to celebrate the bride’s upcoming nuptials with friends and family.  You can hire a gazebo or a fire pit, etc, to make it more special, and decorate the space with lights, balloons, and banners. Synonymous with garden parties are fancy hats, glam outfits, and China cups, so get dressed up and do it in style. Don’t forget to stock up on white wine at your local co-op by digging out your favourite wheelie suitcase from the back of the wardrobe.  

5. Flower crown crowd

If you’re an artsy bunch, or even if you’re not, a flower crown making class is one of our favourite classy hen party ideas for 2022. We’ve all tried the snapchat filter that puts us in a flower crown (and filters out our morning eye bags…) and we’re firm fans. So, why not take it a step further and actually make one instead of just pretending?

The class tends to bring out everyone’s artistic side and, basically, it makes you all more fabulous than you were before. We love a group flower crown photo afterwards. Get your shot framed to memorialise your special day. Plus, if you’re any good at the class, you’ve got your headgear sorted for the big day already. Boom! 

Find a flower crown class in most of our Irish or UK hen party destinations.

6. Perfume making class

Bride holding up a perfume bottle as a classy hen party idea
Photo created by bristekjegor

It’s likely you haven’t manufactured perfume since you made your Mum wear Parfum de Garden Rose Petal when you were a child. Although we’re sure she’s forgiven you for that particular scent, why not gather the girls around and see how it should be done?

With a perfume making class, you’ll be able to choose from a huge range of basic ingredients, so you can go fruity or musky and put your stamp on a scent that’s sure to rival anything from Lady Gaga or KKW.

As well as being able to create your own smelly stuff, many classes offer prosecco as you go (you know, to help you invent something *really* special…), as well as the option of registering your perfume once it’s done. We’re fairly sure the name ‘Eau de Mariee Nerveuse’ hasn’t been taken, so get on that bandwagon. If you come up with something good, probably make everyone wear it to the ceremony. No bride should be upstaged by Chanel No. 5 on her special day. 

7. Coastal comfort

Remember all those movies you’ve watched where women sit, gazing out across the sea with a glass of wine in their hands? Why not actually do that by hiring a coastal holiday home and lounging around in style? Fresh sea air is good for the soul and coastal breaks tend to lend themselves to swimming, paddle boarding, surfing, and many other adventures. Alternatively, they also lend themselves to lazy walks along the beach and chilling the hell out.

The UK and Ireland have some incredible coastal towns with unbeatable cottages and apartments, great restaurants, cafes, bars and, of course, wine aisles in the local supermarket.

Or, if you really need some continental sun, then check out our European hen do destinations.

8. Queen of the castle

If your classy hen party ideas don’t include coastal retreats, then maybe hiring a castle would be more to your liking, Ma’am?

Yes indeed, you and your hens can oversee an entire castle for the weekend and do all the things you think should be done in a castle. We’re thinking of cocktail hours, formal balls, afternoon tea and, well, making your friends get stuff for you when you ring the bell you’ll almost certainly be taking with you for that very purpose. It’d be silly not to. Everyone deserves to be treated like a princess every now and then.

Castles and country manors can be booked across the UK and Ireland, so pick the nation you want to rule for the weekend and go for it. If we were you, we’d be making it mandatory for everyone to pack any old bridesmaid dresses they have. You can’t hire out a castle and expect to dress like a peasant.  

9. Bake off 

Whether or not you’re any good at baking shouldn’t really stop you from getting involved and having a good old giggle at your own (and your friends) expense. Given the massively popular TV show and all the fantastic challenges they put on, it’s no real surprise that bake off makes the list of classy hen party ideas for 2022. 

Amongst your girlfriends, you’re bound to have a range of abilities, from a Nadiya wannabe to an established Mary Berry type, and everything in between. May we suggest that wedding cakes are the theme for the day and have everyone give you their interpretation of your relationship in cake form? On your marks, get set….BAKE!

10. Theatre fun

Any self-respecting list of classy hen party ideas *must* come with the suggestion of a night at the theatre. More so if the theatre in question is fancy AF.

There are so many amazing new and classic shows that it can be difficult to know what to choose. Musicals are always a good bet, and we’d suggest something upbeat and, well…not too depressing, if we’re honest. We recommend something with a cast of amazing women, like Moulin Rouge or Chicago, to really get things off on the right foot.

Head out for dinner and drinks beforehand, hit up the show, then into the theatre bar afterwards for an extra bit of razzle-dazzle to round off the night. 

11. Hot air balloon ride

Take your ladies up, up, and away on a hot air balloon ride! As well as being a classy hen party idea, it’s also pretty unique. Most balloon rides can accommodate up to 16 people, so it’s not only available to small hen groups.

Many licenced companies operate right across the UK and Ireland and it’s far more accessible than you might think. Rides take an average of 60-90 minutes, with the whole session (including travel to and from the site) around 3-4 hours.

Many offer champagne and soft drinks after landing and take photos of your group during the flight. 

12. River cruises

Hiring a private boat or booking spaces on a party boat or dinner cruise can be a lovely way to celebrate in style. We love the thought of pitching up in a new town or rural location and having a chance to have dinner or party all night on a boat.

Makes a change from dry land and, as the old saying goes, a change is as good as a rest, right?  This classy hen party idea gives you the option of a quiet, serene dinner cruise or a livelier party night; the choice is entirely up to you.

Whether you want to float down the Shannon, the Mersey, the Tyne, the Liffey, Lake Windermere, or Loch Ness, anywhere with water and boats will have a raft of options. Pun intended. 


We hope you’ve finally seen the last of the lockdowns and the back of the boosters, so that 2022 is the year to finally re-start the party and make up for lost time.

If you’re part of a new or postponed wedding in 2022, then make sure the bride sees our classy hen party ideas to help build up the excitement for all that is to come.

Stay classy, ladies!

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