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Hen Party Activity Inspiration

D. Fennessy
Sat 21 Jan 17 12:08

Hen Party Activity Inspiration The Foxy Hen 2

You’ve finally settled on dates, destination and guest list and all you need now is to book in some great hen party activities. This will usually depend on when and where you’re going but there are a few hen party classics that are popular all year round wherever your hen party takes you. We decided to put together some of our favourites, as well as, a few lesser-known but equally cool ones.

CSI Save the Groom

If the hen is a fan of CSI, NCIS or Detective shows in general, then adding this activity to the hen party package is a no brainer. The groom will usually film a video in advance indicating he’s been kidnapped or ended up in some sort of trouble and needs your help. The hen party then have a limited amount of time to uncover what happened to him and “rescue” him.

This is an incredibly popular hen party activity in Ireland and Europe and is a great inclusive game that gets everyone riled up wondering what happened to that prince charming, or eejit, of a fiancée of hers! Throw in some drinks and this activity really takes off.

Hen Party Activities CSI Save The Groom The Foxy Hen

Escape Rooms

Similar to CSI Save the Groom, Escape Rooms requires some creative thinking and great teamwork as you and your hen party are locked in a themed room with an hour to escape. This is a great hen friendly activity that has grown massively in popularity as more and more cities offer this brain testing group activity adding their own twist and theme to the shenanigans. Choose from Casino Escape, Clown Prince of Crime, Sherlock Holmes or even Saw themed Escape rooms. And work together towards getting out on time. There are even bonus points for finding extra clues, money or beating other people’s escape record.

Hen Party Activities Escape Rooms The Foxy Hen

Cocktail Making Class

A hen party activity must have is a cocktail making class. Who doesn’t love a chance to have great fun and taste some delicious cocktails? If you’re really lucky there’ll be a tasty bartender to sweeten the deal. Cocktail making classes are widely available and most bars are only too happy to get you to sample their lesser known cocktails as they’re usually the bartenders’ own creation. You get to try something a little different on this fabulous hen party activity, and if you’re really sneaky you can throw in some extra alcohol when the bartenders not looking.

Hen Party Activities Cocktail Making Class The Foxy Hen

Draw A Nude

No need to be shy with this hen party activity as a model poses for you and the girls while you test your drawing skills. This is a great activity that has grown in popularity for obvious reasons. Increasingly venues specialising in this activity have incorporated more and more hen party themes and games into the mix making the activity a great all rounder for your hen party weekend. Throw in some glasses of bubbly, a prize for best picture and a model in various poses and the bride to be will be blushing with excitement!

Hen Party Activities Draw a Nude The Foxy Hen

Dance Class

Grease, Fame or Bollywood, is the hen a big fan of dancing? If so this a Hane Party Dance Class is the perfect activity for her. This always proves popular, as the girls get a chance to improve their dancing skills in time for the big hen party night out. Also it’s a great alternative to drinking. After all you’ll want to pace yourself a little if you’re going to be out all night.

Of course you can always spice this one up with a pole dancing class. Learn the tricks of the trade and try out some really impressive moves as you balance from a pole suspended in the air. FYI it’s harder than it looks but it’s always a fun hen party activity. After your weekend you may even switch to pole dancing as your new workout routine.

Hen Party Activities Dance Class The Foxy Hen

How to Strip Workshop

Of course if you really want something risqué then there’s always How-to-Strip workshops. These are always great craic and bound to get everyone laughing over the course of the hen party weekend. Just be careful not to try out your new skills in the middle of the high street on the way home. After all we don’t want anybody getting booked on public indecency charges.

Hen Party Activities How to Strip Workshop The Foxy Hen

Spa Treatment

Of course naked lads and boozing aren’t the only hen party activities worth taking part in, after all there may be mothers, or mother-in-laws attending. With that in mind a spa treatment is the ideal way to get in the mood for the big night out, or work off last night’s hangover. Spend your afternoon getting pampered, enjoying a steam room and getting massages, all while enjoying a glass of bubbly. This activity always loosens the hen party up and gets people ready for a great night of fun and dancing.

Hen Party Activities Spa and Wellness Being The Foxy Hen

River Cruise

River cruises always prove popular as they’re one of the best ways to see cities across Ireland, the UK and Europe. Enjoy a trip down the Danube through Budapest, the Thames in London or the Seine in Paris and really take in the sites of these great cities. You can make things a little more interesting by adding dinner or drinks in with your cruise. Or for a real hen party activity treat you can book a cruise with a stripper.

Hen Party Activities River Cruise The Foxy Hen

Limo Tour

Finally as you approach your big hen party night out one activity is a must, booking a limo. Once you’re all dressed up and ready to go, get picked up in style as either a Lincoln Limo or a Hummer limo rock up at your hotel. Hop in, crank up the music and pour yourselves a few drinks while you get chauffeured through the hen party destination of your choice. Take the opportunity to stick your head out the roof and scream at the top of your lungs. Come on you know you’ve always wanted to. Plus is there any better feeling than pulling right up to the front of the club and stutting straight in in style.

Hen Party Activities Rent a Limo The Foxy Hen

Finally after a day full of great hen party activities you can enjoy an amazing night out!

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Author: D. Fennessy


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