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Top 12 Hen Party Game Ideas

Top 12 Hen Party Game Ideas

We’ve collected our favourite hen party game ideas for your hen squad to browse and pick the one you think the bride-to-be will love most.

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five girls thinking of hen party game ideas

You can’t plan a hen weekend without adding some hen do games! Whether you’re looking for some naughty fun, to embarrass the bride or some classy hen party game ideas that focus on sharing memories and spoiling the bride, we have it all in our top 12 list.

We’ve collected our favourite hen do games for your bride squad to browse and pick the one you think the bride-to-be will love most.

Our top hen party game ideas

1. Hen Party Scavenger Hunt

One of the best things about this hen party game is that you can completely customize it to suit the hen party. As the hen party organiser, you’re bound to know what dares will have the hens cringing and squealing with laughter once the scavenger hunt kicks off. Make sure to have your phones at the ready to document the evidence with this hen party activity.

Dares can include anything from ‘kiss the barman’ to ‘get a phone number’. Each dare gets ranked in points relative to difficulty and cringeyness. This hen party game should provide an unforgettable last night of freedom, certainly, if the chart below is anything to go by!

We’ve even created a beautiful (and FREE) hen party scavenger hunt printout you can download, so maybe this is the easiest of our hen party game ideas to setup!

2. Porn Or Polish

In this hilarious hen party game, hens must put their instinct to the test to decipher whether each title is the name of nail polish or of a porn film. Trust us, it’s a lot more difficult than it looks. You can also mix it up with the title ‘Movie or Makeup’ to add more er, variety to the hen party game.

The hen organiser could even get some bizarrely named makeup as prizes for the hen party game. Here are some hilarious names that we found upon further research:

  • ‘So Many Clowns So Little Time’
  • ‘Granny Takes a Dip’
  • ‘Butt Taco’
  • ‘Ants in my Pants’
  • ‘Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window’

These are just a few that we have come across, evidence that you won’t be short of hilarious cosmetic names for this hen party game, what on earth were they thinking?

3. Drunk Jenga

This hen party game is a creative mash up of the traditional game of dares. It’s a bit like hen party dares dares meets Russian roulette meets Jenga. The cheeky hen do organiser writes a dare on every piece and whichever piece a hen pulls, she has to do!!

4. ‘Whose Underwear Are They?’

Get every hen to bring a pair of underwear to the the hen party that they feel perfectly describes themselves. Now the head hen must guess who owns each pair. Get to know your hens rather personally with this cheekiest of hen party game ideas.

5. Bra Pong

This hen party game is very similar to ‘Who’s underwear are they’ except this time, the bride-to-be and head hen enjoys an alternative game of beer pong beforehand. Each time she gets a ball in a bra, she gets points for guessing who it belongs to. The higher the bra, the more points she gets, get it wrong however and it’s time for some shots for the poor hen on this hilarious hen party game!

6. Toilet Couture

The hens must be split into teams for this hen party game. This is a hen party game that might suit any budding Coco Chanels in the group. You must design your own personal wedding dress for the bride using only toilet roll. The head hen will be looking fabulous on the hen night out, decked head to toe in Andrex Couture.

7. Treasure Hunt

This hen party game gives hens a chance to get better acquainted with their chosen hen party destination. Create your own hen party orienteering challenge, created completely with questions about the head hen. You can decide the level of cringe-worthiness, from childhood stories and crushes to that memorable 12 pubs a few years back.

This hen party game is a great way for hens to get to know each other better and it’s certainly a great way for everyone to get to know the head hen better too! We can help set your hens up with their own personal treasure hunt at some of our hen party destinations.

You can book an exciting Treasure Hunt in most of our Irish hen destinations.

Two girls writing answers for the mr and mrs quiz hen party activity
The Ultimate Mr And Mrs Quiz

8. Mr And Mrs.Quiz

You can’t mention hen party game ideas without his sentimental hen party game. A Mr and Mrs Quiz involves the head hen quizzing the groom with a list of questions before bringing the answers to the hen party. Now it is up to you and your hens to ask the bride-to-be the same questions and see if they add up. What a suspenseful hen party game.

You can book a guided Mr & Mrs Quiz in most of our Irish hen destinations.

9. Who Am I?

This is another ultra-sentimental hen party game that puts the head hen in the hot seat. Every hen must write down a fond memory that they have with the bride-to-be and put it into the pile. When the hen picks up a memory she has to try and remember which hen it was with. This hen party game is a great way for all the girls to reminisce before the weekend kicks off.

10. Pin The Junk On The Hunk

This hen party game is like the traditional game of pin the tail on the donkey except the donkey is a hunk and the party pieces are a little bit eccentric. This makes for a hen party game of hilarious proportions.

11. ‘What Age Was The Bride?’

This is another sentimental hen party game where hens can reminisce with the bride over a couple of glasses of vino and get to know her even better. Who may have guessed, this hen party game consists of the maid of honour making a sentimental collage and the hens guessing what age was she.

12. Put A Ring On It

It’s the last night of freedom and there’s to be no talk of the big day allowed, just great craic and a chance for the head hen to let her hair down. This hen party game may prove to be the trickiest of all however as the big day is on everybody’s mind! For those who mention the unmentionable, the penalty can be a shot. Please note you may end up with some highly inebriated hens after this hen party game!


Whichever of these hen party game ideas you decide to go with for the hen do, we love to see them! Make sure to send us your snaps and videos on our Facebook or Twitter pages. You can tag us using @TheFoxyHen or #thefoxyhen or privately email them to us at We can’t wait to see all the hilarious hen do games that you try for your fabulous hen party!

Image credits: freepic.dillar, by Freepik

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